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Honda Accord (1998-2002) Maintenance and Repair



  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 818
    There is no need to recharge an A/C system because of age. Refrigerant will last the life of the system.

    The only time you would need to recharge the system would be if a leak developes, and/or a component fails and the system needs to be repaired.

    If the A/C seems to be cooling as well as it always has, then it should be OK. If it doesn't seem to be working well, then maybe it's low on refrigerant.

    I'm guessing the shaking you feel is the compressor kicking on/off. Low refrigerant should not shake the system anymore then a full system. There is always the possibility of something else has worn (motor mount) that's allowing the engine to shake more then before.

  • htranhtran Posts: 6
    thanks for the info...
  • avianfluavianflu Posts: 33
    Anyone here know who make Honda's blue antifreeze and Auto trans fluid? These evidently are essential fluids.

    We've already established that Exxon makes their 5w20 motor oil.
  • holthausholthaus Posts: 3
    Drive the car and jiggle the key while watching your dash lights if they dim or you can actually get the car to stall then you need to replace the electrical part of the ignition switch (be persistent with the jiggling) . You have a lot of use on this ignition switch and it could well be worn out. Compare the profile of the key you always use with one you seldom use, such as the valet key, mine had a completely rounded bottom edge wheras the valet keys edge was pointed. This is potentially dangerous as, in my case, the car stalled while driving it 35MPH. There is no code that your computer will give you to show the switch is going bad.
  • uajessieuajessie Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Honda Accord EX Coupe. It has been nothing but wonderful to me and now, 4 days before my lease is up, it will not start. In live in an area with extreme heat and the car was not driven for about 10 days. I would assume this is a simple battery issue, but all lights, stereo, AC, etc, came on just fine. Wouldn't they all be dead if it was just a dead battery? Is there another power source for all of these items?? The car did start after being jumped and we let it charge for about 20 minutes. Now, the next morning, will not start again. This is the original battery.....Ideas???
  • jtjohnsonjtjohnson Posts: 1
    I had the EXACT same thing happen to me yesterday. Turned the key and all I heard was an electrical, static sound, though the keyless entry, radio, etc. worked. Jump started fine, and drove normally, but even after driving for 30 minutes, it would not start up again. Charged the battery on an external battery charger until the load test showed full power, again, once I turned off the ignition and tried to re-start.....nothing.

    In my case, it was the battery. I purchased the car used almost two years ago and the battery was an Exide brand that was half way though it's warranty. I took it to a nearby NTB, that sells Exide batteries and would honor the warranty.

    Before you start getting dizzy from the $$ signs involved with replacing the starter or alternator, check and see if your battery is still under warranty. Before I realized my battery was under warranty, I priced some that would fit my car (1998 Honda Accord EX V-6), and found they started around $49.95 and went up from there.

    Good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, though after going through it myself less than 24 hours ago, I'd bet my last dime it's your battery.
  • uajessieuajessie Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response jtjohnson. Luckily all turned out well and it was just the battery. I went to Wal-mart and just got a cheapy battery put in as my lease is up tomorrow and I don't see the need to spend extra money at this point! Sometimes things turn out not to be so bad after all! Thanks for the input!
  • hello all, i have a 1998 honda accord lx and ive had the car about a year. it has the 2.3 litre 4cyl sohc vtec and ive noticed that when the engine is started when cold it runs fine but when you come to a stop about a quarter a mile after the engine is running and then go to accelerate again it acts like the engine wants to die or bog down. :mad: lately ive noticed that it is starting to do it when warm sometimes as well. what could be the problem??? also im not sure but i have never seen a srs light come on when the car is started. but the computer codes always come back clear so i dont think there is a error report for it.
  • jaedleejaedlee Posts: 59
    When should you replace it? 90k? And should i replace any other parts while i get the timing belt done? Thanks in advance.
  • normkolnormkol Posts: 134
    I believe Honda recommends 90k. I did mine at 75k, along with the water pump, which is usually the recommended way.

    I wish you better luck than I had. The mechanic cracked the timing belt cover and knocked over the oil dipstick tube, which is right next to it. Oil all over the engine compartment. He repaired it and cleaned the engine compartment, but what a mess.
  • dleghofdleghof Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Honda EX that I just took to the shop recently. It's making a noise-can't really explain it, I'm just WAY more aware of engine noise these days. The mechanic said that it was coming from the differential/transmission area. He drained the transmission fluid, but couldn't find anything wrong. It only has 62,000 miles on it-way too early for the transmission to go out, but now I'm stuck with a noisy car that I can barely stand to drive anymore. I'm afraid if it can't be fixed, I'm done with Honda, which is the ONLY make of car that I buy. I'm really disappointed, dleghof
  • jaedleejaedlee Posts: 59
    Thanks Normkol. Did you get it serviced at Honda dealer? I'm to the point where since i know i'll get ripped off anyways, i'd rather get ripped off from a big company, like the dealerships. I never feel good after i get charged an arm and a leg for a service on the car. Now i know why people lease. How much did it run you?
  • I own a 98 Honda Accord 4 cylinder Vtec engine and it is stated in the owners manual under the Maintenance Schedule section (At 105,000 miles or 7 years to replace the timing belt,timing balancer belt,and inspect the water pump).
    However i feel it is better to replace the water pump as you are there at it when the timing belts are replaced.
    Check your owners manual and you may save some costly maintenance and money.i am looking at my manual as i am telling you this.This manual is for both 6 and 4 cylinders.
  • moore0012moore0012 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Accord and I am looking for the procedures for changing the cabin filter. Would you send me the pdf file that you obtained? If would be greatly appreciated.
  • normkolnormkol Posts: 134
    No, I used a private mechanic. This was in January and I haven't used him again.

    Besides the problems I mentioned, I told him to use Honda antifreeze, and even offered to get it for him. He admitted later that he used a regular aftermarket. I then gave him a gallon of Honda antifreeze and insisted he redo it.

    I think I paid about $450, but that included changing some hoses and the thermostat. He only changed the upper and lower radiator hoses, even though I asked him to change them all, heater and bypass. The car has 80k miles, and I thought that while changing the water pump, this would be a good time to overhaul the entire cooling system.
  • nvaidyanvaidya Posts: 1
    hi, i have an accord ex-v6 1998 that as of 3 days ago has begun having a problem. the power locks don't work, either from the remote or the thing on the door; the alarm system is off and non functional, and lastly, the passenger side windows cannot be opened or closed from the driver's door panel, but can be opened and closed from the door that the window is on. any diagnosis? we tried changing fuse #12 and did a visual inspection of all the others and they were all fine. help!!!
  • tylerwm94tylerwm94 Posts: 26
    I also paid about $450 to have the timing belt and water pump replaced on my 98 Accord about 6 months ago. I did not have the work done at the dealer.
  • vicktoryvicktory Posts: 7
    I have the same problem. I have a 2001 EX V6 accord coupe. I just had my timing belt and water pump replace in late May. I went to attempt to use the cruise control over the weekend and it does not work.

    the light on the dashboard lights up and the light in the display lights up but the cruise control does not engage.
  • normkolnormkol Posts: 134
    Has anyone changed the O2 sensors on a 2000 vintage I4?

    I got the code for the front sensor, the same as I got a year ago. I reset the code then and it didn't come back for a year. I reset it again now, and it hasn't come back yet, but I think it's time to change the sensors. The gas mileage is dropping, probably due to the sensors being out of range.

    Is it hard to break them free, after six years? What do you use, WD-40 or is there something better?

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