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Honda Accord (1994-1997) Maintenance and Repair



  • teamjabbteamjabb Posts: 1
    Hello Everyone, I own a 1994 Honda Accord LX. I have had a recurring problem since I bought the car in 2004. There are many aspects to this unique problem which auto mechanics have had trouble diagnosing. It all starts with the D4 light on the dashboard in between the tachometer and speedometer. When this light is out when I start the car, then my gear shifter is locked and will not let me go from park to reverse or any other gear while my foot is on the brake pedal. I then have to turn the car off and manually override the gear shifter by placing my key in the shift lock release hole. I move it to nuetral and start the car. Now then, I can reverse normally but when I go to D4 the light is off and the car will not drive/shift gears properly forcing my to shift from 1-2-3 manually. With that said, when my D4 light is on the car is fine and drives smoothly and shifts properly. This problem happens while I am driving or before I am driving. It is very unpredictable, it can happen every other day or every other couple of months. If anyone has any idea on how to deal with this proble it would be greatly appreciated.
  • gooch24gooch24 Posts: 4
    Anybody got any ideas what may problem or plobems could be??????
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,403
    Well I'd replace the brake light switch, a simple thing, and see what that does for you.

    Otherwise, you may need to go to onboard diagnostics.


  • omarromarr Posts: 88
    Hard to help with out seeing the car.

    Check/charge your battery for full charge.
    Look for bad fuse, relay, fusible link.
    Check wire connections, unplug/replug .
    Spray wires and connecters with LPS ,WD 40 or similar fluid to remove moister/dampness.
    Spray starter fluid into throttle body and try to start. If it hit/fires than the electrical is okay. Than must check fuel delivery.
    Is the check engine light coming on?
  • trinidartrinidar Posts: 1
    My car lost its coolant about a week ago, replaced coolant. lost it again. replaced the thermostat, same problem, then I noticed that the radiator cap did not look right. Bought a new one, and I could see the old was was missing parts. driving home everything looked good until I turned on the A/C, then the temp gauge went almost up to the red mark. Let the engine cool down (overnight). Started the car, and turned on the A/C, and temp gauge started going up again. Top radiator hose very hot, bottom hose almost cold. Suggestions?
  • omarromarr Posts: 88
    Bleed the air from the coolant system.
    Bleeder screw in or near the thermostat housing
    Water will not circulate with air in the system.
  • gooch24gooch24 Posts: 4
    When I turn the key on, the check engine light and the ring around the d4 gear position come on for like 2 seconds and then they both go out at the same time. I don't know if that is normal or not. I have checked all the fuses under the hood and under the dash. I have not found any bad fuses. I checked the fusible links in the under the hood fuse box. The engine will not turn over. Battery is fully charged. When the engine stopped turning over, I also lost my power door locks and the security light by the radio quit blinking and now does not work either. I think they may all be tied together but I don't know what to check.
  • omarromarr Posts: 88
    I believe the check engine and D4 light are functioning normal.

    I don't think you have power to the fuse circuits.

    Check for power coming to the main under dash fuse panel. there is probably a 50 amp fuse there.

    What documentation do you have?
  • omarromarr Posts: 88
    Download this manual, look at electrical info.

    Follow directions on web pages for free access and password for unzipping
  • My son just returned from the Illinois Air Team emission test facility with our 1994 Honda Accord. They said they could not test the vehicle because they could not plug in their sensor and that the sensor plug has to be 'remounted'. Should the plug be located behind the ashtray?
  • omarromarr Posts: 88
    The1994 Honda accord is not OBD-2 compliant.

    OBD-2 did not start till 1996 so there is no connector behind the ashtray on the 94, only 96 and later.

    I don't believe Air Team emission test facility know exactly what they are doing.
    I believe they are going to have to do the OLD TAIL PIPE CHECK.

    Call your local Honda place they will tell you how/where the test is done.

    The 1994 is OBD-1 which means there is no real standard across vehicles.

    To read trouble codes On the 94, the sc ( service connector) is not by the foot well or behind the ashtray, it is behing the glove box,, there is a 2 wire plug and a 3 wire plug ,,I think they are either green or blue ,,, you want to jump the 2 wire plug with a paper clip , put the key on and read the fashing codes on the instrument cluster.
  • tducketttduckett Posts: 1
    Had the same issue on my 98 honda accord... the light on the button will come on but the cruise control will not engage when the button on the steering wheel was pressed.... I replaced the brake light switch, it works fine now... :D
  • Where do you add the brake fluid in a 1994 Honda accord?
  • omarromarr Posts: 88
    edited July 2010
    Driver side, under hood, on firewall,

    Verify the type brake fluid required, any parts supply store will give you the correct type required.
    The type is probably written on the Cap.

    Fill to line on reservoir..

    This link will show what it looks like. - er-Cardone-Select_5350006-P_230_R%7CGRPBRHYAMS_958646452___
  • gooch24gooch24 Posts: 4
    Ok people here was the problem. On a 97 Honda Accord SE, there is a door lock security control unit under the front passenger seat. If your door locks and security system both go out, I would check this module. From what I could gather, this module would only fit 97 Accord SE's. So it was a little hard finding one at a salvage yard. So to sum this whole deal up......if you drive into some water and it gets the inside floor board/ carpet wet, check the ECM and the door lock/ security control module. They are both located on or at the front passenger floor board. Peace out and Praise Jesus that I figured this mess out!!!
  • I have a 95 accord with a warped front passenger side. I tried to take the rotor out myself, but it was stuck. I've worked on accords before and this one seemed to be snugged in. Is there a certain way or any advice on how i would be able to take out the warped rotor? Any advice would help greatly. Thanks
  • Hello!

    The Rotors on the 95 accord are pressed on or "captured rotors". I have seen it done outside of a shop a few times, but it is a pretty painful process and the new ones generally need to be pressed on as well, usually by a hydraulic press. I have very few complaints about the accords, but the pressed on front rotors are one of them. I usually pay my local import shop about $150 to replace the rotor and bearing at the same time.
  • omarromarr Posts: 88
    The rotor comes off from the back side.
    It is a pretty big job,
    The unit will need to be removed from the control arms and drive shaft,
    The unit will need to come off the car
    You will destroy the wheel bearing because it will separate when you push it from the housing.
    Honda put the screws to us from 94 thru 97 on this job
    Go here and download this Manual and read up.

    Extract with password:

    Reply for more info if needed.
  • zcuizcui Posts: 3
    1997 Honda Accord LX - 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 150000 miles

    The odometer stopped work about three weeks ago, and the Check Engine light was ON. While I was thinking to change the VSS, last Friday I think I saw a kind of smoke in the front when I turned off the car at a gas station. I was not quite sure where did the smoke came from. The first thought was dust from the ground since I did not smell anything inside the car. After filled the tank, I started the car and found all meters had no signal, and the Check Engine light was OFF. There was no problem to change the gear. I drove the car home and parked it in the garage. The next day, I found the gear shift was stuck in the Parking and not able to switch to R or D. There was no power window either (I am not sure if it was gone with the gauges at the same time or with the gear shift later.)

    Now, to change the gear shift from P to R or D, I have to insert a key into the Shift Release hole after the car started. The car seems running fine on the road. However, there is no any signal from Temperature Gauge, Tachometer, Speedometer, Trip Meter, Fuel Gauge. Power Window, Clock, and Reverse Light when I shift to R stopped work as well. However, AC, turn signal lights, stop lights, head lights, high lights, Radio, and Cigarette Lighter still work fine. I checked the fuse under hood and dashboard on driver side, all of them are not burnt out.

    Another thing, a few years (3-4 yrs) ago, the Odometer (only) stopped running for several weeks, and then kept working till recently.

    What can cause the problem? What should I check?

  • trcrotrcro Posts: 1
    my honda accordlx 94 is running hot.the cooling fan will not come on.I un plugged the cooling fan and the other fan is heeping the car cool what can I do to get both fans to work?
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