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Ford Escape Fog Lights

keithg1keithg1 Posts: 1
We have a 2006 Ford Escape that did not come with fog lights. The vehicle appears to have all of the wiring necessary to just plug into the factory components, ie. Switch, relay and lights. After installing the Ford factory lights, switch and relay, the lights still do not come on. I know they only work when the headlights are on, so we do have the headlights on when trying to turn on the fog lights. Does anyone know if we are still missing something. The local ford dealer says we have everything needed. I can jump the relay and the fog lights come on. The problem appears to be between the switch and the relay. Thanks.


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You may also want to try Fog Lights or Ford Escape.

    tidester, host
  • Fwiw, my '01 Escape XLT has fog-lights, however the circuitry is set-up so that they do not operate unless the headlamps are on. This is way it was wired from the factory. Not sure if the Ford engineers changed anything
    from '01 to '06 for lighting overrides or not. I know in other vehicles the fog-lamps can operate separately from
    the headlamps. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me why Ford set it up this way. I'm not complaining too much, it's been a pretty vehicle so far even w/o this amenity. :)
  • :) Hello,

    I'm no mechanic but I do sell Fords so just so you know the fogs only work when the headlights are on and set on dim. Ford sets it up that way so people aren't driving around with just their fog lights on, (You don't want that ticket) and so you don't blind people with your brights and fogs on at the same time.

  • Keith, did you ever resolve this issue? I am having the exact same problem... Thanks.
  • I too am having the same problem with a 2006 Mazda Tribute. I removed the cover where the fog light power switch would have been installed and I discovered what appears to be a switch that is missing/needs the push button??? I'm thinking that I may need to order the push button from the dealership. Knowing the dealership prices the button will cost me more than the fog lights. LOL!
  • After obtaining the wiring diagram, it appears that the "Programmable Junction Box" (PJB) need to be programmed by FORD for the fog lights to work. Everything else is installed but the lights do not work. For these kinds of reasons, this is probably the last time I will purchase a Ford...
  • ewilkersonewilkerson Posts: 2
    I took my Tribute in to be serviced and told about my fog light problem. I also mentioned that they probably didn't work because the PJB needed to be programmed. They told that there was no such thing and that all I needed was the on/off (toggle) switch. I ordered the switch it was about 17 dollars no big deal. I installed the switch...fog lights still do not work. I took the truck back in and a week later I got my truck back. They had to order some additional part that was on back order. I'm sorry but I forgot to look at the invoice for the part number. I'll update this post with the part number at a later time. The only reason I didn't get upset was because the part was covered under warranty and my dealer supplied me with a loaner vehicle free of charge...maybe not free because I'm pretty sure that I over paid on the extended coverage that I purchased with my new vehicle.
  • stormcoderstormcoder Posts: 1
    I recently bought a new 2006 Mazda Tribute i model, and I am just curious about the fog light switch that you bought for your Tribute and additional part(s) for fog lights installation.

    It would be a great help for me in the future if I or anyone else decided to install the fog lights by oneself.
  • fredm3fredm3 Posts: 1
    I have just ordered a 2007 XLS Escape and had the same idea you did. After reading your post I contacted Dale Jarrett Ford and inquired about this procedure. Mechanically it appears to be straight forward. The problem is that DOT requires that the fog lamps not be operational when the high beams are on so that requires the signal to be controlled by the body control module. Each model of the Escape, the XLS, XLT and Limited has a different software load. Apparantly one of the mechanics at Dale Jarrett tried to do this very upgrade to his daughter's XLS and when he reprogrammed the fog lamps to come on he messed up the turn signals and several other things. It took him a couple of weeks to get the car back to it's original condition. They had also attempted to add fog lamps to a Mustang GT and ran into the same problem.

    The problem is not insurmountable but it is not quite as clean as just plugging the components in. The solution is to simply run new wires from the switch to the relay. Heh, for us purists it's not the best solution but it works. Good luck.
  • cmgjcmgj Posts: 4
    Anyone got an answer for parts or anything needed for a 2006 Mazda Tribute adding Fog Lights?
  • Can you post a little more on how to do this?? which wires from the switch to the relay, where is the relay, etc.... I recently bought a 2006 Escape, bought the switch from Ford, it lights up, but no power to the driving lights. I'am experienced in electronics and am comfortable with cutting, splicing, etc.. Just would like to know what wires i'am to mess with.. Thanks......
  • cmgjcmgj Posts: 4
    I have the same problem with my 2006 Mazda Tribute. Ok, here is what I am doing. I got the fog lights...and the dash switch installed and hooked up. No turning on. Now I am going in to the dealer and they are going to program the BCM to operate the Fog Lights. I will post when I find out more...
  • Doing a little more playing around with this problem, i called a dealer and he said i may just need a fuse & relay. I opened up the manual to find out where these need to go and find that the fuse & relay is already present. When I take out the relay and jump the connections together, I get power to the driving lights and the LED light on the switch comes on, but cant control it with the switch. Always on, until I take the jumper wire off. So Im thinking that all this talk about programming is factual information as there is power to the switch, power to the relay through the fuse (under the hood), and I did a check with the positive leads from the driving light plug and it is connected to the relay, ground is grounded, so that is the only explanation I can think of, unless it is a relay problem. So I await your outcome, and to know if the dealer charged you for tinkering with the computer.

    Funny thing is, I went into my local Ford dealer and they knew nothing, said the computer doesnt control those lights and told me it is "simple electronics 101"... I phoned two other dealers who both said its "plug & play" type additions, the 4th told me about the relay & fuses, and the 5th just brushed me off unless i wanted to make a service appointment.
  • cmgjcmgj Posts: 4
    Good to know....I have an appointment on LED will not come on at all...
    There was a fuse in the inside and a fuse and relay in the engine compartment...mine have all the fuses and relay... I looked at the wiring diagram at the service department, and it IS controlled by the BCM. If you LED is coming on when you push the button, and off when you push it again, then I would check if the fuses are all there...
  • The LED only comes on when I pull out the relay and put a jumper across to make the lights turn on, otherwise it is just the little light icon that stays lit up when the lights come on.

    An update though, my service rep at the dealer I bought it from contacted me after doing some research, he confirmed that it is controlled by the computer and is a simple job, he said it is a simple job, cost me $47.50 for their labour. So Im going to make an appt for next week, I will let you all know the outcome.......
  • I have no dash lights, no running lights, and no tail lights. I have turn signals and 4-ways. I have checked all the bulbs, and all the fuses, put in a new switch on the dash. No luck. Can any one help me with this problem?
  • That is definately a weird problem..... Short of going to a repair shop, what I would do is get a volt meter and see if you can trace where the power is cut off. Firstly I'd check the fuse to see if there is power going there, then the switch. Some vehicles also have a fuse panel under the hood, may want to check there also. Any aftermarket additions?? alarm, stereo etc.... that may have had a wire tapped into?
  • Thanx for the reply! I have checked both the fuse boxes, and they are all good. There are no after market additions, all stock. Im just baffled at this one. But i will get a volt meter and check things out! Thanx again.
  • cmgjcmgj Posts: 4
    OK, the appt was this morning, and now they work! Here is what it said:



  • How much did they charge you for this???
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