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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra vs Dodge Ram



  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Did they teach you anything at UGA, if you did indeed go to school. A man of the Lord doesn't lie about ANYTHING. The Ford was a disaster when it left the assembly line. Squeaks and rattles abound in the cabin. oh and the big KABOOM on I-75. Sorry no pics, the NTSB got the truck from his insurance company to investigate Ford's growing practices of making Lego-block like product that break apart at the slightest "pull". '91 was a longtime ago, I know, but if you read a little further down the page at JD Powers, tha's for '04 and '05 Intial Quality. Try again.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    I have been posting facts. blkhemi has been posting opinion and urban myths. 79customd is too young to know better. I apologize to him for my reaction. I am the adult here and I need to act like it. In all seriousness, if either of you wants to find out the truth, click here: 4

    There you will find the truth. They have video proof about what I am saying. Pay special attention to the videos about the frame, suspension and handling. Below the videos, they point out in bullet point format the key advantages of Ford over the competition. This has gotten crazy. Yes, I did graduate from the University of Georgia in 1991 and I need to act like it. Have a good day.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    UGA, how do you expect someone to believe a guy who's examining trucks, yet doesn't have a peck of dirt on him? The TRUTH is that if you think that one pick-up truck beats every other truck in EVERY category, then Ford may as well employ you right along with Bill Ford because there is no way one truck can out-do the comp in every category. It's funny that you mentioned oil filters and radiators. I guess you didn't pick up on the guy not pitching the Ford up against the Ram. That is because the Ram has the Ford beat in both categories. One last thing. On the Silverback road, why did they show slow motion on all other pick-ups EXCEPT F-150. Ah, the Ford has to win no matter what.

    The TRUTH, Ford ought to be demolished for slandering these great pick-ups.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    You're obviously not going to like seeing the truth--you will deny what your eyes are showing you. You're right about one thing--they do not show the results of each test versus each competitor. No doubt that some others do as well as--or even better than--the F-150 on some things. Overall, Ford comes out on top. The Silver Creek test is shown at the same speed for all trucks--they all looked slowed down so you can see the beds shaking around (excpet for on the F-150, of course). I have my video proof. Still waiting on yours.
  • The discussion was comparing the Dodge and Chevy. No mention of Ford. They make a fine product however you will have a hard time convincing loyal Chevy of Dodge owners of that fact. Why not go back to the Ford Forums and let us get back to the original discussion. Thanks
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Becuase this is not a real Dodge Vs Chevy thread. This was started by a 14 year old who was given his grandfather's 1979 Chevy truck. He used to be all gung ho Chevy until someone in another thread said the Titan was good. Now, he's all gung ho Titan. There is only 1 Dodge owner here anyway and he only spews opinion to my fact.

    The reality here is that there is NO Ford activity here in Town Hall. I'm even trying to have active discussion in the Honda Ridgeline thread--of all places--simnply because they maintain regular conversation. Besides, it's fun to point out Ford virtues to folks who choose to ignore fact for personal preferance.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The Dodge and Chevy still ranks higher than Ford in longevity test over several years. So for all of your Ford hype, what good is it going to do you when it doesn't last as long as Chevy(1) Dodge(2). One other TRUTH note: When they where discussing the frontal frame designs, the guy on Ford's payroll showed every truck except Dodge. There was a Dodge lurking behind him, but he didn't show it. Maybe that's because he didn't want to explain that the Dodge gets a 5-star crash rating, due to it's "poor" design.:P

    Maybe that goes along with that Ford biasing video, no matter what you, Toby, or any other Ford guy says. Those are facts Georgia.

    P.S.- You may have a better chance at selling your PowerJoke Ford hype over at the Ford threads, as this was a Chevy v.Dodge thread to start. But wait a minute. All of the Ford guys are talking about all of the quality and tranny problems they are experiencing. Just a couple more facts.:P :shades: ;)
  • I live out in an isolated farm area of NC. Plenty of off the state maintained roads. I drive all the time!! I'm sure thats not the same as running 20mph faster but heck, driving is driving and on the farm you need good trucks. I dunno where yawll are from but I assumed that that was fairly common. Heck I drive a 3 in the trees straight shift better than most people. I'm here to tell you, I just don't like a truck that you have to stand up in the hay loft to load anything into that ridiculosly high bed! The man who built the barn drove a F-150, nice truck, not up to par with any of the trucks listed above. We're from the cuntry. Kids my age drive all the time on farms. I mean we have 3-5 mile paths off the paved roads. And on the farm its all heavy duty work. Sure that aint a proven fact but that Ford is not what the Chevy, or Titan is.

    I started this on the Titan because Uga claimed it was the inferior truck. But as I've learned from his higher knowledge is that anything that the F-150 is not number one in is not important, so :confuse:

    Chevy is still the best and the 2007s are gonna make the Ford mess in its filters and that is a fact! :D
    I am 14, but I just assumed yawll had experience with cars before yawll became adults, missed an awesome experience.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    blkhemi, the Ford videos do spend quite a bit of time on the new Dodge frame. You must have missed it. They even put a 2006 Ram up on the rack and filmed a whole video under neath it. Rick pointed out that the new Ram frame is greatly improved and praised Dodge for beefing up the frame. He then went on, however, to point out that Dodge did not trough-weld the frame like Ford did and that the Ford frame is still thicker. You might want to check the videos again.

    I don't know why there is not more Ford chatter in Town Hall. If you check, the Problems thread for Dodge is much larger than the one for Ford. I guess everyone in a Ford is too busy working with their trucks to spend time writing about them.
  • Fords are more maintenence hungry simply due to there complex OHC layout. Both the Chevy and the Dodge use OHV or pushrod layouts wich isn't as "Hi-tech" but is as efficent and has less parts that can fail or malfunction. The Pushrod layout has been with the GM and has staid with GM in the 5.7L and the more rescent 5.3L V8s. Dodge uses it in the 318, the 360 and the Hemi V8s. Ford has never had great quality control so Ford needs to concentrate more on basic simple engines not complex techno-wecko engines. Here lys another reason while Dodge and Chevy are superior trucks to Ford. Simpler and higher quality.

    I know another reason that Yawll( uga91 ) like the F-150 so much. All of your facts are based on Guess who does!! Do you think Ford wants to make there truck look bad on there own website? Is an unbiased look at there products. I rarely if ever go to in search of info, because its biased. Also, stuff like JD Power is easily paid off by the maker who wants free abvertising. If JD Power reccomends Ford, Dodge or Chevy, its that much more abvertising for that maker so a little cash does flow behind the scenes.

    I know I'm keeping you from your repair work on yawlls F-150s so I better go. ;)
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    I said "working with" not "working on" their trucks.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    is how well the truck executes the job that the maker designed it for. My Ram does NOT have the second motions that was displayed at Silver Creek. It's funny how all of the other trucks had some sort of suspension or shock differentiation, whereas the Ford was aplomb. Hardly.

    I'm not going to be a Ford buyer, you're not going to be a Chevy or Dodge buyer. That is understood and I respect that. But don't trounce every other truck in the market because it doesn't behave like a Ford.

    Honest to Goodness, my Ram rides comfortably, tows 9500 pounds without a sweat(ok maybe gas), has gadgets galore, and has the style and attitude to dance with the best of them. I couldn't fathom the thought of buying anything else. Love what you buy.
  • That is the truth. There are some good trucks out there built to meet your everyday needs and all are pretty fair products. GM has the top of the list in my mind due to rock hard durability and longevity with little to no repair bill, Dodge would probably have to be next. I don't like the fact dodge named the 5.7L the "Hemi" but it is a solid yet thirsty engine. The Titan is next due to class blowout specifications and performance. There are others that are good to and I beleive you should buy what you like and stick with it. ;)
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,931
    You're making the claim of supposed Ford superiority based on the numbers game, you know, by measuring the length of bolts or oil filters or radiators. Unfortunately things like this do not dictate either fitness-of-purpose or supremacy. In addition, the items you mentioned were self-serving. There are mechanical parts on the Chevy or Dodge that are bigger or longer. But in the evaluation of trucks it is not size that matters, but performance.

    The use of a larger oil filter does not mean a lot. What matters is capacity and efficiency. Can you prove that the oil filter on a Ford is either just because its bigger?

    In the case of the larger radiator it may actually point to a negative aspect. All manufacturers design engine/power systems to operate within a design temperature range under all of the envisioned conditions the vehicle might encounter. The fact that a radiator is larger on one vehicle may indicate that the engine runs hotter and must transfer more heat per gallon of flow than another.

    I think you're making the assumption that Ford has provided a larger operating margin in this case, but there is no empirical evidence to support that. In addition engineers need to ensure that an engine comes up to temperature as quickly as possible, not only to meet emissions but also to increase combustion efficiency. Larger radiators on cars and trucks cannot do that as well and usually indicate a higher generation of BTU loss. That is a design negative, not a positive,

    As far as frame strength goes, the previous Ford and Dodge half-ton truck platforms were both good. The Dodge had a higher torsional bending limit and the F-series a higher lateral bending limit. Older GMs were pretty weak in both areas, but newer versions of all three are extremely stiffer than before.

    In the absence of giving us the measured test results the claim that the Ford frame is superior is lacking evidence in the numbers that seem to be the theme of your "Ford is superior" claim.

    I think you'll find that the Chevy, Dodge, and Ford are very close. A difference of 50 pounds in torsional or lateral bending resistance is totally insignificant, nor can it yield any practical advantage.

    By the way, the Dodge received frame revision from '05 to '06 and is reportedly the most rigid truck platform in the light duty pick up market.

    As a former manager of a large national fleet of vehicles...including LD trucks..I think Ford made a pretty good truck -- up until the '05 model. Since introduction the "new" F-series as been a maintenance and repair disappointment, especially in light of the fact that previous years were actually pretty good

  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    that in this months Motor Trend issue, with the 2006 Truck of the Year awards, the Dodge Ram lost to the Ridgeline because of the "value" quotent. They applauded it for having best-in-class balance of ride and handling without being cantankerous. They loved the power output of the HEMI and the overall construction of the truck, writing: " the handling is quite good (dare I say fun?) in the tight road course". "The ride, even with the huge 20" wheels and low-profile Goodyears was compliant. making the reworked cabin- now with more insulation, thicker glass, triple door seals, and a new IP with an available nav system- and even quieter and enjoyable space to occupy." BUT hears the gotcha: "For a full-size, it doesn't get much better that this"Flipped over a couple of pages, and low and behold there's the Lincoln Mark LT( a direct copy of the F-150 with a chrome Lincoln grille). Here's just a snippet of their quibbles:

    " Among this field of five-, six- and eight-cylinder competitors, the Mark LT had the slowest 0-60 times of the bunch, although midrange power and passing abilities are fine. It's tuned for smooth highway driving. Unfortunately, the Mark LT hasd trouble keeping composed, evidencing axle-hop and front-end wonder on rougher pavement and rutted dirt-road streches."

    So, I'd be careful to say that the general truck buyer thinks Ford is superior to every other truck.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    A couple of things...First, if you read the article again, I believe MT says the Ram Megacab did not win TOTY pretty much only due to the fact that they cost over 50 grand. I'll need to read it again to be sure. Second, MT's "Of the Year" awards are not real awards...they are marketing campaigns. They are bought so manufacturers can use the MT logo in their ad campaings for their new vehicles. To be eligible for a "Of the Year" award the vehicles must be either all new or completely redesigned. Therefore, there is no repeat winner possibility. Think about it, how can a vehicle be so great that it is the Car or Truck of the Year and then is never heard from again--at least until it is all redesigned? The F-150 won in 2004, the Tacoma won last year and the RL won this year--but it will not be able to repeat next year. Third, I believe the Lincoln was not in the running because it is nothing more than a rebadged F-150 going against all new designs. I would not vote for it either, and I drive a 2005 F-150. Finally, do not let the results of this "test" influence the way MT feels about the F-150. First of all, last fall in the MT New Car Buyer's Guide for 2006, MT called the F-150 the "class of the full size truck segment." Also, in the same issue of MT that you reference (the TOTY issue) in the back--around page 140 or so--they do a wrap up of their long term test of the 2004 F-150 and they heap praises upon the F-150 hand over fist. Read it before thinking MT looks down on the F-150.
  • GM takes the TOTY next year. What was the compititon against the RL. The Lincoln LT,and??? If to be nominated for TOTY the truck has to be new or substansually redesighned. Thats well, about it aint it. The RL takes it this year, on to the real trucks next year. GM.

    MT mite look down on the F-150, but not that bed :P :P
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    stands that the Ram is the better truck, according to these guys. The LT can compete because the MT guys says that it can also be a new nameplate, hence Mark LT.

    I read that they "liked" the F-150. I wouldn't call a truck that the gearshift has to be taped in order to change gears "durable". This is not praise. A few months back, the praised the long-term 2500 Ram, calling it the best workhorse in the class. So to say the least, the Ford is not superior or best at everything. You might want to re-read Dusty's posting of the Ram v. Ford.

    P.S. I was not talking about the MegaCab Ram, just the 1500. At last check tho, a fully equipped F-350 runs near 60K when laden with POWERJOKE. So the FACTS are still valid.
  • What powerplant was it in that Ram 2500? Was it the Hemi or the Cummins? I'll be willing to bet that the 2500 HD equipped with the Duramax desiel and Allison T1000 tranny can out pull or out power any other deseil out there. MT mite have mixed in other tests such as acceleration, off roading and of the sort when they called the Ram the work horse of the class. Chevys strong points are power and fuel economy. The Ram may give it a run elsewere though.

    POWERJOKE( thats good ) :)
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