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Hyundai Azera vs. Volkswagen Passat vs. Buick LaCrosse



  • cobrazeracobrazera Posts: 352
    Yup. Until recently, the average Buick buyer was in his/her 60s. The LaCrosse and especially, the Enclave, may have brought that age figure down, but most of the Lucernes I see have seniors in them.
    Personally, that would not decide whether I buy a vehicle; but does the car fit what I desire and need. Size, ride, handling, power, economy, styling, pricing, luxury appointments, etc., are more important to me than who drives what.
  • rahmibubrahmibub Posts: 39
    Ah, there's the problem there - you looked at the Highly "reliable" JD Powers Surveys.

    My wife's Passat goes to the shop twice a year - for oil changes. The only time she had to have something changed was for the CV boot - and that was done the same day as the oil change - and it was on the 5 year mark.

    VWs in general have a bad rep for quality - and well deservedly so, but the Passat is a lot more reliable from personal experience. I wouldn't touch the other models if you paid me.
  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    With all due respect, I too have a higher regard for your survey than for Power's, except that theirs has a sample size significantly larger than 1.
  • g_alleng_allen Posts: 15
    Well, I am pleased to hear of your good fortune. But your experience, Sir, would be the exception. I fully concur with 'tonycd.'
  • caryaloncaryalon Posts: 14
    I currently drive a 2005 Passat, and before that, a 2002 Passat. My sample of 1 (plus assorted friends and family) has shown the Passat to be extremely reliable. Basic maintenance, and a couple of minor issue (kids broke the rear ash tray, fixed under warranty).

    My 2 cents...
  • jaymagicjaymagic Posts: 309
    You clearly have never driven an Azera or read the numerous posts in these forums. You would find that the Azera's powertrain is very strong and getting stronger (with the same engine getting boosted to 290-300 hp in the coming Genesis). And, my understanding is that Hyundai is trying to keep a no greater than 4hp difference whether it is running on regular or premium.

    As for white knuckles at speed between the white lines at highway speed, I have had mine over 140mph with no problems. 90-100 is a sweet spot for a cruise in an Azera. BTW, for those Avalon lovers, I have no doubt it would do just fine, as well. My 07 Azera's suspension is better described as comfortable versus soft, it is certainly not "floaty". And, the 08 suspension is even a little tighter than the previous years (finally got to test drive an 08).
  • g_alleng_allen Posts: 15
    I don't think a Hyundai should be going 140 mph on the road (or a Buick for that matter). And since 99.9% of the driving public will not ever see these speeds, I fail to see where this data is relevant. If you want speed and power, might as well buy the LaCrosse Super. Sure, it's $31-32K sticker but I'm sure it could be purchased for much less and that 5.3L V8 is essentially a small block Chevy, and anyone who claims to know anything about cars and engines know that to be a bullet-proof design that is both powerful and efficient.

    I can respect that you saved $5000 on the Azera over the Buick Lucerne on the front end. You'll need it because you're going to get hammered on the back end (trade-in time).

    I wish you luck and hope you enjoy the Azera. It is one of the better Hyundai cars. I really want to see the Genesis.
  • rahmibubrahmibub Posts: 39
    From my perspective, I tend to sample multiple sources for reliability prior to buying any car - Consumer Reports, Web, Etc. Etc.

    From my personal experience, I have never found the JD Power's surveys particularly accurate - but that is my 1 data point + others I know that also experience the same discrepancy. Your mileage will vary, but it is not the end-all-be-all for me.

    Admittedly, I have never considered either the Azera or LaCrosse because I'm not their target buyer. IMHO, the styling is generic, and the interiors are not my cup of tea. A car not only has to hysically move me, but it has to move me emotionally as well. The Passat fits my performance and asthetic requirements like a glove - so I went with it.

    Does this make the Azera or LaCross any less of a car than the Passat? No - because MY requirements are individual to me (as is my lack of faith in JD Powers). Although I have never had any issues with any of our Passats, I know that there are some issues with the current B6 models - probably more so than the LaCross and Azera - so if you value rock-hard reliability more than anything else, the Passat might not be for you.
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