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Dodge Magnum Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just bought a NOS R/T AWD for $23,900. Great car, no problems so far (time will tell).

    The only fluid I would worry about would be the old gasoline. I store my '87 Grand National for long periods, and have never had any problems (I put in gasoline stabilizer). That's a good reminder though. I'll put in some drygas and injector cleaner tonight (the old gas has already been diluted with a fresh tankful).

    Has anyone else bought an extended service contract? I'm considering getting the no-deductible, 7-year, 50K mile contract ($1,480 plus $200 extra for the AWD). I normally try to avoid dealer service, but with the exotic parts on this car, I think that it may be a good idea. The last time I brought my Mercury Grand Marquis into a dealer, it cost about $700 (they had to replace a circuit board).

    I figure any time you really need dealer service, it's going to cost you at least $500, if not $1,500 or $2,500 (or more). So paying $1,680 now seems like cheap insurance and peace of mind.
  • snoopy71snoopy71 Posts: 32
    Just passing through here... I posted this inquiry in some of the other Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep forums, so I thought I'd try here too.

    Wife & I have twins on the way (in addition to our 3-yr old) so we need to bite the bullet and get a minivan. We're going to get a Dodge GC or a Chrysler T&C sometime in June. Money will be real tight since wife will be quitting work to stay home, hence us going down to one income, so if anyone has a friends code for 2008, then I would reeeeeeally appreciate it. .... I'll even put you on my Christmas card list!!

    e-mail me here at carspace and let me know....
  • imaskiierimaskiier Posts: 2
    Looked all over the state for this one! Wanted the Protection Group and for some reason they don't usually come with this option. Was able to negotiate the deal over the phone & flew down to pick up my new car! Internet Manager at Tuttle-Click Dodge in Irvine Calif. was great to deal with. No games and a great price. Even agreed to pay my airfare to come pick her up! Has customer preferred pkg 29P, Protection Group, Sunroof, MyGIG Nav. Bright Silver. MSRP 37,060 - paid 29,860 plus lic, tax & fees. I was willing to go anywhere in western states to find one and have been looking for a long time and called several dealers. If you are looking to buy at a no hassle price and no games once you arrive this dealer is the one to use. Now all I have to do is worry where to park her for the next umteen yrs.
  • I love it. :shades:
    I hope you're around to tell me the color and width of the pinstriping. That is definitely a touch of class I'd like to replicate on my silver beauty--copying is the best form of flatter ;)
  • Hey,

    I just bought a used 06 AWD SXT with 43K for 15,700. It's loaded with leather, Bose system, heated seats, & DVD player. I'm having buyers remorse today. Can you guys give you LONG Term feedback of being a magnum owner.

  • I don't have much of a "long term feedback" since it is '08 but the Magnum has been a great car. Ours is RT so driving around town gets lousy mileage (18mpg) but this baby is meant to cruise! We drive between Calif and Az & on the open road with cruise control we have been getting 25mpg. My husband had it up 115 when we were in Mojave (shhh! don't tell anyone!) and it felt like we were doing 70. I hope you don't have buyers remorse. It's fun to have a car you don't see everywhere, although you know what they say, once you own one you see them everywhere! LOL Still too new to have ANY problems and we haven't had any. Love my MagWag.
  • im about to buy a 2005 sxt awd magnum with lil over 100,000 every option with 20 inch wheels and the stock 18 inch tires the car runs well and had it check and its 100 % the price 7000 should it get please let me know ..thanks
  • I would really look at ones that have many mods .. with high mileage. I have a 2006 RT AWD with little over 46k miles and kept well all way round... She's been trouble free as well. The SXT's and SE's are easy to find and I would do a little searching for one with lower miles that you can get. They are not that hard to bargain for as well if a dealer has one. Angelo
  • i recently noticed that the dodge magnum is or i think is being discontinued. can any explain if they are coming out with a revamped version to compete with the new 2011 CADILLAC CTS-V WAGON. considering the v model is very fast, what is dodge going to do now? i really hope they come up with something in their playbook. i'm sure all the fans would agree, unless of course you like the cts-v. i like both but, they are competing for the family vehicle wagon title. i wonder??? let's bring back the wagon for men like road and track stated!
  • donnak1donnak1 Posts: 39
    my Maggie is still loved by me. She has 51K on her and is an '05. I've been through all the initial problems of the "new" design including the pulling to the right, which was finally resolved and I avoided the buy back from DC. I've had new tires at 16K, and cylinder issue that they fixed way back when, and other annoyances that were finally resolved. All because I love this car, I'm not giving it up. To make a long story short, my 17 year old son got a '09 Pontiac G5 GT for a steal last May. Fully loaded, safe, etc. After having it for a few months, he kept asking to borrow Maggie. Find out he loves drifting/donuts in the winter with her!!!

    Just 2 weeks ago, he was in an accident in which a Silverado crew cab made a right turn from the left lane right in front of him. Needless to say, the truck flipped over on it's roof and the G5 was totaled. All involved were fine. My son loves the Magnums and we found one in Colorado (we live near Chicago). It's an '07, SXT, black, 17K miles, one owner with the carfax. I spoke with the dealer who sold the 1st owner the car and found that the man took very good care of the car. He traded it in on a Nissan (?). Anyway, I ended up paying $14,988 plus tax, shipping, etc. The car is being trucked here and should be here by the weekend.

    My point is, that if you're thinking about buying one, search all over. Stay away from the '05's as they were the first to come out and had alot of issues that may or may not have been solved. This is one terrific car that is becoming a collector car, IMHO, and a joy to own and drive. I still can't find another car that I'd rather have. :D
  • aleoopaleoop Posts: 2
    hi blkmagnum05... I did a small amount of research and according to kelley blue book, an '05 Magnum with that many miles in good condition should be worth about 8k and that's without the 20 inch wheels. That being said, I think it's a pretty good deal.

    link title
  • aleoopaleoop Posts: 2
    at the same time, If you have the finances, I would tend to agree with donnak1... i.e. try for a newer year.

    Art of Noise Audio
  • donnak1donnak1 Posts: 39
    We got the '07 Magnum from Colorado and it is one beautiful car!!!! Fantastic all around! We had our friend, who is also a Chrysler mechanic, check it out and give it an oil change. It was perfect in every way. I think we did well on the price and we are both very excited about the car. The only problem we've encountered, is with it being black, he washes it too much!!!!

    I would definitely look for a newer model if you're going to invest in one!
  • sbigrassbigras Posts: 2
    I've found an '05 Magnum SE with 38,000km on it for $ 9,850 CAN.
    We need a larger second car (our main vehicle is an '04 Grand Caravan) for when it's in the shop as we have three young boys (two still in car seats).
    We live in Ottawa, Canada and have relatively mild winters.

    What are some opinions about the car? Should we still look into it?
  • As has been mentioned before, I would recommend finding an '06 through '08 model to avoid some of the typical first model year issues. In addition, the 2.7 liter six in the SE is somewhat underpowered. If you can find an SXT model with the 3.5 liter six then I think you will be much happier.
  • donnak1donnak1 Posts: 39
    I've owned my Magnum since Sept. '04 and have dealt with the free replacement of the Continentals......I bought Yokohamas for it. Well, I have 55K on the car now and need new tires already. I've been looking at the Michelins Hydroplanes but have heard that they dry rot just like my Yoko's did. Any advice from my fellow Magnum owners????

    Any imput will be greatly appreciated!!! My son's '07 came with Hankook's (sp).
  • For around two months I have been trying to get my car fixed, you will be driving it n it will just stop feeding gas. So then you better hope your not on a hill and can get off the road or worry about someone hitting you. I was so upset due to the fact that I just got the car 7mths ago, n it only has around 60,000 miles on it. So after having it at the dealer ship time n time throttle body replaced two time n the computer re trained still having the problems. Took the car back and this time I contacted chrysler n they have been great the same as ramies, so now that there working together they have come to the conclusion that the computer is bad. So now today I got a call that the computers are on back order n they don't know when it will be in. Needless to say I am out of a car till it is fixed but am praying this it what is happening, so if your having these types of problems n you find your self with all these caution lights coming on and the car just stops, pulling off the road turn off the car n re start it, until the next time then repeat... Call chrysler let them know because there is things going on with these cars n maybe a recall n replace needs to be done before some ones family ends up in the cemetery. There number is 1-800-763-8422, they are trying to help me but let's bring awareness to this major problem! :sick:
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