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Honda Accord (2003-2007) Maintenance and Repair



  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,426
    Very nice choice with the JSW ez. My mother bought one 2 years ago on my advice and loves it. She has the automatic (her first one), but I can't be too critical, she drove sticks until she was over 70.

    Would have been my first choice, but my 3 sons did not have enough legroom in back. Too bad that chassis does not have the leg room of the new Jetta sedan.

    No problems yet on my '13 Accord. 2,500 miles is kind of pathetic for me in over 3 months. My projects have changed a little so less travel. My oldest son is driving my '07 - still going strong at 161,000 miles and could probably double that.
  • savegassavegas Posts: 26
    Diagnosed and performed software update at dealer last December and has much better fuel consumption until now.

    Again, fuel consumption is back to about ~5 miles less per gallon under the same driving condition and with clean fluids (trans, oil, coolant), clean filters (air filter, cabin filter) and correct psi for tires.

    Really don't know why and could be the vehicle on board computer problem ?

    Any suggestion ?

    Thank you,
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,426
    Did you get new tires recently?
  • savegassavegas Posts: 26
    same tires since last year
  • nickjp57nickjp57 Posts: 1
    Honda30, I was just looking for this. My dealer wants $90 to replace the cabin filter and $60 for the engine air filter! I have a 2009 Accord EX. Of course, I live in Brooklyn, NY so things are high but that seems ridiculous. I am no mechanic but I am handy so I am sure if you can give me a bit of advice I can do this - I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Nick P
  • tomfromwvtomfromwv Posts: 2
    You can get the cabin and engine air filters at Walmart for around $20. It's a five minute job to replace either. I've done it on my dad's 2008. The cabin filter sits behind the glove box door. Just release the stops on the door so it tilts down and the CAF will be revealed. For more info go to YouTube and search on accord cabin air filter. There should be multiple videos on how to change it. The engine air filter is about the same cost and about same difficulty. $90 and $60 seems like a pure money maker for the dealer.
  • There's more than one YouTube on this and it's as easy as opening your glove box.

    The filters cost about $11 online and you can get them though Amazon. Very, very easy for either filter. Engine might need an extension for a ratchet wrench. I have a 2005 V6 Accord and shocked myself at how easy it was. My dealer wanted $100 to replace the cabin air filter in NJ.
  • buyahomebuyahome Posts: 26
    The cabin air filter can be found in most auto parts stores and takes maybe 3-5 minutes to replace. That's assuming your glove box is full.
    The air filter for the engine is a little longer. To pay a dealer to do these simple items is way too much. Of course they have overhead and expenses, but it is way too easy. Go to YouTube and search for it. You will be amazed how easy it is.
  • tomjewelltomjewell Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Honda Accord 4 cyl/5 speed manual with 190,000 miles on it. Purchased 5 years ago with 110,000 miles on it and the oil has been changed every 4-5,000 miles. About 2 years ago I switched to Castrol High Mileage 5w20 oil (partially synthetic). Recently I've noticed the car is using oil, as much as 1+ qt between changes, and there is no evidence of leakage or any residue in the tailpipe. This car still gets 28 mpg around town and 31-33 on longer trips.
  • ahightowerahightower DFWPosts: 461
    Most will probably say that 1 quart every 4-5K is perfectly acceptable given the high mileage. (Most manufacturers will probably say a quart every 1,000 miles is acceptable.)
  • ahightowerahightower DFWPosts: 461
    Looking forward to this. I had to remove about seven things to change the cabin air filter in my last car, a Mazda3. Remove trim, remove glovebox, disconnect electronics, unscrew three things you can barely see...
  • tldtld Posts: 37
    Switching topics a little but do you know if the transmission was ever replaced or rebuilt in the last 190K miles? How often was the fluid changed on it? My 2005 has been flawless (99K).
  • fixitdaddy1fixitdaddy1 Posts: 14
    edited August 2013
    1st--forgive me for taking so long, in getting back to you. Yes, my transmission was replaced at 170k miles; this wasn't for lack of proper main- tenance. This was due, to my wife also using the transmission, as a brake, when backing-up! Apart from this, she now deliberately comes to a complete stop, B4 engaging any of the forward gears. I also drain & refill, the "tranny" every 15k miles, with only Honda ATF fluid from the dealer! Yes, it's worth the little extra paid; I consider it "cheap insurance". It also keep the trans-mission running cleaner, and shifting crisper; without incident. By the way, if U have been servicing your tansmission (every 15 to30K miles), keep-up the good work!! Hope this helps!!
  • Interesting thing, tomjewell! I also used more oil ("blow-by") using Castrol Titanium full synthetic. So, I switched to Royal Purple 5-20wt full synthetic; I seem to be using less oil. Cost wise, I bought the Royal Purple off shipping! Seems to be the most cost effective. Later, I'm going to try Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic (purchased from WalMart at $25, for a 5qt container) plus either K & N, or NAPA Gold or Platinum oil filter, whichever is most cost effective. Hopefully, I'll acheive optimum gas mileage at minimal cost!
  • wise1wise1 Posts: 90
    sorry this post is not in reply to your post. I'm looking for tires to replace the original michelins which are severely dry rotted and the tread is getting low. I've looked at tirebuyer and tirerack and it seems that all the tires they offer have many bad reviews even the michelins. It seems that the manufacturers are cheaping out on their tires!!!!! Either the tires treadwear is very short, the tires become very NOISEY within 5000 miles or so some have tread separation problems etc. I hate to think of laying down 500+ dollars for tires that just does not last or are unbearable LOUD!!!! What tires are you running and what kind of service are you getting??? This is for a 2007 SE I-4. Thanks.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I ran these with great results on my Accord and they are on closeout with a great price-on tire rack
    Size: 205/60R16
    Sidewall Style: Blackwall
    Serv. Desc: 92V
    UTQG: 440 A A
    Kumho KH 18
  • I have a 2007 4dr accord EXL 5spd. It has Michelin primacy MXV4. I also have a 2007 4dr accord EXL w auto. It has Bridgestone Turanza serenity plus. All tires purchased at tire rack. Completely satisfied w both sets. Both cars have 15-20 k miles on their current tires (5spd has 60k, the auto has 70k) and show very little or no wear. The Michelin ride is more compliant/comfort oriented while the Bridgestone feels more performance oriented.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 853
    FWIW: My Gen7 Accord 6M coupe has Mich Primacy MXV4 215 50 series 17-inch H rated. At just under 70,000 miles, my tread depth is 6-7/32.

    Here in NoCal, 2/32 is legal (but no less than 4/32 is recommended).

    Sure agree pricey (but just look at TireRack's survey results!!

  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    Agree wholeheartedly with ezshift - you can't go wrong with the primacy mxv4's - they will last a long, long time. I've had several sets. Most tires will start to get noisy after some miles are put on them - even michelins. But if you want tires that will give you a lot of wear, it's the mxv4's (H rated).

    Bill G
  • wise1wise1 Posts: 90
    Thanks for the reply guys. The x green MXV4 is no longer made by michelin evidently the primacy is the replacement. I hate it that the tires show cracks so quickly and dry rot LLOONNGG before the tread has worn down. Why do the michelins do this??? My car is under the carport except when I'm driving it. I religiously keep the tires @ 37-38 psi and get better MPG's this way. I'm use to the bumpy ride hondas give. It has less than 50K miles.
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