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2006 Subaru STI vs. 2006 Infiniti G35 coupe

I'm planning on getting either a 2006 Subaru STI or a 2006 Infiniti G35 coupe. I know those two are kind of in different class where the STI more a teenage performance car, and the G35 is luxury sport car. I like performance car but it's not like I'm going to race it everyday or anything. But then again I don't want a slow car. The G35 would probably a 6MT with Sport-tuned Suspension Package (the MT comes with it), Premium Package, and Aero Package. Just wondering if the G35 have enough power and if anyone got tired of the STI's hard suspension. Thanks.


  • prosaprosa Posts: 280
    Both are excellent vehicles and will give you all the performance you'll want. The STI is slightly less expensive, about $2,000 or so, if that makes a difference. The G35 is more luxurious in design and has a nicer-looking interior. It probably will hold its value better than the STI and therefore may be less expensive to lease.
    One thing you should do in advance is check with your insurance agent. Neither vehicle will be cheap to insure, but I suspect that the STI will be more than the G35.
    Finally, you'll probably find the dealership experience better with the STI, even though you'll have to pay close to sticker as with the G35. The G35 is one of the least expensive Infinitis, while the STI is the most expensive Subbaru, with the possible exception of a top-of-the-line B9 Tribeca. For that reason alone, you'll most likely be treated better at the Subaru dealership, minus the somewhat condescending atmosphere found at many dealerships that sell luxury brands.
  • I'm not worried about the insurance; I work in a dealer and the dealer cover the insurance for two of my cars. I'm just worried if I will get tired of the STI after 6 months or so because of it's hard suspension, or dissapointed by the G35 Coupe because of it's lack of power. I owned a RX-8 which suppose to have very similar, if not better, 0-60 time and sometimes it felt like it just not powerful enough. But then again I don't race my car at all. I'm getting it within a month, so any suggestion/info will help.
  • prosaprosa Posts: 280
    I'm just worried if I will get tired of the STI after 6 months or so because of it's hard suspension, or dissapointed by the G35 Coupe because of it's lack of power.

    You aren't likely to find a "lack of power" in the G35. As for the STI's suspension, all I can say is see how it feels to you after a test drive, and decide if you can live with it.
  • Thanks for all your help, I have decided to go for the 2006 Infiniti G35 coupe. Test drove both car, Subaru STI is way too loud and stiff for me. The G35 is fast enough and much more luxurious. Going to get it next week, Diamond Graphite/Black interior, looking forward to it.
  • Good choice. Performance-wise, the STi is the better value. Overall, its really your preferences since each car is better at either performance or luxury. Neither are the best in both classes. However, I would definitely have liked to see another STi on the streets tho' cuz I know it would be Fun to jus Run It a couple times ;)
  • Can Somebody tell me the specs of the 2006 infiniti g35 coupe 6mt that has 300 horsepower, i been looking for the specs of this car i cant find it at all, iam about to buy in car within weeks and i would like to know how fast this car is from 0-60 and 0-100.

    The cars iam looking at are pontiac gto,g35 coupe 6mt,mitsubishi evolution mr. i dont know which one to decide for. I want a fastest car for under 40k but at the same time i wanted to look nice in the outside any recommendations? thanks for listening
  • I just bought a 2006 STI and this is my first turbo vehicle. I've had plenty of suggestions from people who don't own a turbo car on how to get the best hole shot....Could anyone out there clue me in on this technique. I don't mind hammering on the car from time to time just want to do it right to get the best jump. Thanks
  • cholo1 the fastest car under 40k would probably be the evo but its not as luxurious as the g35. i think that the g35 coupe 6mt is about 5.7 sec to 60. im not sure about the 0-100
  • want american muscle go with gto (nuthing striking except the exhaust note and yes the interior)
    luxury g35 (ths abt it)
    want the best performer (includung fast times) go with the evo or sti (personally i think u cant go wrong with both these cars)
  • m382m382 Posts: 35
    STi hands down for me. I have an 04' STi, my brother has an 04' Evo as well, whereas my father as an 04' Nissan 350Z which is actually quicker than the G35. The evo has better stock seats, (although they're draped in upholstry that my grandmother could have put together. I've driven all three plenty of times and I can say anyone would be happy with the evo or sti...assuming that's what you're looking for...personally I don't know why anyone would even put an evo/sti or g35/Z in a comparison seeing as how their all VERY different cars with different purposes. Like I said, I own an STi and love its torquey feel, the evo does ride a little tighter but lets face it...unless you're Micheal Schumacher you don't feel that big of a difference. The Z is beautifal, but doesn't come close to the performance numbers of the evo and sti...if you need 4 doors and AWD it's a pretty easy just choose evo or sti.. :confuse:
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    I acknowledge the Sti is a little faster 0 to 60 at 5.4 seconds but there is a lot more to motoring than pure 0 to 60 times.

    Someone I considered street smart once said to me, "You have to like what you see when you step out into the garage in the morning. If you feel good about what you see, you have the right car [for you]."

    When I open the garage door and see my G35 Coupe I feel good. Its got to be one of the most ascetically pleasing personal motor vehicles on the road today aside from maybe the Boxster or the Cayman both of which have magnificent lines. will push you back in the seat anytime you hammer it. Perfect.

    The Sti may cross the line 3/10's of a second faster but frankly; I can't measure that in real time anyway.

    Another thing, no matter what you drive, you get acclimated to the power and acceleration. In time, it will seem the norm to you. When that happens, do you love the car enough for other reasons to still be happy with it? I think this is why you see performance cars on the block; once the thrill of the power curve is passé, the car no longer holds it&#146;s original appeal.

    Buy to suit....that's my recommendation (and opinion for what it's worth).
  • abhisabhis Posts: 2
    i cant decide which one to buy
    2006 sti ? or evo MR ?
    i gotta have 4 door and 4whell drive
    i cant get 350z or G35
    please help me choose between these 2 cars
    should i buy evo Mr or should i buy STI ?
  • byronwalterbyronwalter Posts: 220
    How do you intend to use the car? Just about everyone seems to agree that for a daily driver the STI is the way to go. But if you intend to take your car to the track (and use it on the track), you gotta go Evo.

    And have you driven either car? What does your butt-o-meter tell ya?
  • abhisabhis Posts: 2
    i will be driving all the time all the time
    i drive around 50,000 miles per year
    i need a strong car
    either STI vs evo MR ?

    money is not the issue , soo if evo mr is better ( i dont mind spending extra $3000-$6000 )

  • fisherboyfisherboy Posts: 16
    Yes, not only is the STI straight line faster (Car mag's list as sub 5 sec to 60), but handles between a boxster and a cayman. The Cayman will beat it in the twisties, but for half the price, AWD (for new england) and 4 doors there is no comparision for price/performance/utility/allweather/reliability. Looks I can get over.

    How do you like to drive vs. just getting someplace?

    Oh and when it rains or snows my '06 STI is ready to rip, not waiting in the 3rd bay.
  • cmorgan33cmorgan33 Posts: 1
    I am posting this as I am currently going through selling my 2005 G35 6MT and buying a real car a 2006 Subaru Sti. Let's put it this way the G35 has the wheelbase and curb weight of a Cadillac and drives like it as well. I sold out to the styling and perceived luxury of the Infiniti and regretted it every day since. With 111 rediculous inches of wheelbase the car turns in like a 70's sedan with body roll to follow and if the suspension is loaded and you hit a bump you better brace for a wicked rebound from the rear suspension as it upsets the entire car at critical moments. The car drives heavy and the steering responses are slow and artificial. The car lacks anything close to feedback and is not fun to drive. As for the luxury someone at Infiniti flunked Ergonomics 101 as after two years you still have to look at the buttons to handle the stereo and the climate controls (stupid, stupid, stupid) and it looks and feels more very Nissan in both quality and style, many notches below BMW, etc.

    The motor which claims 298 BHP is reputed to be reliable and strong for a 6, but on the road the car is gutless and suffers is glutonous build and from a huge lack of usable torque. There's a good reason you don't often see 0-60's on this as its generally in the 6.3 second range and to get that you have to wind the stupid thing out all the way. The tranny is equally bad with poor feel and a rediculously low 1st gear. The clutch is pure garbage and is the worst I've felt in any quasi sports car. I won't even get started on the traction control system as it is more tuned for a minivan than a coupe and requires deactivation even on the mildest of drives. The brakes ok they're Brembos so the seem to work very well, but unfortunately when you slow this pig down it won't be able to get back up to speed so you are forced to roll (like a boat) through corners to try and carry momentum as again their is absolutely no usable torque to be found.

    Alright enough the G35 is pitiful as a sports car if you have any knowledge of driving or any experience wheeling a real car. I guess if I wanted something to wow the neighbors, as most people think it a $40K car, I would be happy with my G.

    The Suby on the other hand is a rocket 0-60 easily below 5, and yes there is a huge diffence in feel on the road as the Sti has a wide usable torque curve and pulls all throught the range. The suspension is rock solid and very predictable with go-kart like responsiveness. The short wheelbase allows immediate turn in and perfect responsiveness. The car is as good of a performer as one could ever hope for for under $40k.

    As for the rest.... The G35 is so impractical its stupid. The car has pitiful wet weather traction, NO storage space, a moronic (and heavy) backseat, which made Nissan add 17 inches to the car over the Z and yes it matters and yes you can feel the difference, the trunk is tiny and with the raised rear floor and speaker boxes nearly unusable (trust me on this one). The finish and paint are both marginal as I am dealing with Inifinti on oxidation issues already. The Subaru is built solid with a near perfevct eye for quality. It has 4 doors and 4 usable seats (soemthing I normally never would care about, but with it it still kills the G in every performance catagory) and I can take my friends for the ride. The truck is large enough for my skis or bouldering pad so my 15 mpg Grand Cherokee can stay in the garage unlike with the G. The Suby takes a rack beautifully so I can also carry my kayak as I go through the mountain twisties, try that with a G.

    Sure the Suby is a 4 door mini sedan and has blue seats. Unlike the G it doesn't pretend to be something its not and doesn't try to hide its inequities under a pretty face. In short if you want something pretty and your not looking for anything resembling an excititng drive or practical buy the G. If you want a quality, versitile, world class performer buy the Sti which I will be doing this week and smiling as I get that bloated hunk of G35 trach out of my garage.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Make sure you take longer test drives, though I know it's hard to secure one in a sporty car like these.

    I think the G35 is more of a GT in that sense, the long wheelbase being good for long interstate drives.

  • law06law06 Posts: 2
    cmorgan33 ,

    Wow, I have never heard a more ridiculous and obviously biased opinion. First of all, you talk about the "perceived luxury" of the G, and brag about the Subaru. Are you serious? I honestly have a hard time believing you actually wrote that with a straight face. I was recently a valet driver and I am here to tell that no "subie" I EVER got into was as nice and well put together as my G. Both the EVO and WRX put every dime of the purchase price into the performance aspects of the cars. My friend just bought an EVO and tested the WRX extensively, and he laughed at your post. "Neither one even came close to the finish of a Honda..." To argue that the interior on the Subaru is superior to the G is laughable.

    As far as the usable torque, I drive my 06 to work everyday and it has gobs of torque. I dont have to shift nearly as much as the subaru because I dont have to get it into the turbo's effective band. If you expect to be yanked back in your seat with every application of the gas, then you must love shifting. For me, there is plenty power for passing, even at 60 mph in 6th gear. PS. Do you DRIVE to work, or RACE to work?

    You blame the "Ergonomics" of the buttons because it has taken you two years to remember where the radio buttons are? If you could only hear me laughing. I need not say more... other than the buttons on my steering wheel work just fine, are "ergonomic," and it took me a week to remember their location.

    Now, I will admit I have only driven 500 or so manual transmission cars as a valet (and when I say driven, you should know what I mean), so I won't profess to know anything about manuals. But, the G's transmission is one of the notchiest and most sure-feeling shifters I have ever rowed. Granted, it may not be as legendary as some others trannies, but I guarantee its as good as the Subaru ( although I admit I have not driven the most current WRX). My last impression of a Subaru tranny was, in a word, rubbery.

    Lastly, yes, you are correct. The G coupe is no "mini sedan." And thank freaking god. If I wanted a sedan I would buy one. And not a dressed up Subaru Legacy with engine and transmission tweaks. Sounds like you traded in a real car for a boy racer. Good luck with that. Must be a big market for used, entry level sports "sedans." You know, BMW, LEXUS, ACURA, SUBARU...!?! Sorry, low blow.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The interior of the original G35 is about where Nissans should be, OK but not really luxurious.

    They spruce it up more and more each model year, so it's possible that he owned a first year model and the new ones are a lot nicer.

    Having said that, the interior of the WRX is par at best, but that's not the point of the WRX. It's about bang for the buck.

  • mpatilmpatil Posts: 2
    I know this is kinda off the whole topic of conversation but if someone is gonna be driving a lot of miles ... 20k or so in a year ... how would you guys rate the reliability of the STI?
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