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Jeep Liberty Diesel Maintenance and Repair



  • I hope someone can help me with a strange problem I'm having with my CRD.

    I had the F37 recall (torque converter replacement) completed Dec 2006. Soon after I found that when I turned the vehicle off and removed the key, the radio would mysteriously come back on and it was as if I had turned the key back on! This continued to happen, but only occasionally (it's a little embarrasing to walk out to the parking lot and hear your radio blasting!) I don't know if the problem has anything at all to do with the F37 recall and it may be just a coincidence.

    I was ready to take it into the dealer but the problem seemed to have corrected itself. It hasn't corrected itself and the dealer has now replaced the Body Control Module, the radio and the battery. They're stumped. I'm bummed. I can't trust the jeep and won't be taking it into the high country until this gets resolved. I'm also irritated because I LOVE the CRD, with the exception of this issue.

    Any ideas?
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,348
    I experienced something similar:
    When stopping the engine and while it still turns to reach complete standstill, whatever I do with the switches screws up the Body Control Module. I think the BCM doesn't enjoy simultaneous changes of voltage and controls.
    I get one headlight turned on out of two or the interior lights stay on. I usually turn the key to "acc" position, do the reverse switching and this solves the problem.
    The same problem occurs on my professional car: It won't turn the windshield wipers on when it rains :lemon:
  • arvmanarvman Posts: 95
    Thank's caribou,happy motoring...
  • hamchamphamchamp Posts: 33
    As my previous post indicated, I had the F-37 done in Jan. 11, 15 days later it blew, Jan. 29th and had to be towed to nearest dealership. There it sits. Can't get any parts. They said a new seal will be in on Friday the 16th. We will see. I think we must kick this up a notch, but not sure exactly which way to go. This is the 5th time since October in a dealership.The car is a 2005 CRD, 22k and 1-3/4 years old. Sitting at the dealership is going to use up my warranty. (I guess that really isn't a joke). Thanks for this forum. I have learned alot. Maybe more than I needed to know. I think we are pushing 60 days out of service, since October 13th. HamChamp :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :cry: :cry:
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    hamchamp: You need to make a list of all the things and work that has been done. Call the Customer Care service at 800 992 1997. Ask them to have a higher up person review this. I would use the Lemon Law only as a last resort.
    We had our CRD in the shop 25 times in 15 months. Many times were for the same issues.
    Without asking Customer Care sent our case to the higher ups, then to DCX Headquarters. Then to the District Rep. DCX is buying our Liberty CRD for what we paid for it and we pay a mileage use fee. I am not at liberty to disclose that fee until this is completely resloved. We have almost 30,000 miles on it. We are to wind this all up in about 2 weeks. The big issue is to prove everything you have had done. We only had one oil change done by a place other than DCX.
    Being rude or angry will only make things worse, be cool and don't bad mouth any dealer or person, doing so makes you an adversary, and they reject bad attitudes. Hope this helps.

  • hamchamphamchamp Posts: 33
    Thanks for your reply. I will give you an update. I had sent a certified letter, with the little card from the Jeep book to DCX. The same letter I sent to the dealer - A written copy for them. I have been pleasant at all time. I have my wife to thank for that. LOL Anyway, because of a past posting of yours, I called the 800 number. That really kicked it up a notch. That was this morning. While I was on the line, he called the dealership, that the Jeep was towed to, and the dealership that we purchased the Jeep from. He got back to us, while we waited. The part to fix the Jeep isnt available now. They have two suggestions, they will try another part number, or get permission to install another transmission. Also Customer Care is notify the District Mgr. I did tell them I would like it resolved between them and myself, and not have to use the Lemon Law. We just want a vehicle, be it our Jeep, or another vehicle, or a buy back. Thank you again. I will keep you all informed as to the progress. WE are to touch base on the 22nd of March. Sincerely, HamChamp
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    hamchanp: It's so much nicer to hand someone a sweet flower than a pile of dung. Many of these people who are there to help are so used to being abused and insulted that those who are different, and show appreciation for the help, that they will go the extra mile for a kind person.

  • hamchamphamchamp Posts: 33
    Farout, I agree . Hamchamp
  • I have purchased a 2006 Liberty CRD, had the F37 recall performed and immediately noticed a difference in the power and a 2.5 miles per gallon drop in fuel economy. Have began the process of contacting the dealer and Chrysler Canada. They weren't been too response initially, but after I referred them to your forum they began to pay attention. For which I thank you immensely! Hopefully I can work something out with the parties involved, as I don't believe we have a lemon law in Canada.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    vancoverbrad: I acn't say about the Canadian CRD, but is did effect our CRD, enough that the passing power between 50mph and 70mph seemed like ut has lost it's get up and go. I am of the strong opinion that the CRD's in the US were no less that "test Market vehicles" that we paid DCX to do their testing for them. Would you have bought one had you known that there were going to be so many recalls?

  • Farout...there's not a chance I would have purchased this vehicle if I had known about the problems. I received a call from Chrysler Canada today with the message that they have no data to support my claims. I have sent CC a certified letter referring them to check out the complaints on this forum. Without the support of a lemon law in Canada I may have to resort to the media to gain some attention, and hopefully some positive response from CC.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    vancouverbrad: Each and everytime I took my CRD in for a problem, I called the Customer Care line. So not only did I have the paper that dealer gave me, I had a phone record as well. I was told Customer Care had 800 lines of information I had called in with. It does take time and effort to make a case. Unless you build a history with your problems, I am pretty sure you are dead in the water.

  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,348
    Has anyone installed rock guards to protect the sides/doors?
    I'm looking for side protection without loosing ground clearance, something different to the standard boiler type of tubes hanging below the chassis.
  • msolmsol Posts: 8
    I have the 2005 Jeep liberty CRD, it's been to the dealers a few times with things like the turbo boost sensor, thermostat and a few software upgrades including the F-37. Not sure after which software upgrade but the car started taking a lot more diesel. From average 8L/100km it now takes 14L/100km. The main reason I bought this car was fuel economy and now I might as well drive a van. The mechanics don't know what is wrong and Chrysler said that 14L/100 is not so bad. Does anyone know what could be wrong here.
  • goodcrdgoodcrd Posts: 253
    Are you running USLD? Since they changed the boost sensor it probably has soot buildup in the intake. Run some injector cleaner in your fuel. Also clean out your intake pipes from the turbo down to the egr valve. Use a mild solvent which leaves no residue. Put it back together and clean your boost sensor with brake cleaner. Last but not least, change your air filter if over 10K. If this doesn't work it's in the engine. One more thing did they check your turbo? These VNT units tend to clog the vanes from moving. If so it needs to be taken apart and cleaned.
  • msolmsol Posts: 8
    I'm running USLD. Thanks, I will try to run the injector cleaner and maybe look at the intake pipes. I'm trying to remember when it happened and I think it was before the F-37 change. After the boost sensor replacement the car was actually better on fuel than ever before but there were still problems with the software crushing and the car stalling in which case I had to restart the car. I took it in and they said they will work on the software and transmission. I never found out what they did because they didn't put anything in the computer. All I know is that the diesel mechanic quit and went to work across the street for another dealer and they had to get him in for a few hours to work on my car. He said he changed the software but it wasn't recorded in their system. After that I think the fuel consumption went up and then I was hoping the f-37 will fix that and it never did. And yes I changed the air filter which had more than 10K and it didn't look good. Basically I was told to get rid of the car but it's not so easy because I'm leasing it. I'm just wondering how much will it cost me after the warranty runs out.
  • crd06crd06 Posts: 2

    I also live in Michigan, does the weather really decrease the milage. I have a late 06' and have never gotten greater than 20 mpg. I purchased late fall so it has never ran in warmer weather. currently it has 11,000 miles on it. thanks
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Msol... Make sure that you drain the air out of the fuel filter, that will fix your problem. Also warm it up and clean it nose, that will help; Make sure that you buy good fuel from a place that have new pumps and truckers goes a lot.

  • msolmsol Posts: 8
    Thanks, my car is back at chrysler, they have checked everything (they say) and found nothing, they did fuel diagnostics and some other diagnostics, right now they filled up the tank and are taking it for a drive. They will record the fuel consumption and make further calls. They think there is some internal damage but that doesn't mean much to me. I've had this car for 2 years now and it wasn't like this last year, it would take more fuel in the winter but not this bad. I have a feeling nothing will be done about this but they are trying.
  • msolmsol Posts: 8
    Nothing can be done to my car, I feel bad for the mechanics, they were trained on diesel engines by 2hour video. How would you know even what to look for with all this knowledge. They have another customer complaining about this problem after the F-37 upgrade. I found out that my car has a new processor since it was fried during one of the repairs. What else can I say but who wants to take my the way there is a site for taking over leased cars and I found two jeeps like mine with a lot less mileage, I have no chance
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