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Jeep Commander Maintenance and Repair



  • we had the water leak and after 4 times in they fixed it.....but now a front control module...which they again fixed but needed a new battery because of it, also 3 other problems with wiring a harness and 2 other modules...are they all connected they want me to pay out of pocket for the others car only has 64,000 on the 70,000 warranty but will only cover the fcm.....shouldnt they cover all the damage since one could have caused all this??
  • We bought our jeep commander new in 2006 to use for travelling. It's been garaged it's entire life, we drive it only for trips, no hauling (don't even have a hitch). At 12,000 miles we had a puddle of oil under the car and had to have the pinion seal replaced (covered under warranty). Then @ ~40,000 miles the rear pinion bearing went bad (we suspect that they over-torqued it when they replaced the seal), but they wouldn't cover it. That cost $1200. Then 3 weeks later there was differential fluid on the rear driver side tire....... the hub was leaking. They said it wasn't related to the replacement of the pinion bearing, but, of course it was. After arguing and threatening legal action, they fixed it for the cost of parts ($300). We have the replaced hub and it is fine... the o-ring was damaged (a $2.00 part). The day after we got it back from having the hub replaced, the pinion bearing was making an awful sound, so we took it back and they replaced it again. Now 2 weeks later, the "whining" sound is back....... This is so frustrating! Has anyone else had problems with the rear end?
  • 4te4te Posts: 1
    I want to thank you any everyone else for posting their concerns. I am having similar issues too. As a result, I've replaced a battery and a starter. The lights are flicking on and off over the seats and on the dash. My 06 Jeep Commander recently shut down at a gas station. It would not take a jump. So, I had to have it towed back home. I recently had a diagnostic done at the dealer. So, I called them to ask why did they think I was having this problem. They said "it's a common problem. Sometimes the wires in the starter get rusty. It's a easy fix. It will cost about $400.00. After that, my husband wanted to attempted to start it again to avoid the cost of a tow. It started right up. Like there was never a problem. Now I don't believe it is the starter. I think it is the same problem other owner are having with the front cont module. I am really afraid to drive this truck. Also, listed as a issue on my diagnostic results. The transmission software needs to be reprogrammed for over $800.00. I think the 6/ 3.7 engines should be included in the recall for this too.
  • kendall69kendall69 Posts: 13
    I have a 2006 Commander with 108K miles on it and very few problems. In fact I took in in today for an oil change and asked when I should change the spark plugs. The service rep said 30K miles. I sad I have 108K miles and still have the original plugs. I had (1) AC fan go out, replaced with a $30.00 unit from Amazon. Also replaced brakes, wiper blades, tires, fluid changes, battery - that's it. Original belts, plugs, and everything else still original. Bought it when my daughter was 9 years old, and she will soon be getting it as her car. The car is built like a tank so I feel safe giving it to a new driver.
    Just thought some good news on the Commander, as most here have problems. I guess people that don't have issues don't take time to praise a vehicle.
  • avicensavicens Posts: 1
    I too have the same exact problem. I also have a 2006 jeep commander. Did you ever find out what was the problem??
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    there is a safety recall the core problem of which I think is the core problem of our most pressing Jeep Commander safety concerns, i.e., those related to the Jeep moving. (I do not think this safety recall has anything to do with the blinking and heating up of the dashboard).

    If you have not received the notice you should call Chrysler-Jeep and see if your vin qualifies. it's for transfer case actuator. the notice - if I am reading correctly - states that Chrysler Jeep tried to get the software manufacturer to provide permanent remedy but still the permanent remedy is not available so Chrysler Jeep is - free of charge (parts and labor) - I guess until the permanent remedy is available?!? - asking us to come in and they will do what they can?

    In meantime, it sounds like this was reason car would shift inadvertently.

    I'm hesitant to bring it into Jeep however because everytime I have brought it in for a recall I don't get 20 miles without having to have it towed back in for something to be repaired for a $-charge...
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