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Honda Accord (1998-2002) Maintenance and Repair



  • sl156sl156 Posts: 2
    My 99 accord had the ignition switch recalled and replaced by the dealership in 2002 and also had another the ignition key safety recall in 2005. I have put in over 200,000 and recently I have experience what you all have regarding frequent engine dies on the road but able to restart without problem. However I have to hold the key for a second or so while starting the car otherwise the engine would start and die immediately. I am not sure the dealer will replace the ignition switch free this time.
  • tiruvantiruvan Posts: 10
    Just noticed that our 2002 Accord has a bump that runs along the floor (foot area) on both the driver and the driver's rear seating area. Is that normal? We bought it new in 2002 and have never noticed such a thing.

    A couple months ago we got rear ended at 15 mph pushing our car into the front car. I suspect the collision center that ran the checks missed this bump. Please let me know if anyone else found the bump in their car.

  • jakekocjakekoc Posts: 1
    Since 2-3 months ago, when I drive faster than 75 mph, I hear a very noticeable rattle noise from the front passenger side. I'm not sure where it exactly comes from, but it sounds like something is possibly loose and rattling around. Can only hear the sound above 75 mph, once I slow down, the noise is gone. Noise also fades in and out if I'm cruising at 80 mph, it is not a constant noise. I don't hear the noise during normal driving of 35-50 mph.

    I took it to the dealer and they replaced the heat shield which didn't fix the problem. They also replaced a tie rod and bushings which also hasn't fixed the problem. Anyone know what could cause this rattle at high speeds?
  • alangpalangp Posts: 13
    I guess that I had the same problem on my 02 LX 5speed as early as in 2003 (first manual car, living in Iowa, 12k mile / year). What I did in the middle of traffic was to shift it out 1st gear, release the clutch and try again. It usually would do the second time.
    Never mentioned the problem to dealer because I didn't think I can SHOW them what's wrong. I am still having the problem, but it happens once or twice a year. So I still keep the car.
    You definitly can talk to dealer.
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    This was written a while ago . . I don't know if it would apply to your situation.

    The dealer never could diagnose the problem properly. Why? Well, because I drove the car there and since it was on and not in a "stalled state" the proper code never appeared. A new battery, tune up and ignition switch only made the dealer more money.

    The problem was a bad FUEL RELAY SWITCH. Make sure that they check this component.

    Bad fuel relay switch caused my car to stall at high speeds, low speeds, and in all weather conditions.

    Good luck...I know how maddening the situation is.
  • newb435newb435 Posts: 4
    my wife has a 2000 accord v6; she has a similar issue that only occurrs when its hot and after 2-3 re-starts. I'll have her try the fuel thing; do you recommend any certain fuel? I have replaced coil packs, plugs, mainrelay, ect value; none of these have helped. I'll try anything at this point. Its symptom is like a vapor lock.
  • jrsmoothjrsmooth Posts: 11
    Hi all experts: started a few days ago, when my Accord 2002 is in parking, I can't get it out of parking while I was breaking until I try a few times. What I am saying is, when the car is in parking, normally I will have to hit and hold the break while I attempt to pull the stick out of PARK into D4, but started a few days ago, it will take me a few tries in order to get the stick out of the PARK. I would hear a click normally, that's when I know I can depress the drive stick and pull it out of PARK, but again, it will take me a few tries in order to hear the "click".

    Help! Much appreciated!

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,413
    Sounds like a sticking Shift Interlock solenoid or a funky electrical connection to it from the brake pedal switch. Remember most cars do have a little slot next to the gear shift where you can insert a screwdriver to release the shifter, should you get "stuck" sometimes.


  • mrpenskemrpenske Posts: 2
    synai - my problem hasn't happened again since that time. i think it had something to do with the weather. it was raining alot when it happened. someone suggested that it could be moisture getting into the distributor.

    but i can't reproduce the problem (not that i want to)
  • hbund216hbund216 Posts: 162
    Thanks alangp. Checked around and it seems to be the 1st gear syncros. Basically it will require me to replace the transmission. What you explained works for me also. Another thing that works is to hold the shifter towards 1st (light push) and take up the clutch. The shifter moves into place smoothly. Have to say this is premature failure. I'll drive it until the wheels or transmission fall off and then get rid of it.
  • savannah1savannah1 Posts: 6
    i have replace the EGR valve, fuel injecter, got a tune up, replace spark plus, fuel cap, ignition switch, and catalytic convertor. After all that it has stopped dying when I drive. I would be on the interstate and it would just shut off! Sometimes i wouldnt even have to pull over, it would just come back on and keep going and sometimes i'd have to pull over and restart it. It is now giving me problems starting. I live in Louisiana and it has been a steady 90degrees-100 degrees. In the morning my car drives great on the way to work but, after its sat out in the sun all day and i try to leave it will noot start! I have to come back later at night when its cooled off to get it and it runs fine. People have mention the battery not having enough water or something to do with vapor?? has this happened to anyone and what to do to fix it? everytime i've taken it to a car place they seem confused
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    I would try changing the fuel pump main relay next.
  • savannah1savannah1 Posts: 6
    thanks i'll ask about a new fuel pump
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Not the pump. The main relay. They are known to have problems in hot temperatures. The relays don't usually cause the car to die though, so I would check the engine computer too. Are you getting any blinking Check engine or D4 lights?
  • Savannah1 I have a 98 Accord 6cyl and had all the same problems. The stalling while driving was getting worse it was happening every day, morning commute as well as evening commute. The interesting part was I had the turn off the car and let it sit for a least a minute or it would not restart. This always made me believe that the problem was electrical like a bad chip and not mechanical like fuel injectors. I also experience problems starting when sitting in the heat all day only to come back later when it cool down and it would start, again a chip that was to hot? This went on for two years, I took it to several mechanics and no one could figure it out. They recommended all the same fixes you have done only I did not do any of them. I have 200,000 miles on my car and recently my transmission had to be rebuilt. The shop plug in a device thru the electrical outlet by your shifter to check and see what computer codes were coming up. Well it turns out not all the code were coming up and one code they had never seen before. so they rebuilt the transmission and re booted the computer volia I have not had a stall in over a month. So my suggestion is maybe to have Honda clear your computer and see what happens, all this could be a code problem and is the cheapest and easiest thing to fix.
  • My gas light turned on (about two years ago) and it wont turn off. (yes i have filled up my car many times). any idea to whats going on? I dont want to take it to a dealer and get charged up the wazoo if i dont have to
  • hokie28hokie28 Posts: 16
    Just wondering where I can find some good prices on OEM parts for my V6 2001 Accord. Any good trademotion websites?
  • My 2000 SE Accord has been great. It has close to 84,000 miles and since 2005, it get less than 5k a year on it. Usually just driven around town, occasionally short high way trips. Unfortunately, this weekend the transmission seems to be shot in the lower gears. It revs, but skips. Taking it in tomorrow. I am really bummed and wondering weather to fix it or buy another car. Other than crappy tran, it is in fantastic condition and very well maintained. I have records & may contact Honda. Do you think a transmission is worth fixing? :cry:
  • snukesnuke Posts: 81
    Anna...I have a 2000 V6 Accord with approximately 88,000 miles. My car also is in fantastic condition and has been very well maintained. Fortunately, I have not had transmission problems but if I would, I would get the transmission fixed. Because my car is in excellent condition, I feel that is reason enough to have the transmission repaired. If the car had other major problems, then my decision would probably be different. Let me know what you decide. If you decide to get it fixed, I would like to know the price you paid......this would give me an idea of what I might can expect in the future.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I tend to agree. In order to sell the car and get anything for it, you'll need the transmission repaired anyway. I'd try and find a decent price for repair, and consider my options (keep, sell, etc) once I've paid off the transmission fix.
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