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Nissan Titan vs Chevy Silverado



  • It takes two to argue, and read the rest of my message.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    You made your point, Mike made his. You had two bad Nissans. Let it go. There is no need to repeatedly say the same thing over and over. You obviously disagree with Mike, and that's fine. But there is no need for you to continue this debate.

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  • mick14mick14 Posts: 30
    I hope in the future they make a turbo-diesel Titan to compete with the Chevy's/GMC duramax and such. They need to do it. Maybe toyota will come out with one too. We all need more reliability in all makes............. :)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yeah apparently Toyota has liscenced or contracted with Isuzu or GM to get the Duramax in the toyotas. Maybe we'll see it in the Titan/Armada too.

  • We all need more reliability in all makes.............

    Most definitely!
  • rcsportyrcsporty Posts: 3
    I have had brake problems , with my nissan at about 15000 miles. I took my vehicle to the nissan dealership and fixed it no problems their. they replaced rotors and pads under warranty. they also told me they will cover any brake problem under warranty for 100000 miles. So I guess time will tell I have been very satisfied with the warranty work that has beened performed. But I be upset if I broke down multiple times and had to go 75 miles one way to the shop I probably figured I need to trade out of this one and get a different truck because the last one must have been a lemon.
    but to continue to rant about the samething over and over is like beating on a dead horse , or like argueing with a fence post ,it accompishes nothing just my 2 cents :sick:
  • rcsportyrcsporty Posts: 3
    so now you are hateing your nissan , my question now is what are you driving now ? I know as much as you hate your nissan you must have got rid of it. :P
  • mick14mick14 Posts: 30
    That's not the point. What we need is more of a choice when it comes to choosing. More options. The reliability is already there in Nissan. :)
  • I have not yet purchased my new vehicle since the buy back process takes some time, should be finialized next week. I was awarded repurchase through the BBB arbritration process. I am considering purchasing a Toyota Tundre Crew-Max when they come out. Perferred the looks of the TITAN but this time I'm putting reliability over appearance, after the nightmare my TITAN put me through.
  • Right, all it needs to do is operate during the test drive, and then the 3 days it takes to make the contract legal, and then the reliability is good to go! But personally I hold a higher standard, just my opinion.
  • mick14mick14 Posts: 30
    Again, that's not on track. I personally hold a high standard to my vehicle but alas, it has never failed me.If it did, I would have asked for a new vehicle early on and not waited for 24K or extended the warranty. My dealer also did me a solid on everything else including warranty work.
    Options, Nissan needs options for those who tow large amounts of tonnage and such. Again, they need to incorporate a Nissan Diesel capable of large towing capacity- for those who do not like the gas version.
  • I would have asked for a new vehicle early on and not waited for 24K or extended the warranty.

    Your discussion is off topic, in this Nissan versus Chevy forum. However, unfortunately, an extended warranty does not help a lemon vehicle, and you can't just ask for a new vehicle, lemon laws states you have to give the manufacturer multiple repair attempts, most states require 3 or 4 attempts in order to be ruled a lemon, for the same problem, in my case that occurred at 24000 miles.
  • mick14mick14 Posts: 30
    That being said, let's get on to Chevy vs. Nissan, How is it in this test did Nissan put down more RWHP that Chevy? Here is the link:
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Probably due to the higher intial HP or the driveline loss of the chevy v. the driveline loss being less on the Titan?

    I'm in this debate right now. Tomorrow I will see how the Armada tows the 9000lb Cigarette Boat I bought. If it doesn't tow it to my liking, then I'll be doing a hard comparison of the Armada to a Sierra 2500HD with Isuzu Diesel Engine....

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    I don't know anything about that Mike, but I do know Toyota is about to introduce their very own 4.5L V8 diesel in the Aussie Land Cruiser 70-series.

    Here's a blog entry I put up on Straightline last month on this engine.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181

    The Armada towed the Cig Boat without a problem at 65mph on the NJTP and the GSP today about 25 miles or so. Very impressed felt lighter than the 22ft boat from last year in terms of sway.

  • mick14mick14 Posts: 30
    That is flippin' awesome!!!!!!!!!! I tow a friend's boat too sometimes for him but not anywhere near 9500 lbs. I think I tow 6500-7000 or so. I thought you could do it.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    No doubt that a Diesel would get better milage towing it, but the 5.6L engine in the Titan/Armada was real strong. There was a long incline on the NJTP over the Newark Bay Bridge, thought it would be killer. Trans dropped down to 3rd but didn't wind out to real high rpms. I'm guessing that the triple axle trailer made a big difference in that it carried most of the weight and kept the tounge at the perfect weight so as not to cause the rear of the truck to be too heavy or too light.

  • haropharop Posts: 59
    Thats nice to know and looks great :)
    Just curious... Did you used "tow mode"?

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yeah I always use tow mode when towing, not sure what it does, if anything. I believe it keeps you in gears longer rather than hunting around. We'll see how it does when it's got fuel and some gear in it.

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