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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8



  • htronhtron Posts: 74
    Hello everyone...I just found this forum today, and read all 336 posts, anxiously! My black srt8 was supposed to be in last thursday, but nothing yet...they said it's built, but just not in yet - I'm hoping for Monday!

    I do have a couple of questions for current owners, though...for those in the snow belt that have had it out in snow - have you felt the need to buy snow tires?

    And, I'm figuring I'll change the oil right after the break-in there a specific oil recommended, or are you using synthetic, or...?

    Also, can anyone tell me if the srt8 has a trip computer, where it tells you miles-to-empty, time to change the oil, etc.? Finally, here's a silly all the doors unlock when you shut off the engine, or is that possibly a settable option?

    I'm hoping someone will post the mopar perf mod link here when it becomes available...I looked around the mopar site and didn't see anything on the srt8 at all...maybe that's because I'm a lifelong Ford guy and this is the first time I'm buying anything other than Ford, and I'm not familiar with the site/names/etc.!

    Can you tell I'm excited?! Hoping it comes in this week! (especially since I sold my explorer friday night, and now I have to rent a car!)

  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Congrats on the SRT purchase(it would be even better if you had in your possession,huh?).

    The SRT does have a info computer that let's you know all of the things that you inquired about.

    I kept the factory oil in my 6.1 up to 1000 miles, and then I changed it to Mobil 1 full-synthetic, as is the case with all of my cars. Some may believe that changing the oil out as soon as you get a car is the best thing. This couldn't be furthest from the truth, especially a hi-po motor like the 6.1L. The piston rings and and all internal moving parts seat best when the factory-supplied oil is used for at least through the break-in period.

    Living in L.I., you'd think that I'd had it in the snow. Not even a chance. That's why I got the HEMI Ram's and Commander for.
  • miked23miked23 Posts: 8
    Please help:

    Am I going to get my Black SRT-8? I put the order in on January 21st at Cecil Atkinson Jeep in Burnet, TX. I was able to negotiate the price at $38,170 with the only option being the sunroof. I was told this is the dealer invoice price with that option. I traded in a 2003 M3 as a dealer pass through with a buyer waiting on the other end. Cecil Atkinson has been sitting on my $36K+ money since January. The factory accepted the order and I have had a vehicle order number since that day. I have had minimal proactive contact from the dealer since the purchase and I recently got fed up (April 18th) and decided to make the 1 hour drive (I live in Austin, TX) to get some answers in person. I had the sales person call the factory liason and she told him they were likely not building any more GC SRT8s this year. What she did say was that they were trying to get the factory to committ to two more batches of the older orders that were still not fulfilled and then stop all production of 2006s. The deadlines are supposed to be the end of April and the end of the first week in May for these new build batches to happen, as I was told by the sales person.

    I am trying to determine if I am getting another run-around answer and if anyone knows any information about what is going on? Ultimately, am I going to get my truck and if so, how long am I likely going to wait? I just read the post above from "tufgcsrt8" who said that he ordered his on February 23rd and it should be in any day. This order was a month after I ordered mine.

    Can anyone she some light on this?

    Thanks so much in advance.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    More on your new SRT.

    Yes, there is a selectable feature in which you can unlock the driver's door "only" or all doors when the driver's door is opened, not when switch is cycled off. You can also have just the driver's door unlock with keyless system, or all doors.

    I've got a friend who has the Silver SRT and "she!!" has driven her SRT in the snow a few times. She said that the traction is about as good as a Quadra-Trac equipped JGC, just as long as you don't nail it because all four tires will light up on slippery surfaces.

    My SRT just turned 3k miles on yesterday, and it just gets better and better with each passing mile. My neighbor has a 300 SRT-8 with 6k miles and he said that all of his performance numbers have gotten better with the miles, and the engine seems more refined, a testament that I can agree with.

    The only mods I've installed are:

    5" cat-back exhaust(22+ extra hp)
    cold-air intake(10+ extra hp)
    smaller drive pulley(5+ extra hp)
    Goodyear F1 Supercar tires(much stickier than stock)/Giovanna Black Glass wheels to complement the red paint
    Performance Chip(supposed 25+ extra hp)

    Things I'm still waiting on:
    bigger throttle assembly
    Stage 2 PCM upgrade
    rear lower and upper spoilers
    Euro taillamps

    When the SRT was new, it posted a 0-60 time of about 4.7 secs. to 60. It now gets there in about 4.2 seconds, quicker than some performance cars(ie: Corvette, Porsche 911, heck even faster than a Ferrari F430 @ "only{" 4.3 seconds to 60.

    And it's not all about acceleration with this beast. This thing hangs a .86g when stock, no easy feat for a 4400 pound box. But install great quality tires like the F1's, and that number goes to .93g without breaking a sweat. Point and Shoot.

    Overall, I couldn't be more pleased with the purchase of this truck. I was in the process of purchasing a SRT-10 Ram QC because of its incredible performance and huge aftermarket performance parts supply list, but one whirl around DC's proving grounds in Michigan to test the SRT-8, I couldn't turn it down.
  • resumespeedresumespeed Posts: 52
    2006 model year production for the Grand Cherokee is running until July 7th. There is no way that SRT8 production is going to stop in a week. Due to some parts shortages, production has been a little slower the past month or two but it is still near 500 units/month.

    Due to the complicated formulas used to assign dealer allocation it is very difficult, even for the dealer, to really know if and when an ordered vehicle is going to come in. Dealers and salespersons have come up with hundreds of different "delay" excuses for the various SRT8 models, most of which are totally untrue.

    Your only choice if you do not want to wait is to search inventory lists from other dealers, including out of state, and try to find one you can work a deal on. Probably 99% of what you find is going to be at MSRP or above. And you are probably never going to find a stripped model with just a sunroof, especially if your choice is limited to one color. If the reason for not getting the main option group is financial, I understand, but I believe it is going to be tougher to sell a used base SRT8 Jeep in a few years being that most owners will want those options, especially side air bags.

    I wish I had better news, but with a limited production vehicle like the Grand Cherokee SRT8, this is unfortunately what you are up against. I don't understand why DCX/Jeep cannot do a better job in coming up with a better and more definitive ordering process.
  • resumespeedresumespeed Posts: 52
    This thing hangs a .86g when stock, no easy feat for a 4400 pound box. But install great quality tires like the F1's, and that number goes to .93g without breaking a sweat

    The Grand Cherokee SRT8 actually weighs about 4,850 Lbs. I am curious though how simply changing to F1 tires would increase the launch g-force numbers. Since there is no tire spin at launch, how are "stickier" tires going to improve on that? I am assuming that you have not installed a mod to totally turn off the ESP.

    Have you done any before/after dyno tests on the mods you list? The HP numbers you list seem to be about 2-3x what is typical in real world testing vs claims made by aftermarket companies.

    Also, you mentioned changing the factory oil "to fully synthetic Mobile One" which sounded like you were saying that it was changed to a different oil - but the factory fill on the Jeep SRT8 is Mobil 0W-40 synthetic, is that what you used?
  • cuppy1cuppy1 Posts: 28
    I ordered my GCSRT on Jan.6th and just picked it up on Saturday, 16 weeks and 1 day after I placed the order. So hang in there. It won't be much longer and it will be well worth the wait.
  • miked23miked23 Posts: 8
    Thank you so much for the response. I know that my dealer has only received qty. 1 GC SRT8 so far, mine would be the second one. They are obviously not a very big dealer for the higher performance srt8 vehicles which probably hurts my chances in terms of allocation.

    Is there a way to modify my order to include the option group one? or would that just be a costly ticket to the back of the line?

    Initially, it was a financial reason for not selecting the option group 1, now I wish I had since I have the $$. If anyone knows of a black one in the southern U.S. please let me know.
  • 06blksrt806blksrt8 Posts: 57
    Hey in post # 338 you said you live in LI, is that long Island, New York? if so, what town.
  • 06blksrt806blksrt8 Posts: 57
    once the car goes into production, there is no modifying it to change or add any option. I'm sure there are still some out there, There is about 10 available in Long Island, NY at different dealerships. But g'luck it's definetely worth the wait!
  • miked23miked23 Posts: 8
    thanks again! I'll keep looking in the mean time.
  • miked23miked23 Posts: 8
    Congrats on picking it up!!!

    Do you remember when they actually had a build date for it? That might give me some idea of when I could expect mine since they don't have that yet.

    I just called DC and they said there was still no build date and that my dealer would have more information about when it would come in.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Actually , those g-force numbers aren't from launch; these are "cornering" g-forces. And the F1 supercar tires are some of the best on the market(ie: Corvette Z06 and Lambo Murci/Gallardo)

    Moreover, the SRT does weigh in @ 4800lbs(4836 to be exact), so I do stand corrected there. The 4400 pounds is before the 6.1 is installed.

    The ESP system is MB-derived, so there is no software anywhere that is able to fully defeat the system.

    I don't have to fudge my dynometer testing done on the SRT. It makes 469hp and 467lb-ft of torque: I have the slips to prove it. And anybody who know's a thing or two about the 6.1 HEMI knows that it is hugely conservatively rated in power.

    Not all SRT's are filled with Mobil-1. Mine wasn't and my neighbor's 300 wasn't either. And yes I do use the 5W-30 in the summer, and 0W-40 in the winter. Any gearhead knows that the higher this viscosity is for the summer, the better, and vice versa for the winter. This is especially true for big-stroke/bore American engines.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I live in Oyster Bay, northern part of L.I. Do you live here also. If so, maybe I'll see you on the L.I.E.
  • cuppy1cuppy1 Posts: 28
    If I remember correctly I got a build date around the middle of March and the vehicle was built on March 31st., shipped April 3rd. and it was "in transit" for 4 weeks.
  • miked23miked23 Posts: 8
    thanks. well, judging by what you just said, I will likely not have it in the next 5 or 6 weeks since I don't have the build date yet. I'll be happy to just get a build date so I know it'g going to be built for sure. Right now I don't even know if I'm going to have a vehicle. Thanks again for the info.
  • resumespeedresumespeed Posts: 52
    If the order has not reached "C" or "D" status it can most likely be modified. Talk to your dealer and see if they can find out the exact status.
  • resumespeedresumespeed Posts: 52
    The ESP system can be fully defeated by pullng a fuse or by a wiring mod/switch that a couple companies offer. This also results in the ABS being turned off.

    I have never heard of an SRT8 not having a factory fill of Mobil 1 0W-40, this has been the case since the 300C version came out over a year ago. If yours or your neighbors had something else in it someone must have changed it after it arrived at the dealer.

    4850 Lbs is the spec for the 2007 SRT8 models, part of the difference being the slightly larger fuel tank capacity and the rear spoiler.

    I don't have to fudge my dynometer testing done on the SRT. It makes 469hp and 467lb-ft of torque: I have the slips to prove it. And anybody who know's a thing or two about the 6.1 HEMI knows that it is hugely conservatively rated in power

    I am aware of the conservative power ratings on the Hemi, which means in typical cases it puts out more than the rated 420hp. But the HP gains for the mods you listed added up to "62hp" which I felt was way high. Considering the the 6.1 is "hugely conservatively rated in power" then all of your mods add up to a lot less than the 62hp claimed.
  • 06blksrt806blksrt8 Posts: 57
    it's a small world, i live in Oakdale, on the south shore of suffolk. Do you go to any of the local shows or anything?
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    competition , eh ?

    Hello SRT fans...:

    The Cayenne turbo :shades: used to be the fastest...but I guess with the new HEMI is fastest from 0-60.....only 4.6 or 4.8 sec.

    Cayenne turbo can only do it in 5.0 sec......

    I have not seen one yet....THey must be limited edition or something. guys win !! :-)
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