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Why are so many inferior vehicles considered status symbols?



  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011

    Do you NOW, still feel the same about the 2009' Camaro concept ???? Does it do a better job utilizing it's interior space ????

  • Another reason why Audi remains semi-popular is because the main car magazines promote the brand so often.Every issue has some article about some upcoming Audi or how they do the tech better or how it really isn't an over-priced VW.For some reason a lot of automotive writers seem to really like the brand although they rarely(if ever)own one themselves. And they are hardly ever in long term fleets.
    As far as a status symbol I guess that depends on personal perception. I've never seen Audi as a status car but I guess some do.
  • smittynycsmittynyc Posts: 291
    About halfway down the block from my office is one of Manhattan's "power lunch" spots, extremely popular with media, finance, and entertainment types. Since one of my personal favorite non-power-lunch spots is a few doors down from it, I walk by a couple of times a week.

    The street right outside the restaurant is like a showroom for ultra-high-end cars, who park there as their potentates dine inside. Just today I saw TWO Maybachs, e.g.

    I see a LOT of the highest-end Audis parked outside that place (the freaking enormous one that has a backseat that looks like a club room at a luxury hotel). FWIW.

    The one car that I used to see a lot of there and hardly ever see anymore is the Benz S-Class. Two years ago, that was the main car for this crowd. Now it's those Audis and a Maybach here and there and lots of BMW 7 series and an occasional Range Rover G-Wagen/smaller Benzes. You'll see a Caddy occasionally. And of course lots of the ubiquitous limos and Town Cars.

    The most unusual ride I've ever seen was Frank Gifford's -- a freaking immaculately maintained early/mid 90s (?) sky blue Mercedes convertible. I'm not joking; it looked like it just rolled off the assembly line. It had an amazing depth and shine to the finish.
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