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Honda Accord (1998-2002) Maintenance and Repair



  • I mean come on....
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Change the ATF using Honda brand fluid and see if that helps.
  • The fuse is okay, so I think it's the actual connection. The socket is loose, so I probably lost the connection in the back. Anyone know how to repair this? Do I need to remove the entire section to work on this?
  • Yeah you have to dig into the console there. Probably like most there are hidden screws to discover. Maybe other owners have done this and can tell you how exactly.
  • Hello,

    i have a 98 accord coupe V6 Ex,and the intire dash lighting is out including the climate control lighting,and the gear select lighting as well,i checked all fuses and relays and all of them were GOOD,can someone point me in the right direction b4 i start dumping tons of money into this car,also the horn is out as well.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    There are several threads dedicated to "Accord Maintenance and Repairs". You might have better luck there. This one includes you year model, but one of the others may also help. "Honda Accord (1998-2002) Maintenance and Repair"

    FWIW, a while back I purchased a new boat and trailer. Picked them up at the dealer, and when I got home the Pilot's tail lights were no longer working. There may have also been other affected, but I was focused on the tail lights. Checked the fuses behind the kick panel an the driver side. Also under the hood. All fuses were good.

    In desperation I got out the owners manual and discovered there is another gaggle of fuses behind the kick panel on the passenger side. The blown fuse was there.

    Found the shorted wire on the trailer and all worked well after making those repairs.

    NOTE: I had disconnected the battery during the hunt to keep from blowing any other fuses. The next several tanks of gas went in the crapper.
    Local driving dropped from averaging 18 +/- mpg to 14 +/- mpg. Driving style/conditions had not changed and the car ran and idled fine. Long story short, I did the ILP (Idle Learn Procedure) and the mileage returned to normal. The Technical Service Bulletin stated the ILP is part of the dealer "Get Ready" procedures and should be re done whenever the battery or certain fuses are are disconnected or the battery goes dead.

    FWIW, If the ILP was not done at the dealer or not done properly, individual cars may get poor mileage. Some folks don't believe that. I do, because it worked for me, and some folks on other forums that have tried it. .

    Live and learn!

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Thanks Kip, you're right about where the poster is more likely to get some help so I moved that post and your response here, the discussion you linked. :)
  • Hello,

    i have a 98 accord coupe,and the entire back lighting to the dash is out,including the climate control lighting and the shift select lighting as well,i checked all fuses inside of both boxes all were fine none blown also i took the horn off ran it to the battery it work,but just not from the steering wheel. any input on these issues?
  • Looking for help I just purchased a 2002 Honda accord 4cyl Auto for my 2o yr old daughter. Her boyfriend told her that this car has transmission problems. I drove ot and it drives great, shifts up just as good as any car i have driven. the problem she states is that when she takes her foot off of the gas around 20- 25 mph the idle drops, but the car does not stall. She states there was a recall on the transmission but I can't find it .. Any Help at all would be nice.. Thanks DiGga
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    To be honest, it simply sounds like the car is going from 2nd gear to 3rd. It should around that speed.

    Also, the transmission problems, if I recall correctly, were on V6 models. My grandmother has a 2002 Accord LX (4-cyl Auto) and to my knowledge hasn't had recall worked performed on it. Also, it drives like it did when brand new (it has 94k miles on it), and gets great mileage (average about 22-23 in very short-trips/city driving).
  • I have a 1999 Accord EX with 4 cyl eng with approx 111K mi. I recently began to notice a high pitched squeaking noise that i assume is coming from the starter when I start the car up. The noise lasts for a split second and stops. I've been paying close attention to make sure I'm not holding the ignition key in the start position too long. Is this noise the beginning signs that the starter needs replaced or are there other things that could be causing this? If the starter needs replaced, does anyone have any experience with what Honda dealers charge for replacing starters on a "99 Accord EX?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Disconnect the accessories belt first, and start it to make sure the problem isn't with one of the belt driven accessories before you go yanking the starter out. You need a little more troubleshooting to really confirm what the problem is.
  • my 2000 Accord EX with 88k on it is exhibiting a whine at start-up which used to go away after about 5min. but is now it a whine or a squeal?....of which i suspect is the alternator wearing.
  • I am replacing the timing belt and balancer belt on my 2002 Honda Accord. The
    thing that is I can't figure out is the direction to hold the balancer shaft with a
    screw driver thru the access hole at the rear of the engine. Would holding the
    front balancer shaft produce the same result?
  • The Fan works just fine. but the A/C panel controls work only part time. When the control panel lights are on every thang works fine. then the lights will go out and then neather the A/C or tjhe Heat will work, the fan still works just fine. What is going on?
  • I just recently took my car in to get a wheel alignment and was told that I need a new drivers side ball joint. The mechanic showed me the upper ball joint and how it moved and said that it was not supposed to do that. I have a 98 Honda Accord with 133,000 miles and was wondering is this just normal wear as I don't think I have had a ball joint replaced before. Any advice on whether I should go with an OEM or an aftermarket part for my car? Also, are there any recalls on this part at all? Thank you.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Get a second opinion from a Honda dealer.
  • I own a honda accord 98 with manual transmission. Belts have just been replace and should be ok. But after a week, i noticed that the transmission is not engaging immediately. When accelerating on right after changing gears, the car feels like not engaging totally, but after two or three seconds, it engages totally that sometimes it would jerk up. Also, during idle, engine running, it sounded like the engine is going to die but it doesn't. It happens randomly. Any possible problems my car have? Thanks for your help.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Worn/Slipping clutch?
  • booogbooog Posts: 8
    On my 2002 Accord, the blower fan doesn't work on speed levels 1 & 2, but does at 3 & 4. I've been told it's either the switch, or a resistor pack. Which one should I start with and where is the resistor pack?
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