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Hyundai Azera vs. Volkswagen Passat vs. Buick LaCrosse

averigejoeaverigejoe Posts: 559
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You are a shopper with $30,000. Which do you buy and why?


  • Hi I am getting into this discussion. I just test drove a Buick Lucerne and I like what I see nad like how it handles. It has just about everything that the Azera has and a little more in some areas. The Azera does have some additional items as far as safety and handling is concerned. If the Azera doesn't hurry up and put them in thedealers hands so that I can test drive it for my final determination I am going to just buy the Lucerne. The cost to me will be just about the same as the Azera because I can get a huge discount on the GM product.
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    Test drive them all and make your decision.
    I have a 2002 Passat, and it's been one of the best of the 30 or so cars that I've owned. It handles and rides well, has decent acceleration with the turbo, and gets up to 33mpg on the highway, 26 around town. The interior is gorgeous. The only drawback has been below par reliability, but nothing that wasn't covered under warantee.
    What's an Azera?
  • Azera is Hyundai's new top-of-the-line sedan. It is much larger than the Passat. Azera has 106.9 cu. ft. for passengers and 17 in the trunk.
    The 2006 Passat has 96 for passengers and 14.2 in the trunk. I think the 2002 had 95 cu. ft. for passengers.
    Has a lot of safety and luxury features and a 10 year powertrain warranty. Appears to be very similar to the Toyota Avalon overall, but cheaper.
    The Azera should be in the showrooms soon.
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    Azera will start at under $25,000 for the SE model and under $27,000 for the Limited. This fits in perfectly with Hyundai's long standing strategy of offering higher content, while undercutting entrenched rivals on price and warranty. Azera's powertrain protection runs 7-years and 100,000 miles.

  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    That's cool about the pricing. I was just afraid Hyundai would hit the $30K + range. I have said before (and still stand-by it) that the US market isn't ready to accept a $30K + Hyundai at this point in the game.
  • I'd have to test drive the Azera first, but so far, from what car sites are saying, it looks like a winner.

    I test drove the LaCrosse about a year ago and was VERY impressed, very smooth and luxurious, and am a current VW owner(jetta) and love the interrior and the ride. However, neither cars offer the luxury features that the azera offers(rear sunshade, mp3..). Along with the size and that kick-[non-permissible content removed] engine, I really think the Azera is a winner.
  • Hyundai cut the Long-Haul down in years? You can tell that Motorweek has been overdosing on Detroit products for way too long. Get with the program, here, men. It is and has been South Korean for several years! :D

    What other choice do you have?

    Get the Azera and relax.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • Price, weight and similar V6 power of the LaCrosse makes it a closer competitor to Azera Limited than is the Lucerne.
    But adding the necessary options to the LaCrosse to make it as close as possible to the Azera Limited's standard equipment adds $3090 to the LaCrosse MSRP. Grand total $32,185.
    And even then the LaCrosse has no memory seats, no front side air bags, no rear side air bags, and no cassette player. The Lacrosse, at 99 cu. ft. passenger volume, is much smaller than Azera's 107. The Azera's 2000 lb. towing capacity is twice that of LaCrosse. And the Azera bumper to bumper warranty is 5 yrs/60,000 miles instead of LaCrosse's 4 yr/50K. The Azera has 10 yrs/100,000 miles on the powertrain.
    The Azera Limited MSRP is apparently under $28,000 including shipping, maybe even under $27,000.
  • The Buick Lucerne CXL V8, with options making it as close as possible to the Azera Limited, has a MSRP of $35,465 (or $35,965 with the super-duper paint job).

    The Buick Lucerne CXS V8, with options making it as close as possible to the Azera Limited, has a MSRP of $37,735 (or $38,235 with the super-duper paint job).

    The Lucernes have 116" wheelbases vs. Azera's 107. Curbweights are 3969/4013 Lucerne, 3572 Azera. Towing: 1000 lbs. Lucernes, 2000 Azera. Unlike Azera, Lucernes have no rear side-impact airbags.

    At the optioned prices above both Lucernes would have XM radio and Onstar. Neither is available in the Azera.
  • LaCrosse for 2006 has standard ABS and side airbags.
  • I bet the Lucerne is a really nice car and an excellent choice.
    I'm noticing that the Lucerne CXL V6, $28,265, has a lot less horsepower 197 and more weight 3969 than the Limited Azera's 263 and 3572. So the Azera will likely feel much more lively when you hit the gas. Usually a lighter car will handle better too in cars of this type.
    The $35,265 CXS Lucerne has a 275 HP V8, pretty close to the Azera. Equipment levels on the two are pretty close too. The CXL versions of the Buicks do not have as much standard equipment as the Azera Limited.
    Price-wise, the CXL versions of the Lucerne and LaCrosse are about $1650 more than the Azera's $27,000 estimated price. The LaCrosse makes 240 HP and weighs very close to the Azera. The CXS Lucerne is $8650 more than the Azera Limited.
    How big is the GM discount?
  • Nope. The Buick only has the side head curtains, not The side (torso) air bags which the Azera has front and rear. The Azera also has the side head curtain airbags front and rear too.
    Read the website more carefully and you'll see. Compare it the the Azera website.
    The LaCrosse looks like it is a nice car though. Just not when compared to the Azera, which has more features, room, and costs a lot less too.
  • The way you wrote it looked like there was no side airbags.

    Crash tests will show whether torso airbags are better than metal enforcement. I know that Regals had lower side impact rating with torso side airbag because test dummy had unacceptable head acceleration causing possible severe injuries hitting the door frame.

    Whatever, it is a buyer's call. I would wait to see new Azera tests and consumer feedback. It is always tricky to buy brand new model.

    Today car makers just making spec sheet war listing the options and great deals, nobody buys the cars because they like them. Sit in the car and judge by yourself, online specs are useful but marketing can make the things look better and convince anybody in anything.
  • Azera looks to me like Accord knock-off.

    I did not find car media too fond towards Detroit products, however I think that you barely can find any without bashing reviews about GM, Ford or DCX in the last 5 years.

    Japanese cars are long time media pets, sometimes I disagree with tons of their observations but, heck, who am I?
  • I was just using the manufacturers' terminology. I guess I should have defined their terms so it was more clear.
    The side torso bags may be more benficial as a marketing too than they are in a collision. Who knows? I hope I never have to find out the hard way.
    Not sure, but I'd bet Azera has metal reinforcements in all of its doors. Airbags are just an extra measure of protection.
  • I'd call the Hyundais originals but if I had to identify them as knockoffs I'd pair the Azera with Avalon, but match the Sonata to the Accord/Camry.
  • I've been putting off buying a sedan for months--awaiting the Azera to compare to an Avalon. Does anyone know what a Limited has that a SE doesn't"? Or what an "ultimate package" consists of? I should just get an Avalon I suppose (I'm 73) but find the styling pretty bland. Paul Gilbert
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,598
    try doing a google search for "hyundai azera." One of the links lists the various standard equipment of the 3 trims.
  • The other feature that one will almost certainly get with the Azera, although Hyundai will not likely list it, is extra noise. The LaCrosse and Avalon are essentially identical in terms of quiteness, while the Lucerne will likely be much quieter than either the LaCrosse or Avalon (based on initial non-comparative reviews, larger size than LaCrosse, and an additional year to improve sound-proofing technology).
  • Why would you guess the Azera will be louder?
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