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Honda Accord (1990-1993) Maintenance and Repair

Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
In order to make the original and highly popular “Honda Accord Owners: Problems and Solutions” forum more manageable, we are dividing that forum into “Accord generations”.

Please make sure you are in the right generation for your Accord, and then post your questions concerning any maintenance or repair item.

Thank you again for helping to make the Accord forums so great here at Edmunds!





  • amazonamazon Posts: 293
    I have a 93 Accord with auto and 135KMi. Recently, I have noticed a shudder during light throttle starts. I am wondering what this could be. Is the transmossion dying? *EXPENSIVE*
  • If it feels like a "miss", it may be a carbon problem. I have a 92 and had a similar problem at slightly higher mileage. (mine now has 236K) It turned out to be carbon blocking the internal bypass holes between the intake manifold and the exhaust manifold. There is a tech bulletin on it which you can get from your dealer. You can buy a kit to fix it or have the dealer do it. The kit was cheap (maybe $15-25) Involves drilling,tapping and removing some plugs in the intake manifold, cleaning the carbon from the holes beneath the plugs, and replacing the plugs (in kit). Kit comes with excellent instructions.
    Not likely it is the trans. Make sure you change the fluid often (25K) it only holds about 2qts ($3) and there are no filters you can change, so it's simply drain and fill. Clean dipstick area thoroughly before you check or fill trans to prevent sand/grit from falling in hole.
    Tell the dealer just what you said "stumble on light acceleration"
  • tmaliktmalik Posts: 27
    Hi all,

    I'm driving a 1993 Accord in cold Canadian weather. Last few days weather has been really cold and I find my windows (all of them) frosted on the inside. One of the side windows does not seal properly and I think it allows the night-time cold into the cabin, dropping the temperature and freezing up any moisture in the cabin. I can't scrape the frost off from the inside and even after a day of driving and trying out the various climate control settings, I can't get rear side windows defrosted. Any advice, recommendations? The cars a beater and I'll be trading in by spring time, so I don't want to spend a lot of money getting the driver side window fit into place. Its only out by a quarter of an inch when fully closed. Is that an easy fix? Thanks.
  • cwg42cwg42 Posts: 2
    How many miles can you expect to put on a well maintained 1992 Honda Accord LX? I have an option to get one for my daughter. Any words of wisdom on this car?
  • If you have tracked in alot of snow/slush and the floor mats or carpeting are soaked, this can be a source of the humidity.

    You may also have a slight leak in the heater core, which will also add humidity. Usually though, you can smell the sweet smelling anti-freeze.

    Running the car with the A/C on will also aid in defrosting the windows.

  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    How many miles does the car already have on it? A really well-maintained engine will be capable of over 300,000 miles. If the owner will permit, have a trusted mechanic remove the valve cover to inspect the cylinder head's top end. Have him also put the car on his lift so he can inspect the bodywork for rust. (Rust is the automotive equivalent of termites in a house...) If the motor's varnish and sludge-free, that'll confirm that the motor's been well-maintained. (Honda motors are not generally perceived as "sludge-monsters", but any motor can have a sludge problem if it's not given timely oil changes or is used extensively in urban crawl driving - especially in regions with cold winters. Even quality-brand motor oils up until 1999 were no where nearly as robust at retarding sludge buildup as current also-rans are now.) However, there's more to a car than its motor. Honda automatic transmissions have a spotty reliability record even as recently as 2004. If the car you're considering has an automatic, and if it tanks, expect around $2,000.00+ to make it right. Other nagging considerations, no where nearly as expensive, but a financial bother nevertheless, are wheel bearings, suspension struts, and suspension bushings. This IS a 13-14 year old car, and it will develop problems under your ownership. If your daughter neglects or abuses the car, even unintentionally, that'll also affect how gracefully it continues to age.
  • No offense meant as I basically agree with your post, but why even mention newer Accord transmission woes? The generation in question (90-93) is generally considered to have rock-solid, though some would say harsh-shifting, transmissions. Besides, if a problem with the transmission should occur I seriously doubt anyone would be willing to shell out anywhere near $2k to fix a tranny in a car worth nearly that amount.

    I have a '90 LX and at 175K I enjoy driving it more than nearly every other car I've driven, new or old. The rare times something breaks on it (the original distributor finally gave it up at 170K) I can always find a cheap replacement nearby or on ebay and have it back on the road immediately. Parts are everywhere and any problem you have will likely be one that is well known and easily fixable.

    I would not hesitate to buy a well maintained 90-93 Accord as a daughter/son first car. I only wish I had been given something that reliable as a first ride. Then again, you do learn a lot with a car that rarely runs.

    In summary, I think you can expect 200K miles out of a 90-93 Accord. I think you will routinely get near 300K with care. And considering just how well-built the cars are, how well documented the few common problems are, how popular that vintage of Accords are (many available cheap parts!), and how helpful other owners are, it's a car you should not lightly pass by.
  • cwg42cwg42 Posts: 2
    Your posts have been very helpful to me and I appreciate all the tips. I think I will have it checked out before I buy the car. What is the most a car like this is worth?
    I live in the Denver area and these are very popular little cars that are sold for more than Blue Book value.
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    Hi all,
    I am a newbie here. I currently have three Hondas. A '91 Accord LX, a '99 Ody EX, and an '05 CR-V EX. My Accord (170,000 miles A/T) has developed a ticking sound coming from somwhere under the timing belt cover towards the lower end of the block. Everything with the head and valves and compression has been adjusted and found to be OK. The ticking is not present at idle and will become audiable at around 2000 RPM and cannot be heard anymore over 3300RPM. I don't know if it goes away or is simply drowned out. Main crank, rod and wrist pin bearings have all been ruled out. The engine runs fine and acts normal under all road conditions. The ticking does not appear to be load related as it is present at a high idle as well as under acceleration. It does seem to be less pronounced during deceleration, when the wheels are 'pushing' the engine... All mechanics want to drop in a new (used) motor, but nobody has been able to identify the source. idler? ...which one? Any pointers or like experiences are greatly appreciated.

  • Hello
    I have a 1990 accord ex and have noticed that it has been pulling to the left...I have had it aligned twice and its alignment doesnt seem to be the problem...could it be a tire is out of round??? Is there something else that could be causing are inflated to specs...I havent been able to figure this out...has anyone else had this problem??? Any info would be appreciated....thanks.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    Switch the front tires side-for-side. If the car still pulls to the left, suspect a bad left front wheel bearing, bad intermediate shaft bearing, or bad constant velocity universal joint*. If it now pulls to the right, bad tire.

    *You might be able to verify this before doing the tire switcheroo by inspecting the weather boots on the left side - if any of the joints' rubber sealing boots are torn, grease has exited while moisture and dirt have entered. Bye-bye joint. But CV joints can fail just from normal wear even when the sealing boots are intact.
  • thanks for the info Haefr.....will check out joints and bearings and possibly switching the tires L & R....Thanks and will post if I find anything that works....
  • femifemi Posts: 5
    I have a 1990 accord exr and have noticed that if i take off from rest its slow. upon advice from someone i checked the TCU, the code is 8. i believe this is solenoid problem. Where is the Solenoid and what is the solution?
  • kazumakazuma Posts: 50
    a while back i posted about a blown head gasket and fortunatly i fixed that. but know theres a new problem. At any given speed the engine loosees power and if you hold the gas out durig this it wil begin to shudder until you let off the gas. then the car just decelerates normally. again hitting the gas it will accelerate normally but after a second or two the engine begins to lose power as you press the gas peddle further and further until the down shift kicks in and it will accelerate out of it. but eventually you have to let off the gas producing the same problem again. sometimes will cease and drive norm aain but eventually it comes back. it seems to only occure durig longer runs and mostly when going up hill. but it does do it down hill rarely and on flat surface.

    im getting code 43 and my book only goes to 42. I dont seem to be loosing fluids and normally it runns great. no misses no off beets. i Know its not the tranny as if you down shift to D3 from d4 the problem does not change.

  • kazumakazuma Posts: 50
    as well as my other problems my tachometer has begun to act strangly as well.

    under normal acceleration the tach operates fine, but under heavy acceleration it begins to spike and jump all over the place in a range from 4k to 7k on the gauge. Im mean its seriously all over the place under any moderate to heavy acceleration.

    Any one have any idea what is causing this??
  • i have a 93 accord(american specs) and the engine recently got bad and i want to replace it. but i would like to replace it with the engine of a 94-96 accord models. please can anyone tell me the pros and cons of this move and if it is really worth it. the reason is that i dont want to put an engine that is too old into this car so that i can enjoy the engine for another 5 years before i make any changes. also i need to know what to look out for when buying a second hand engine cause here in nigeria,there are no equipments to check if everything is okay before buying it. thanks very much. i will very much appreciate whatever suggestions.
  • The problem with your tachometre going all over the place is the speed sensor. I had the same proplem and you'l find that sometimes it will do it and other times it wont. So the ecu over under the carpet on the passanger side will indicate that by the code that it flashes. You may even start getting the check engine light on or if its auto the S (sports mode) light on. When the speed sensor goes, the engine is confused how fast the car is travelling and is not as smooth between gear changes.. (for manual anyway) in normal driving it holds the revs for a small amount of time between gear changes but when the tacko is reading 0 k's an hour it thinks it is ideling and everything it not right.. all it is is your speed sensor. Just get a new one fitted.
  • I have a problem with the lights on instrument cluster. I have accord 93 4cyl for 12yrs now. The engine runs great. The lights on instrument panel seem dimmer than when I first bought the car. I set the knob switch to maximum level with no success. while i was driving the car during the week, the lights dimmed much more for few seconds as I press on the brakes at traffic lights.

    Does anyone know if this problem is related to bulb burning out or alternator is having problem?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    i'd go to an auto parts supply chain like autozone and have them test your alternator and battery under load.
  • ok, thanks man. what happens if the alternator is not working properly? Should it be replaced or fix?
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