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Honda Accord (1990-1993) Maintenance and Repair



  • I think you are on to something! The other day when I replaced the fuel filter I was bleeding the fuel pressure down and there was pretty much nothing there. The car had been sitting all night. I have never adjusted the valves. I'll look into that also! I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks!!!
  • Just had time this weekend to work on the car. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator. Unfortunately, no change with the issue. Actually, with the weather getting colder the car is getting harder to start. Now, once the car gets started it dies at intersections until it is really warmed up. I tried adjusting the idle but I guess the previous owner had done that and stripped the adjustment screw! Not good. I'm now looking at replacing the fuel pump when I get the time.
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    From today's Verizon news...

    "SACO, Maine (AP) — A Maine man and his car are celebrating a million-mile milestone.

    Joe LoCicero (luh-SISS'-er-oh) was given a 2012 Honda Accord at a parade in the city of Saco on Sunday after surpassing the million-mile mark on the odometer of his 1990 Accord. He reached the milestone last Thursday.

    A Honda spokeswoman tells The Portland Press Herald ( it's the first time the manufacturer has documented an Accord reaching one million miles.

    LoCicero says he bought the car in 1996 with 74,000 miles. The former mechanic did much of his own work. The secret he says is following maintenance schedules, using quality parts and driving safely.

    He swears the transmission and engine are original.

    Now that he has a new Accord, he's not sure what he'll do with the old one."
  • I drive a 1992 Accord EX, standard trans with electronic fuel injection. Lately I notice in 1st & 2nd gear, as I begin to let out the clutch and the car begins moving, it completely craps out and almost stalls. I have to push the clutch and pump the gas a few times, then suddenly it lurches forward. By the time I get into 3rd gear, it runs great. What could be the cause? fuel injection sensor or something?
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    GEEZ...60,000 miles a year driving? That's 166 miles every day of the year for 15 years without a break. Must have an interstate paper route? :P


  • Hi, did you ever solve your problem?

    I'd like to know because the same thing has happened to my 1993 Honda Accord EX:

    - Car stalled while driving (immediately after exiting highway), would not re-start
    - Needed new distributor and coil - replaced these
    - Car stalled again while driving (again just after exiting highway), would not restart
    - ECU fuse was blown, but mechanic cannot determine the cause (distributor and coil are still OK this time)
    - Replaced fuse - car now drives OK around town, but have not tried highway for fear of same problem recurring.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    I have a 1990 accord LX with 194k miles on it and it runs amazingly, I just bought the car a month ago and I enjoy it more than my 2006. I do have a problem starting it at the moment, but other than that its my favorite car ever owned. :)
  • Hello,

    I have a 1990 Honda Accord Lx with 194k miles on it currently. When I went out to go to work the other night (it was cold and raining) The car would not start. It turned over and tried, but it would not start. I left it alone for the night and when I came home in the morning, I tried to start it again, same issue. Then when my grandfather got home he opened the hood, and we noticed that when cranking it over, you can see sparks right where the distributor cap and rotor are. It was dark outside, but it was kind of like you could see sparks through it. Its hard to explain. But I was wondering if anyone has had this problem before or if anyone has an Idea to what I should look at? Thanks
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,422
    New cap, rotor and wires.


  • Hi all, i have a 1990 Accord DX, only 313 000 miles on it. Original owner bought it in Georgia, i am in Ontario and its getting a little difficult to start on these frosty mornings. Wondering if there is any way to install a block heater of some sort? Also battery light is on, and has been for a couple months, new alternator installed, nothing not working, just a bothersome light? any information from anyone would be most helpful
  • Found the problem. It turned out to be the wire going to oxygen sensor. This wire was intermittently rubbing up against the drive shaft. Eventually the insulation got stripped off, causing a short. The problem only manifested itself while exiting the highway, because sharp braking moved the wire forward and up against the drive shaft. At other times, the wire was just dangling.
    Still don't know why the distributor broke.
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    As far as an engine block heater, there are numerous choices of heaters available. One type installs in the lower radiator hose and heats the antifreeze, another is magnetic and attaches to the oil pan or to the side of the block. A third requires removing one of the freeze plugs and installed in the freeze plug hole. You would have to check to see if they recommend a model for your Accord or not. The last one I know of was a heater that replaced the oil dip stick with a heating stick. I don't know if they are available or not anymore. The magnetic style is the easy to install, and you can remove and replace on your next vehicle at a later time.

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    Hi! I recently bought a 92 Accord with 154,000 miles on it. I am having some trouble with it and am hoping someone can help. I am alittle familiar with cars, but don't know all the terminology so please bear with my descriptions. It is hard to start, but usually does. It turns over but takes 4-5 "revs" to actually catch and run. It has died twice while running, in gear, and moving approx 10 mph. Both times I was coasting while slowing down. It has new spark plugs and wires, and we replaced the distributor cap and coil without any improvement. The check engine light comes on, sometimes right away and others it waits till your going between 30-50 mph before lighting up. Any ideas?

    On another note the radio is not working. It was an after market cd player. We got a new radio, installed it, and it dosen't work either. Both radios have power and all the buttons worked, but no sound comes out of the speakers. One of them had a bass meter that appeared to work, following a beat, but no sound. Any ideas on this one?

    Thanks for you help and patience!
  • Hard starting - my 1st inclination is to replace the fuel filter

    Check Engine Light - is it flashing or just on? If it's just on, could be an O2 sensor (part of the emissions control system)

    Radio - sounds like a poor connection between the radios and speakers or something isn't properly grounded. With none of the speakers working, I really doubt the problem is with the speakers themselves.
  • Will it start when the temp is warm? And, Is the CEL on when you try to start but not starting?
    My 1991 would start when warm, or if I put a drop light against the distributor housing for an hour. Tell-tale sign would be, when the car won't start the CEL is on, and stays on when key is turned on, but if it goes out after a few seconds after turning key on, your ignition control unit is going bad. If CEL light not on,mine would start fine, but if light stayed on after other lamps go out, would not start.
  • Yes, I havent had problems since that day, when it rains is when it starts to have problems, other than that it is fine
  • I finally got a chance to work on it today and found some interesting things. We replaced the fuel filter last week with little to no improvement. We were planning on replacing the fuel pump today, but while doing some research online we found posts stating that the fuel pump rarely goes bad in these hondas and most problems like this are related to the main fuel relay. We got a new one, about $60 at autozone. The car ran a little better, but still had problems starting. We really didn't want to drop the tank to get to the fuel pump, and since the car would still start, though very rough, I still had some doubt that was the problem. We finally found a forum posting online stating that symptoms like this were related to the distributor going out. We already replaced the cap and coil with minimal improvement. While searching this we found out how to read the check engine light, so we got that code which was an 8 = TDC position. This confirmed that our problem was the distributor. So, another trip to the store to return the fuel pump and pick up a $150 distributor. 3 bolts and 6 screws starts perfectly! I can't begin to explain how important forums like this were to helping us fix this random problem. According to the guys at the parts store alot of 90's Hondas have problems with the distributor going out, though when we described the symptoms noone mentioned this! Oh well, hopefully this will help others. With everything we replaced trying to fix this I'm hoping there is not much more work to do to keep it running for another 100k miles! :)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,422
    A timing light would have spotted that in 5 seconds.


  • I have a 91 accord. The alternator wires have been taped and are exposed. The car will turn over but not fire. Will the exposed wires cause the car to not start?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,422


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