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Honda Accord (1994-1997) Maintenance and Repair



  • I need to locate the voltage regulator on my Accord and have no clue where to look. Can anyone help me locate this, or tell me where to search.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
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  • I thought because of modern electronics they put the regulator inside the alternator (used to be external). There is a test procedure for a 1997 Honda to determine if the the alternator is even working properly or not at this location:

    You might need a voltmeter.
  • omarromarr Posts: 88
    It is built into the alternator. Some are replaceable.

    Start the car, disconnect the battery negative cable, if the car keeps running the alternator is working, if it stops the alternator is most likely dead.

    Have checked at Auto Parts Store, its free

    Works for me.

    Save money, search for coupons codes especially Advance.
  • I just got the car(4 cyl manual) and need to perform any needed maintenance as well as some repairs, looking for advice. The car has been in the family since new, maintained well for first 55K, then hardly maintained for last 80k miles. Known repairs needed are:

    1. Radiator
    2. Bad contact on instrument illumination
    3. Left rear window won't roll down (don't know if it is a switch or the motor)
    4. Missing/broken coin compartment, driver's side door light cover
    5. Switch for sunroof coming off, not sure if it is working right.

    I'm in LA,CA and plan to replace the radiator/thermostat/hoses today and change all fluids.
    Not sure where to get reasonably priced hardware (coin compartment/light covers, etc.- don't need to be new)
    Not sure how to approach the electrical items (2, 3 and maybe 5).

    Looking for some good advice on how to approach these items (any good guides/links for these types of things out there?) and what I should make sure to do soon given that this car has been neglected for the last 80k/4 years.

    Thanks in advance to all the knowledgeable folks out there.

  • mathsmaths Posts: 1

    I know it's been a long time for you, but did you ever figure out the cause of all these problems? I have the same things going on. It's clearly electrical..

  • 97 Accord EX 2.2 2 door.

    190,000 Miles

    Just replaced my clutch/pressure plate/throwout bearing.

    It was 2 AM, forgot to grease the throwout bearing before I put it all back together :surprise: . I have a bit of a squeaking noise, assuming it is the bearing, it goes away when I engage the clutch, comes back a few seconds after I let go.

    A. How severe is this if I do not go back in and grease it?

    B. If I do not, will it eventually stop squeaking?

    Thanks everyone.
  • 9accord69accord6 Posts: 4
    Hi, I have a 96 accord ex, and have had issues with what I now realize is the master cylinder. Abs system also does not work 90% of the time. I recently had a shade tree mechanic replace a front wheel bearing, and now the car squeaks and squeals loudly and constantly. Master cylinder hasn't been replaced yet, and now I have almost no brakes at all. The emergency brake, which worked great before, now almost non functional as well. Any ideas about what might have gone wrong?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404

    Well hard to say from this distance but going by your symptoms, I'm wondering if your rear brakes are so worn down that they exceed the normal reach of the rear wheel cylinders, thereby allowing air into the master cylinder. This would also affect your ABS and your emergency brake.


  • 9accord69accord6 Posts: 4
    Do you think that would also cause the squealing? It does it even in reverse when Im not hitting the brakes, but only since the bearing was replaced. Its LOUD
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404

    That could be another problem entirely. Bearings need to be installed just right. I guess first thing you need to do is determine if it is the front wheel bearing that is the source of the squeal (a friend could listen as you back up or go forward)...and then deal with that problem...and then pull off the rear drums and look at the condition of the brakes.


  • 9accord69accord6 Posts: 4
    I'm going to go ahead and have someone certified replace the front bearings and the master cylinder. Do you know if its possible to have the abs mod assembly disabled? It needs replacing as well, but the part is worth more than the car.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404

    I don't think any repair shop would attempt to rebuild the ABS control unit, no. Your car should have the OBD-II diagnostic system, so the ABS module can be scanned for trouble codes.


  • 9accord69accord6 Posts: 4
    Not rebuilt. Disabled totally. And maybe just use regular brakes
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    edited May 4

    yeah you could do that, but again, I'm not sure a shop would accept that liability. How do you know it's not working? Have you given the brakes a good slam to test the ABS? Remember, ABS won't work on surfaces like gravel.


  • corruptcodycorruptcody Posts: 1

    1997 honda accord, speedometer works when it wants to. already replaced the speed sensor. any other ideas on what it can be?

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