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Best vehicle for $40,000



  • $40K will get you a nice brand new 2006 Acura TL with Navi.
    This will include all TTL and leave you with 3-5K in "change".

    As for MPG, I got 32 on straight interstate driving back home (though only about 18 city -- cold and mostly 3-5 mile short trips since).
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,485
    I'll second the TL suggestion. 30mpg at 80mph. I'm averaging 23mpg in my mixed highway/local 40 mile/day commute. Lowest I've experienced is 21mpg.

    If you do go for a TL, with the large chunk of change you keep in your pocket you can buy me and Elvis a present!

    Thank ya. Thank ya very much.

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • For $40,000 you can get an 01 or 02 Lexus carefully and get one with less then 35,000 miles and you will have the most comfortable, safe, quiet, luxury car that $40,000 can buy...MORE IMPORTANTLY IT WILL BE VERY buying new or better...from a dealer you will also get it CERTIFIED which is the equilivent of an 3 YR new car Warrenty.

    The car is so good You will not care that it doesn't get 28 mpg...JUST DRIVE ONE...THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 Posts: 852 question: the Lex SC430 is a superlative offering... suited for the left foot motor skill challenged (or those whose appreciation for the mechanical nirvana of a well-engineered clutch/transmission system has waned.....)

    ..but I agree with you....

  • calidavecalidave Posts: 156
    his recommendation was the LS, not the SC

    It's a good recommendation, and I really appreciate folks considering used cars

    but if I am willing to drop the MPG down to 25, there are a whole lot more options than if I want 28

    which is why I limited the discussion to 28 - I'd really like to see if there is a high-mpg car that fits the bill
  • calidavecalidave Posts: 156
    maybe I can wait for the GS450H......

    and maybe a bag of money will fall from heaven.....

    The GS450H would be perfect.....if MSRP was 20K less

    luxury, sporty, high MPG

    over 300 HP and (likely) well over 25 mpg

    I wonder if it will have an AUX input for the iPod
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,892
    Given the desire for sportiness, I'd opt for a manual tranny TL ... OR maybe even the new manual tranny Accord V6 sedan. You could get it with the voice-activated Navi and still have ALOT of change left over.

    I'd also be looking at the Volvo R cars, but you won't achieve your mileage number.

    Maybe not sporty enough for your tastes, but you could try to track down a used '05 Benz E-class diesel for near your pricepoint (edmunds says $41k private party with some options, but their pricing is usually on the high side anyway). And, heck, at 27/37 mpg, it might be worth it to you to up your budget $1k.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • calidavecalidave Posts: 156
    I'm in California. If I drove a diesel, someone would pour blood on it.

  • calidavecalidave Posts: 156
    a used 2003 530i sells for between 30K and 40K (depending on mileage, etc.)
  • fljoslinfljoslin Posts: 237
    Get a Blood Red one!
  • pg48477pg48477 Posts: 309
    Why would enyone would get used 5 series? To much problems.

    BMW owner.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,892
    why is that? better mileage and cleaner than alot of regular gas burning cars.

    Are Cali folks just uninformed?

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • Calidave, I bought a new 2005 CTS Feb 05. Recently I went on a 2000 mile trip that I broke into 3 segments. San Diego to Salt Lake City, SLC to Reno, and Reno back to SD. On each segment I averaged between 28 and 29 MPG with the cruise and 75-85 MPH. The car was comfortable and great to drive. I have been very pleased. Good luck with your decision. Jarrett

    I want to consider new and USED vehicles, in this analaysis (gasp!).

    What would you buy if you had 40k burning a hole in your pocket? Your needs are: sporty, yet comfortable on the highway; 4 seats minimum; over 28 mpg. (yes, we also want reasonable reliability)
  • Buick's got the reliabity, I would check out the Lucerne CXS.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    You know what really disturbs me about this segment. It's not only the price of a 40K piece of metal, but you can take a 30K piece of metal,plastic, and electronics and put enough packages, cause you have to have it, and make it to the 40K limit. Same car, but now you just blew another 10k. And to make matters worse, most of this is computerized gizmos, that you know are not going to work in 10 years, especially those that keep their 40K machines exposed to the elements.

    Almost as bad as my son, souping up his Lotus Elite on his video game, and the game allowing him to put 200K into the car by twin turbo charging it.


  • calidavecalidave Posts: 156
    Dude: it's a GAME. You are actuall concerned about what your son does to his car on a GAME?

    When he starts doing it on his real car, give us a holler.

    As to your basic point, yes a Cadillac has 10K of stuff that a Buick does not have. If you don't want that stuff, you can buy the Buick. But don't pretend that the Buick is the same car as the Caddy. It isn't.

    I wish more people would mention used car choices here. I find it odd that a car that people loved at 50K two years ago, is not loved at 40K, used, today.
  • "Buick's got the reliabity, I would check out the Lucerne CXS."

    LOL, Only if you are older than 70 (seventy) do Buicks make sense. They are the old folgy car of the old folgies.


  • I guess that I forgot my age, since we just bought a LaCrosse and I am in my 40's. Oh well, must be early onset Alzheimers. ;) In just less than a year, it has proven to be an extraordinarily quiet and comfortable car to ride. In its price range, there are no other cars that offer as quiet a ride. Since the Lucerne employs similar sound damping technologies and is a slightly larger car, I would anticipate the Lucerne to be even quieter.

    Even if your statement were half correct, it is not as terrible of a strategy for a car company as one might think. While the over 70 cohort may not buy a lot of cars, our somewhat screwed up entitlement system guarentees that they will have significant disposable income, and compared to other age cohorts, over 70 is going to be the fastest growing group for probably the next 30 years.
  • calidavecalidave Posts: 156
    for those of you who thought this analysis was more useful at $30,000, please see

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