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Honda Accord (1990-1993) Maintenance and Repair



  • cybercoolcybercool Posts: 117
    hi all,
    I had a good friend (street mechanic) replace my fuel pump 2 years ago on my 93 Honda Accord Ex. It's been running ok so far but recently I've noticed while my car is nearly on empty, my fuel gauge pointer rises up. what can cause this?

    Could the code 43 I've found on my car cause this? Code 43 points to fuel supply system

  • cybercoolcybercool Posts: 117
    Hi again,
    I found code 43 due to engine light lights up after driving for a while.
  • i have a 92 honda accord that recently went out on me. at first it kept dying on my while i was on the hiway, but after a couple mins. it would start back up. now when i try to start the car it will crank but will not turn over. when i turn the ignition to the second switch, nothing comes on besides my radio and my heater. my turn signals do not work but the hazards do. and my power windows will not work either but the head lights do
  • Okay so i have a 1990 honda accord ex, yesterday we went to go and do the timing and when we tried to put the car into limp mode we got a code 6, now the timing is way off but the car runs like a top so we are very confused on what code 6 is and why its running so well being 2 degress off so if you have any sugestions please let me know thank you
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Sounds like you have a bad ignition switch (electrical part, not lock cylinder). It's the only thing that controls all the things you mentioned. Take a look at this link. It can give you more information, if you decide to test, and change the part yourself. Good luck
  • Hi all

    My older brother has 18" rims he wants to sell me but I want to make sure they'll fit my 93' Accord. Will 18" rims with 4 lugs fit my car?

  • Hi all,
    I bought a used TCM box from Ebay® and installed it in my 93 AccordEX.
    It resolved the blinking D4 light for just a few weeks and the problem came back. Should I buy a new TCM box? I read that the blinking D4 can be related to a fuel issue like the Oxygen sensor. My car just wont get off 2nd gear drives like a snail. How can I get back my true horse power from my Honda?

    Please help as I don't have much $$$ to put into my Accord.
  • I'd be afraid it'd screw up something in a front-wheel drive car. Someone else may know better though.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Please, get the D4 light problem fixed, before buying 18" wheels. Wheels that large are going to put extra strain on the engine, transmission, axles, etc.
    I would try to get the code from the transmission, so it can at least point you in the right direction. If I had to guess, I'd say either your shift solenoids are malfunctioning, or you have another bad computer. Here's the link again, to help you diagnose it. Good luck
  • thanks. i'll give it a try
  • hi
    I read this from that TCM link:
    However, some PGM-FI problem will also make the D4 light in the gauge assembly blink. If there is a problem with the emission fuel control system the code will be retrieved from the check engine light. Repairing the emission fuel control system is first priority. After repairing the PGM-FI system, reset the A/T unit memory.

    I got code 43 (Check engine light) which points to fuel system supply issue. Will this be costly?
    thanks Jim
  • Hi all,

    My mechanic gave me a price of $200 to replace my power window motor regulator with a new one. At the same time I was thinking of replacing my Oxygen Sensor, catalytic converter, muffler,etc.

    Should I spend more $$$ even though my car is running ok
  • ya know i own a 1990 accord ex and yes i have almost 300,000 miles on it, if you just keep up on well everything these cars will run for ever, i mean i guess it would have to be a personal choise, but honestly if you look at a new car now days, for a good car your looking at over 20g so yes i would do what it takes to fix the old car, and as for your $200 to replace the window regulator, i dont know where you live but in Spokane washington you can call a place called spalding auto and have them ship you a brand new regulator and everything for under $100, i recently had to do that myself on my driver side window and if worse came to worse if you can still here the motor wanting to move take a can of wd40 and spry the crap out of the regulator it could just be gummed up but just in case you do need the part or any other parts the number is 1-509-924-3300
  • Yes the same happened to me and my window was all the way down, first i thought that it could be the motor ( those are spendy) so we took some WD40 to the regulator and bamm, some times there just so old that they collect grime so just check and see
  • Thanks Blake

    I forgot to mention my odometer stopped at 130K when I first bought it, so my engine maybe up there in the 200K or more. It's running fine after a tuneup just a few weeks ago, so I thank God for a reliable car. It's just small things are falling apart like the window motor regulator, oxygen sensor, muffler, etc.

  • Hi again

    My ABS light stays on when driving. Will it be costly to get that fixed? Is it a brake sensor?

  • astorastor Posts: 30
    Here's a good Independent Honda repair shop in Baltimore, MD
    Foreign Auto Experts, Inc.
    (Elkridge, MD)
    Mechanic(s): Brian, Steve 6350 S Hanover Rd. - #C ,Elkridge, MD 21075
    (410) 796-4418
  • Nothing is wrong with your brakes, so you can rest a little easier. An ABS pump going bad is fairly common on 1990-1997 Accords, and the fix is usually worth more than the car. $1,200-$1,800 from everything I've read here. If you're driving a 15+ year old car, its not worth putting that into it.
  • I have a 1990 Honda Accord with 200,000+ miles on it. Its ran perfectly, my fathers an auto mechanic and has made sure to keep it in the best condition possible.

    When I drive it, sometimes it will struggle to accelerate, sometimes now pushing over 30mph, or ever 10 mph, despite me pushing the pedal completely down. Other times it'll struggle to accelerate, but as I continue pushing it'll suddely jump and go full speed. It happens mostly on hills, but occasionlly on flat surfaces as well. It doesn't happen everytime, however, and the longer you drive it the more likely it is to do it.

    My dads changed the spark plugs, fuel filter, and the distributor. The problems still there. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thank you.
  • right now i have the same problem as of tonight my car is getting a new clutch and man its spendy, but thats besides the point we did a full tune up also that worked for about a day and then i had a mechanic run a code on the car and its saying that the engin temp censor is bad so i fixed that and no more problems so id try looking at any and all censors just because these are old cars
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