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Honda Accord (1998-2002) Maintenance and Repair



  • no problem finding the holes. not sure how to get the screws in the holes and hold while at the same time keep the fingers at the top in place. do i have to remove the leather material temporarily to make sure the screws are in and tight?
  • HEllo mr_shift. This is a very stupid question.

    I bought a 2001 honda accord, so far its great, no issues at all. LOL i can't find the damn ashtray and cigarette lighter in the car. I has the 12volt outlet. Was the ashtray and cigarette lighter an option ? LOLOLO I know its a really stupid question

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I know you didn't ask me, but my grandmother has 2002 Accord, and my folks have had a 2000 and a 2001 model. The car didn't come with an ashtray. That stopped in 1997 Accords. I have a '96 model with one that I'll trade ya for your '01. :)

    Mine has 208k miles... :shades:
  • My wifes 01 lx accord had an ashtray, it was taken out when she added a cassette player. Sat just below the radio, dont rmember if there was a lighter or not, but there is a powere outlet on center consol just up from the trnas selector.

    Does yours also have a cassette player if so it may have been removed or if you got the ex (?) lowere version it just may not have had an ashtray!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Standard equipment was a little door below the CD stereo with storage. It was not an ashtray, however.
  • ok i see there is a little storage door under the radio and its empty. So the previous owner must had it removed before buying the car way back in 2001
  • Maybe there's a 12V outlet in the glove box?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I don't think that feature debuted until 2003 models.
  • My rear running lights were not working. I purchased new tights, checked the fuses, and the running lights still won't work. The hazard lights, brake lights, and turn signals are working correctly. I'm looking for a way to trouble shoot and resolve this problem.
  • Are you testing those items or just replacing them, use a 12 V. test light or a VOM Meter.
  • The honda Head light's used to have daylight feature or Did they? we also have a 2002.
    anyway, there was a chime that would let you know when you left your lights on and parked. :confuse:
    There is no longer a reminder chime ? any Ideas. :confuse:
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    I might be wrong but there is not such a thing as REAR running lights if this is the same Daytime Running Lights. Those lights are only for headlights.

    If the rear lights come on when you turn your parking lights on, you should be good.

  • I agree, You should have Parking Lights or Marker Lights. But The rears should be a part of that.
  • What are the lights that turn on at the rear of the car when you turn the headlights on? What ever you call these lights, they are not working. How do I trouble shoot this problem?
  • Live in south Texas. Wipers only work when it is cold outside! Relays?
  • I have a 98 accord LX with 140,000 miles. The shocks and struts have never been replaced and the rough & bumpy ride proves it. I am thinking of repairing / replacing the shocks and struts all around but not sure about the cost and more importantly if it makes sense to do so and the implications of not repairing anything. I intend and plan to hold onto the car till at least 175,000 and likely beyond but need to insight into this potential repair and issue. If you have any experience with this matter, please share...I would love to hear and see what can of worms I could potentially getting into.

    Some things I need help with:

    1. cost to repair / replace
    2. impact of not doing the repair / replacement...maybe just a rough ride which I am already used to anyway
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    I'd say, if your struts are not leaking, making noise, or your car keeps bouncing, after you hit a bump in the road, the struts are still OK. If the struts are anything like the ones I replaced on my 92 Accord, they are not easy to change. Unless you pay a lot more, for struts with springs on them, you will have to switch the springs over to the new struts. This requires a spring compressor, and is a very dangerous operation, especially for someone who's never done it before. You have to line the bolts up at a certain angle, and with the spring compressor I had borrowed from Autozone, it was almost impossible. I don't remember the exact cost, but good quality struts will cost a few hundred dollars easy. Don't do what I did, and spend a lot of money and time replacing perfectly good struts, just because they have some miles on them.
  • kim84kim84 Posts: 3
    What year Accords have this transmission problem? I have an 02 and haven't had a problem but iti is a standard. I've been considering an 07 as mine 02 has 150K on it but I don't want to buy an Accord year that has transmission problems.
  • I believe honda has a long history of weak auto transmissions. The 98-2002/3 autos are the ones with the particularly bad reputation. They did not have a recall, but there was a class action lawsuit against honda that resulted in the warranties being extended to 7/100 I believe. If you got one of the autos that didn't have a problem, you're fine. But I can also tell you that once you get a honda auto transmission replaced you will probably continue replacing them. If yours was a manual you have no worries (assuming your 3rd gear never gives you trouble - a long problem with honda manuals).
  • Hi mr shift. Have a problem with starting my honda accord 1998 model with about 128,00 miles.
    It cranks well but does not start the first time. When it cranks the second time, it starts normal. What could be the cause cos am a lil concerned about this?
    Any ideas would help.
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