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Nissan X-Trail Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • vellavella Posts: 5
    Quite the experience with the various dealers. Morningside Nissan told us they were the only ones who had the Bonavista and there were only 15 left in Ontario and it was rock bottom at $24,888. We almost bought but checked other Nissan dealers and fount that there was a lot of inventory. We have been nissan and Infinity owners for a long time and very comfortable with their service and quality.

    As much as we loved the Bonavista, we found a few X-trail LE's and although $3,000 more, found the Interior and total package much more appealing. Got the same deal $6000 off and settled for an on the road price of $33,700. Tan with Black Leathyer Interior.... very impressive.

    That was aweswome for a quality vehicle, plus we have family in the UK and they raved about the X-Trail.

    Had an ugly experience with a Mazda sales man in Ajax who thought we would buy the Mazada SUV. (It is made at the Ford plant). When we told him we settled for the X-trail, he said it was discontinued because of problems, it was made in Mexico and we wouldnt get our moneys worth...yada yada yada. Talk about a sore loser. :mad:

    Brings up a point though. Every Nissan dealer said the X-trail was made in Japan. Did anyone else hear Mexico?
  • Glad I found this thread while I was looking for a new XTrail. The info was very helpful in making sure the price was right and I knew what the pros and cons were of the SUV. Just purchased a Platinum Bonavista at Midway in Whitby. No hassle no pressure deal and they still have quite a few of them left, so if you're looking head out there. (No I don't work for Nissan!!) Just under $30K all in. Pick it up Wednesday. How does everyone like theirs so far?

    p.s. They are made in Japan.
  • vellavella Posts: 5
    Thanks, I will be picking my X-Trail on May 15th, can't wait.
  • vellavella Posts: 5
    Anyone out their owing an X-Trail LE, I would like your comments on theirs.
  • b10609b10609 Posts: 37
    My wife has been driving her Bonavista X-trail for a month now and loves it. She came out of her 2003 Subaru Forester - much happier with driving position, seat comfort and ease of loading groceries, etc. It is slightly taller than the Forester so the road view is better. My observations: the car has a better, more flexible AWD, with controls for economical 2WD, AWD and pure 4WD for really heavy snow conditions, all at the twist of a dash control. Big 17 inch wheels and a good ride round out the package. Power and performance very similar to the Subaru. Center instruments are easy to get used to, HUD feel right beside the driver at eye level. Highly recommended by the whole family. WATERLOO GUY
  • I love the PANA ROOF, that's huge!!!
    I am looking for X-TRAIL bonavista edition in GTA. Someone mentioned under 30K in previous post. If you can share your deal info, that will be really appreciated.

  • xtrailbvxtrailbv Posts: 1
    I got my x-trail BV from midway motors in Whitby. Thanks to xtrailplatinum for the information. Their price beat APA price by $500. They also give me a fair trade in price. The salesman can make final decision so the whole purchase took me about 15 min. I think it worth to drive 50km from Toronto.
  • Thanks xtrailbv! Of course it worth to drive 50km :shades:

    Can you share your APA price with me? If you think it's not good to post here, please send to kosiko33 AT

    If without trade in, I assume your final price = (APA-500)*1.14

    I am dealing with dealer around me(Markham), will like to make a deal this week. :)
  • I just bought my Bonavista (Black) at $30K on-the-road price! It's at Alta Nissan, Richmond Hill. I will get my lovely car this Sat. Ha Ha!! :)
  • vellavella Posts: 5
    I bought the X-Trail LE, fully loaded with leather,beautiful, I am picking it up on May 15th, can't wait. I have the Landrover Freelander, this one is a 6, and way too many problems, we bought the X-Trail and it drives better than the Land Rover. I got it Ajax Nissan on the road for 33,000.00, great deal...good luck who's buying this car, don't wait.
  • Hi Vella, does you car have Navigation system? Will you consider adding it too? :confuse:
  • vellavella Posts: 5
    Their may be a possible chance down the road, for now we will see. There is a space for this to be added.
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