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Honda Accord (1990-1993) Maintenance and Repair



  • 94shadow94shadow Posts: 31
    I posted a message earlier but it doesn't make any sense.
    I'll try again...

    Anyway, while stopped with my auto trans in D4, on acceleration,
    the transmission shifts from 1st. to 4th gear.
    Also the D4 light doesn't come on at all.
    While cruising, and I press the gas pedal, the only gear the A/T goes into is 1st gear.
    I am wondering what happened to my 2nd and 3rd gear on my car.
    Hope this makes sense.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    When the shift lever is in Park, is the D4 light on, or blinking? If the D4 light is on steady, while the shift lever is in Park, chances are your transmission computer has taken a dump on you. If the D4 light is blinking while the shift lever is in Park, the computer has stored a code, that will give you some idea where to look for the problem. Here is a link describing how to retrieve the codes. Good luck.
  • 94shadow94shadow Posts: 31

    Thanks for your info. and pictures, it's a big help.

    My D4 shift indicator light does not come on at all.
    My car has only 1st and 4th gears.
    I tried checking with the service check connecter (P2) but nothing blinks on the the instrument panel.

  • cybercoolcybercool Posts: 117

    I'm having the same problem, my D4 light starts blinking and then goes away. feels like I'm driving in 1st gear, slow. This happens once in a while not all the time. Is this expensive to fix? Is it a major transmission job?
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    If the light does not come on at all, it could still be the computer, the position switch (next to the shifter) or something on the tranny itself. If you could see under the car, maybe you could determine wether or not the shift cable going to the transmission is actually moving. Some testing would have to be done to find the root of the problem. Some transmission shops will run a diagnostic for you free of charge so maybe that would be a logical next step.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    If your D4 light starts blinking and the transmission acting up, especially when it's hot inside the car, I suspect your transmission computer. The computer is located under the carpet on the passenger side front. Peel the carpet back from under the dash, disconnect the computer, and open it up. You will probably find dark spots on the circuit boards where the capacitors have leaked on them. If the computer is the problem, I would try to find a used one or repair the old one. A new computer would cost over $500. :surprise:
  • 94shadow94shadow Posts: 31
    Hello again,
    I checked my car with service check connector and found a
    flashing D4 trans indicator light.
    The D4 indicator light blinked (1) long and (5) short blinks.
    I checked the D4 indicator light 3 times to be sure.
    How do you decipher the flashes.
    Hope to hear from someone on what the indicator light flashes mean.

  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Code 15= Input shaft (mainshaft) speed sensor. Sorry, don't know exactly where it is located on your transmission. Do you have a service/repair manual? Could be #16 in this illustration cgry1=ACCORD&catcgry2=1992&catcgry3=4DR%20EX&catcgry4=KA4AT&catcgry5=AT%20%20%20- %20%20%20RIGHT%20SIDE%20COVER&vinsrch=null
  • 94shadow94shadow Posts: 31
    Thanks a lot for all your help elroy5.
    Yes, I have a repair manual and I'll look for the sensor in the manual.
    I'll keep everyone posted on the outcome.
    Cannot work on the car for a few days so it might be awhile for me to post the outcome.
    Thanks a lot,
  • twa727twa727 Posts: 22
    Hey guys, it has been a while but I still have a question about my A/C system.

    In a previous post, I described a chirp that occurs ONLY when the A/C is on. There is a click in the dash, and then there is an audible chirp sound from the engine compartment. It is also accompanied with a little jerk (that can be felt inside the cabin, and accompanied by a small, short decrease in RPM) from the engine.

    I had the serp. belts replaced a month ago, but the squeak still continues. Could the belt be on too tight/too loose? Could there be a problem with the A/C pulley or something else inside the unit? Thanks again for any help.
  • i have a 92 honda accord automatic. the sportsshift has been on permanently since i got the car. recently the sport shift light flashes off and on, and the car will get stuck in park. then when it is put in reverse it makes a loud klunk. the car has also lost power when taking off. could it be the shift solenoid or internal?
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    It's that time of year again. The extreme heat in the summer time can kill a transmission computer. This link should help you to determine if it's the computer, the "S" switch, or the tranny itself.
    PS: I thought the "sportshift" was only on the 90, 91 models. :confuse: Sure you don't have a 90 or 91? If it has the automatic seatbelts, it's not a 92.
  • I have only 22000 miles on it..Pessenger side window rattle slightly whenever I hit a pot hole or something or go over bumps. Is this a serious issue? It is happening only on the driver side. Dealership is asking $108 for diagnose the problem. I said that my car is still under warranty but they say they can't tell and have to bring the car to them to figure out if it is still under warranty? Is this normal.

    Thanks :D
  • the title says 92 but yes it does have automatic seat belts. on top of that. today when the car was put into reverse...the whole motor jerked hard and made a loud noise. i have already taken the console out around the shift knob and sprayed some lube on everything in there so...
  • suecoxsuecox Posts: 1
    My local mechanic says bad AT Control Unit 28100-pxo-732 3ex caused the transmission to go bad. Does anyone know if I can have the AT Control (computer) Unit rebuilt? A new one from Honda is $570.28 :( I called Honda 800-999-1009 and there are no recall notices on the part. Thank you in advance for your time.
  • jazzchazjazzchaz Posts: 19
    90 accord LX....does anyone know if replacement headlamp (exterior) lenses are available in the aftermarket? thank you!
  • FukuyamaFukuyama Posts: 75
    go on ebay, and get a rebuilt on. There are many messages here with the same topic...check mine, the same happened to me.

    I got mine from ebay, the seller knows about this glitch and even gives you 3 month warranty... I replaced mine last year....everythiung is fine.

    good luck
  • do you still have the same sellers name? and how much did you have to pay?
  • nope looking for the at tranny computer
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