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Honda Accord (1990-1993) Maintenance and Repair



  • That sounds like a ground problem of some sort...was the car ever rear ended? I would check both filiments on the rear bulbs (there are 2, one brake and one tail lamp) and the CHMSL. I would then check to see if power is going to the socket in each case using a volt meter. If there is no power there, check the upstream wiring and the switch. If there is current going to the bulb and it doesn't light, check the ground paths. Also, check for corrosion about the bulb socket and make sure the wiring isn't loose.
  • FukuyamaFukuyama Posts: 75
    hello My 1990 honda is getting water in the trunk when it rains(, FL). I sealed the back lights and I put some silicon around the rubber around the trunk . Still it gets wet inside..Should I change the rubber around?
  • There is a drain line (I think it starts above the rear window) that gets clogged and then leaks into the trunk. IIRC the dealer did repaired it and it wasn't very expensive.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,403
    I'd be more apt to swap out the headlight switch/directional assembly --that should be a one piece unit on a stalk off the steering post.


  • FukuyamaFukuyama Posts: 75
    in myhonda the left fan..looking at them fron the driver seat connected to the same input as the windshield has been working for years!
  • Where can I get this drain line at or how do I find it? I have the same problem on my 1990.
  • sed1sed1 Posts: 8
    Our 93 Accord had the same problem and our body man sealed the rear turn signal/taillight assemblies because, I was told, the grommet dried out. When they dry out and shrink,it lets let the drain/rainwater, which drains down the channel on the side of the roof above the doors, then runs to the channel in the trunk, which probably then goes to the mentioned hose or drain hole. Hope that helps, and it wasn't very expensive.
  • pastatiepastatie Posts: 26
    I also had the trunk leak, right side. Bulldog6821 is correct. There is a gasket behind the turn signal/tailight assembly. I believe 4 nuts hold is on. Take them off, pop off the lense. Clean the area and use silicon caulk on the gasket. You could buy a new gasket but the silicon works. I had not more trunk leakage. All roof/trunk surface water drains through these channels on either side of the trunk by these lenses. Hope this helps.
  • don't know if anyone got back to you regarding this or if you still need help with that. If you do, let me know, i have the repair manual, can scan in a couple pages for you.

    i removed mine last year, there were a couple tricky part or spots in order to remove the front bumper.

    or you can email me at
  • hi there, my driver side power window won't go straight up. It goes down no problem, and when it goes up, it goes all the way to the top but will slide out of the rubber channel, so when it rains water will come in and of course driving on the highway is worst with the wind noise since it will leave an opening. If i push the window back while it's going up, it seems to stay on its track ( after my fingers got caught between the glass and the door frame ).

    would like to have it fix before the snow comes but am not sure where the problem comes from. is it the riser bar or is it the windown guide insdie the door.

    comments are appreciated.

  • jdipjdip Posts: 2
    mike711, i really need your help. I have the "s" light on solid, the car stuck in second gear and no codes coming up. The honda dealer can not help me, they tell me that i need a new transmission, however the problem goes away for a couple days when you restart the computer, then just comes right back. did you have any luck with replacing the TCU? Did it solve the problem? Anyone out there with any suggestions?
  • jdipjdip Posts: 2
    pastatie, I will now search ebay for the transmission control did you know which module to buy? you said "BE VERY CAREFUL which module you get as Honda had a lot of problems with these from 90-93 and superseded parts numbers." can you give me a hand?
  • i have the same problem, did u ever find a solution for it?
    please let me know. thank you and god bless.
  • pastatiepastatie Posts: 26
    If you have a friendly Honda dealer parts department just call and ask what is the exact part number. I don't have the number of the one I took out ( which was the original installed unit) but the one I bought on Ebay, and the one which will also work, is 28100-PX4-823. This is a superseded unit # from the stock number. I got this number from a parts guy at my local Honda dealer so I purchased it on that basis and it works on my 1991 Accord LX sedan. There is a difference between EX and the DX-LX models so this is where my caution comes from. Hope this helps.
  • If you google Majestic Honda they have an online parts area that has the micro-fische (sp?) for most Hondas by model and year. You get an exploded view of the assembly and all the part numbers.
    Their prices seem good but the shipping seems a lil steep.
  • I had the same problem, had the ignitor changed and then the relay switch.
  • thx!! but any chance, do u remember how much the labor and parts were?
  • I just got a this car and need to replace the transaxle (CV). It is a manual transmission without ABS. The parts seem to be reasonably priced and I'm thinking of doing the replacement myself. I've heard this is an easy (?) repair. Should I pick the cheapest remanufactured parts or go with OEM new? Any tips on the removal and installation procedures? Thanks.
  • FukuyamaFukuyama Posts: 75
    Hi man, I checked my car and this is what I found. Recently I sent my car I the guy paiented & repaired it. He also told me that I should replace the rear "windshield" since there was rust under the (rubber & joint) that holds the glass to the frame. I checked that out. I opened the trunk and left it open, I poured some water on the rear glass and came down to the canals around the trunk. between the rubber and the chasis and the rubber that holds the rear glass some water got into the rust and leaked into the trunk !!! Is there anyway I could repair that without taking off the rear glass.And If I have too, Do I have to repaint the whole car?

    Thank you in advance
  • sed1sed1 Posts: 8
    There are clips,that any local body shop should have, that fit on the outside of the window and guide it into the window rubber. Our body guy didn't even charge us for clipping it into the window frame. That took care of our problem.
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