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Jeep Commander Maintenance and Repair

jeep4x4jeep4x4 Posts: 2
:mad: :lemon: We just purchased a new Jeep Commander Limited with all options and the 5.7 Hemi. Less than 1500 miles and now it won't start. Anyone else have this problem? I will be taking it up with the service manager, and escalate if needed.

Any ideas what is broken?



  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Does it turn over as if wants to start or is it just plain dead? If it turns over, then you may be experiencing a problem related to the MDS system's software. Some early build models had glitches in the software, which in some cases caused vehicles not to start.

    If doesn't crank at all, then yes there is a major problem.(hopefully it's just a bad battery)
  • The headlights were bright in the beginning, when I tried to start it, clicking sound, now dead battery. I think you are on track with a software problem. I will not trust the Commander until the Dealer tech runs diagnostics on it. Oh, by the way ours is a black hemi too.

    Thanks for your help.

    Oh, how did you become aware of the MDS system software problem? :D
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I became aware of the problem when I took my Commander in for an oil change. I asked the service manager if there were any TSB's that I needed to know about and thats when he told me about the software glitch. Thankfully, my Commander was a 10/2005 build(special order) and it didn't have the problem because DC had already fixed it.

    Oh, good choice on the black. I think it goes well with all of the chrome trimming on the Limited models.

    Hopefully your battery was just a dud and you'll get another and be back on the road. Good luck and post what your outcome is.:shades:
  • Almost a month old, 1700 miles, and my driver’s side door hinge seems to be a bit loose and makes noise when opening or closing the doors. The door seems to move (up and own -sort of popping out of socket) during its travel.

    Anyone else having this issue?
  • I bought a new Commander in NOV05.First own came in with major paint defects.The dealer ordered a new one fromthe factory.On12/05 I picked up my truck.It came in with 20 miles I was told that this truck went through quality control at the factory. had the truck for one week and put 102 miles on it.while getting on the highway the tranny went.I was able to get back to the dealer checked the codes and thought it was the tranny mogule. They changed that, took it for a ride and the tranny went.The dealer had to order a new one and now it is on back order. This is the HEMI LIMITED.Anyone have a similar problem. took the Miles of Freedom plan so Jeep will have me around for a while. In my state if vehicle is in shop for m,ore than 30 days for the same problem in two years I can go under the lemon law clause.
  • We just purchased a new Jeep Commander Limited with all the options and the 5.7 Hemi. Less than 1500 km ( Toronto, Canada ) the power steering failed - all the hydraulic fluid was lost. Went in for repair, Came back with engine problems, it's running rougher than before a very noticeable difference..Additionally while driving the tire pressure indicators intermittently drop in 7 PSI amounts - This happens on all for wheels and is very sporadic eg: the 2 front may indicate 234 and the rear tires are at 227, then it will reverse or sometimes only one will show the correct pressure. I suspect this is software related and maybe the onboard computer is trying to compensate in some strange way - hence the rough engine? Any one seen this. PS My dealership Unique Chrysler here in Ontario is absolutely useless..

    Anyone aware if there is a "Lemon" law here in Ontario like some of the US states..

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Anyone aware if there is a "Lemon" law here in Ontario like some of the US states..

    Unfortunately, there is no "Lemon Law" in Ontario but they do have the Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan.

    tidester, host
  • Recently purchased a Jeep Commander, S Series - basic package. Headlights are very bright - often seems to other cars in my view like my brights are on. As a result, I get some nice gestures and often get flashed by their headlights.

    Anyone else have this problem?
  • tom85tom85 Posts: 2
    Took delivery of a Commander 4x4 with the 4.7 V8. We drove it for 3 days, racked up only 100 miles. Two disappointments - -

    1. 9.6 mpg (actual, not per the trip computer). Can I expect the mpg to get better as we "break it in?" Granted the sticker stated 15/19 mpg, with a range of 12-18 for city driving. Hope this improves. Our driving was 80% "city" thus far, also about 35 deg F outside.
    2. Went to get a video on Saturday nite, started the car, it ran for 2 seconds and died. Started again (not applying any gas, of course), ran for 2 seconds and died. Started a 3rd time, gave it gas to help it run, but it died immediately. Next try, nothing. Only a fast quiet clickking noise. Battery works, as I can turn on the headlights, the dash lights up, etc.

    Calling the dealer Monday to pass on our happy events. Otherwise, we love this SUV.
  • Does anyone know when these jeeps with the glitch were built. I contacted Chrysler and after hearing the question they hung up.
  • tom85tom85 Posts: 2
    Replying to my own message . . . phone call with dealer led us to discover that the key (a key + fob combination) had inexplicably become de-programmed, and without the security code in the key, the engine turns off immediately after starting. I reprogrammed the key, (did this at home)and it was fixed. Also obtained a third (back-up spare) key+fob. Quite an expensive key at $138 !! But, it has the built-in security. Any copies of this key Ii.e. from a hardware store) will only be able to unlock the doors, will not start without the programmed integrated key+fob.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Glad to hear all is well now. That could've easily been a more major problem.
  • I am always leary of completely new models no matter who makes them. The first year is when you always here of problems; that is the time when they work things out, the kinks you might say.
  • Bought my Commander Limited 4x4 in December 2005. No major problems thus far except an annoying wind sound in the cabin at speeds +60 mph. Has anyone else noticed the hissing sound, similar to the sound a partially opened window makes at high speeds? If so any remedies or something we have to live with?
  • Check the roof rack crossbars - one or both might be installed backwards. I experienced severe windnoise at 60+ mph and kicked myself for not testing the Jeep at highway speeds. The salesman indicated that the crossbars might not be installed in the optimum location (the owners manual addresses this). On checking the crossbars I saw that rear crossbar was installed with the front facing rearward. There was a bright yellow sticker with arrow showing the correct orientation and embossed words on the front edge of the crossbar also indicating the correct orientation. I flipped the crossbar around and the windnoise problem was resolved.
  • Adjust the headlight aiming by lowering the aim angle - a Torx T-20 screw is accessible via a small hole in a snap-off plastic panel above the headlights (the panel need not be removed to make the adjustment). A few clockwise turns should help, try aiming them at night against a wall or the back of a small car. Don't aim them too low or you won't have enough of the street illuminated (I made this mistake on my first adjustment). A small hex driver, perhaps 6 or 8 mm or smaller may also work.

    I thought there might be a problem when I noticed that the light reflected from street signs appeared brighter (and more painful) than normal. Other car occupants were lit up when I stopped behind them and it was obvious the headlights were irritating them. Some oncoming traffic also flashed their brights. I had started driving with only the fog lights on to avoid problems but the aiming adjustment corrected the problem and I can now use the low-beams without blinding everyone around.

    I found the solution on another website but can't find the site again to corroborate their solution so I'm posting my experience here.

    I don't have the smartbeam headlights and my high beams were not on. This problem could cause a serious incident and if many other vehicles are affected this should be a TSB or perhaps a recall until the factory aims these correctly.
  • The radio controls on the back of the steering wheel do double duty and supplement the UConnect Phone and Voice Command buttons on the rear view mirror.

    I haven't found this in any manual yet and discovered this by accident.

    Holding down the left radio control button on the back of the steering wheel for a couple of seconds will activate the UConnect "Phone" option (don't push the up or down but rather the raised portion directly in the center of the button).

    On a lark I thought I'd see what would happen with the right button - yes, it activates the "Voice" command button and allows you to send numeric dial commands to voice mail, etc... (e.g. push the button, say "1 2 3 4 SEND" to send 1234 to the other phone/voicemail system.
  • Wow.. you were dead on with the diagnosis. The racks were installed backward, turned them around and the wind noise was gone. Thanks dude...
  • jtolerjtoler Posts: 1
    Need some help to install new trailer brake controler on my 2006 Jeep Commander. My Jeep dealer has no info on this
    can someone help all of my other new Jeep came with a brake controler wireing kit but this one has not got one.

    Jim Toler
  • The roof rack makes noise at speeds of 60 plus miles an hour & it has been adjusted to all positions with no change in the humming noise.

    The front dash also makes noises like it had been taken out & put back incorrectly.

    The big hit is the fact that the engine does not come close to the suggested miles per gallon & while they say it is in high gear it always feels like it drags when you let off the gas. (14. 5 mpg is the best this thing has to offer not 18 or 19 as suggested. I have the 5.7 HEMI & it idles a little rough sometimes but has the power to move & requires 7 quarts of oil when you change it.

    The fancy DVD Navigation system works but I suggest not spending the extra money because the auto lighting does not adjust without always manual intervention. The Navigation system also requires that the NAV-DVD be in at all times running and is not at all current with roads and information. To update is another $200 plus dollars each year. When you want to search for special places you must be stopped which has a good side but not when you have someone else in the vehicle, plus it is set up so it could not be much more awkward if they tried.

    Quality, fit and just design leave a lot to enhance. The bumpers are cheap pieces of plastic that are snapped together with plastic connectors and I already have a couple connectors that allow the fenders to wobble/noise. The interior is ok but limited space with only one seat with a pocket behind it. There was no special place to put the head phones for the rear seat DVD player and the extra roof windows do not open nor do the rear side windows so there is a high level of air noise due to the cheap/poor air flow design.

    The 4 wheel drive is less than one would expect since you have all wheel drive & must almost stop to engage the low 4 wheel drive system which will allow you to go up to 20 miles an hour which is not what anyone should get when they expect to have true 4 wheel drive capabilities.

    I would not waste what this vehicle cost again and should have waited for the new explorer.
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