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Honda Accord (1990-1993) Maintenance and Repair



  • silviodsilviod Posts: 13
    i have 89 accord and i was getting the same thing. All my fluids are honda and syntech.
    My steering wheel shakes and vibrates, but got a balance and alignment and its perfect now.
    Here in canada it cost about 80.00 for alignment and 20 for a balance
  • cybercoolcybercool Posts: 117
    hi ,
    Can someone help me locate the oxygen sensors on my 93 accord? Are there two?
    Is this something I can change myself? A DIY type of thing?

    Or is a professional mechanic needed?

  • While standing in front of the car (front bumper) if look where the exhaust heat shield should see it bolted there. It's not that difficult to remove. Just be careful and go easy. Spray lots of lubricant. I've done 3 dozen of those on our cars.
  • Hey Titus

    I've looked in front of my car at the exhaust heat shield and I dont remember seeing it. Is it possible to send me a pic of where you see the Oxygen sensor on a 93 Accord?

  • Hey all,
    Just curious. I want to set a fair price on my Accord EX 93 for sale with the following problems. I have the car 4 years and it's been good to me.

    Automatic and has 165,000 miles
    driver side power window needs motor regulator replaced
    Oxygen senors needs replacement.
    ABS and light goes on
    power steering makes noise when turning ( maybe due to non-Honda fluid?)

    no visible leaks, car is in good body shape, black in color and beige interior
  • I am sorting through a problem with the radiator fan on my '93 and part of the diagnostic procedure involves the fan relay. Trouble is, I can't find the thing (seems to be located somewhere under the dash). Help with identifying this sucker is appreciated!
  • It's very hard to get more than junkyard prices for an old car with a full array of warning lights showing. I'd recommended that you fix the oxygen sensors and ABS warning light problems.

    On a good day, with everything in order, cars like this might be worth $1500 to $2000, so with all your car's problems, you aren't going to even see $1000 in my opinion, as it sits.
  • Hi Jim,

    Sorry for the late reply. I cannot post a pic here..........tell me where you want me to send the photo.

  • Hey Titus

    Send it to

  • Hi all,
    I'm getting this rough steering when driving and turning. I have a 93 Honda accord.
    Can it be because I don't have the genuine Honda steering fluid inside the power steering reservior?
  • Could a bad fuel pressure regulator be the cause of my car not starting sometimes? The idle speed changes constantly too (Not bouncing up and down, just changes at every stop). It is also setting a code 43, which I was told was the fuel system or the o2 sensor. As for cybercool's question I don't think it matters what brand of fluid is in there. My Honda doesn't even have power steering fluid in it. Its full of a stop leak fluid they sell at autozone, and I don't have any problems other than the fluid smells burnt.
  • When I drive my car everything is normal until I reach 50mph-60mph my check engine light comes and stays on. But if I pull over and turn the car off and start it back up the light is off. Now when I just driving around town the check engine light does not come on... Another problem is that sometimes my car will act as if its losing power and won’t allow me to push on the gas(The car doesn’t cut off) and pick up speed but then all of a sudden I get a burst of power and I’m on my way again. Once it does this about one or twice it doesn’t do it any more while I’m driving. What could be wrong?
  • It would help if you would tell exactly which model and year you have.
  • Hi
    I'm getting this whinding noise when steering. I get rough steering. How can I reblenish the steering system so it can steer like as if I bought the car new. 93' Accord EX

    What should I check for?

  • Yes.. It would sorry... 1993 Honda Acccord LX
  • I had the same issue on my 89 accord, mine was the fuel pump, it lost power then picked up again and lost and so on.
  • Thank you.. I will see if that's the problem..
  • The fuel pump will not cause the engine light to go on. Your problem is the EGR valve. Replace it and clean all the EGR PORTS. Unless you know your way around the engine bay and are mechanically inclined..............get a good mechanic to do this.
  • 92 honda accord ex dosent start the engine turns over but dosent get starting. the fuel is reaching the engine but i dont think it is getting any spark. I got new spark plugs and distributor cap and rotor. what else should i check and how?
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