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2008 Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan



  • Bought a 08 Accord EX 4 cyl in Oct. The ride is very stiff. My 2000 Civic rode better. It doesn't have outside temp display or auto headlights which were standard on my 05 Camry LE. You would think an EX would have temp display and auto lights without getting a V6 or leather. Also have had to many squeaks an rattles. I've had two other Hondas and two Toyotas. I think Honda is going the same route as GM. They are slowing making their cars cheaper and higher priced. The 08 Accord is probably the worst one they have made. Anyone thinking about buying one needs to take a long test ride over bumpy roads. Motor Trend just rated the Accord 3rd behind the Camry and the Malibu and we all know how bad the Malibu was.
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    The prior post mentions the Motor Trend review of the Accord. With the possible exception of consumer reports (which doesn't depend on advertising from the manufacturers), I read those reviews for entertainment value only!!!

    I don't mean to harsh on our hosts, but they have provided us with a perfect example of the level of journalistic/editorial integrity being exercised . . . . .check out's currently posted review of the 08 Mustang. :confuse: Here is what they had to say:

    "Despite its switch to an all-new platform a few years ago, the 2008 Ford Mustang continues to use a rather basic solid-axle rear suspension design. This allows Ford to keep the pricing low, and careful tuning results in reasonably precise handling through the corners and a surprisingly compliant ride."

    I'll bet ----- a "surprisingly compliant ride" right into the borrow ditch! I wonder if the writer penned that with a straight face -- or, more likely, the editor inserted that kind of !@#$@%^ in order to keep the publisher happy with its advertising revenue.

    :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Motor Trend just rated the Accord 3rd behind the Camry and the Malibu and we all know how bad the Malibu was.

    How bad the Malibu "was?" The Malibu isn't old enough to be a "was"! It is brand new, just like the Honda.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    We have to keep in mind of each of our opinions that we have for the 08 accord, based on our own liking, what we have driven. I believe we are almost being too critical of the 08 accord, which is fine, because after all this is a forum for this reason. Most of the opinions of the accord have already been mentioned a million times, but realize that it is the Accord, and that is why the have designed it for years. Some make feel the Avalon is a better fit for them, it made them feel good, then some really like the malibu, or they like the accord. Drive what you like best, after all you have to be in it everyday.

    We all know the ride is stiff in the accord,Some like it, some don't, we know many other characteristics of it as well, but if you bought one, than something must have appealed to you enough to buy it, otherwise just buy something more to your liking. I would not compare GM to Honda, they are in completely different worlds, GM is slowly catching up, but not yet. I am going to honest, I don't feel that I would EVER pay $26k on a Malibu, I almost laugh, wow $26k for a Malibu? Hmm, no! But, some people feel different, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    I will say, that get the car you want, with the options you want, otherwise you will never be fully satisfied with it, you only live once, get what you want, of course within reason. Budget.
  • blmindblmind Posts: 3
    Thanks again everyone for your suggestions and comments.

    Thegraduate- Great suggestion about getting the best quotes on each car then trying to combine with one dealer, I think that’s the way we will try to go, unless the lease deal ends up being no good.

    Khoey and bvdj84- We will try to get the best deal on the car price and lease. We can wait a bit and lease month to month with the Avalon. I’m starting to see some posts with reasonable lease deals. Bottom line though – we are very fortunate -the company that my husband works for pays the lease.

    Phatomv and rbentonw- Your warnings and suggestions are much appreciated. My husband so far is still set on the V6 sedan. Only he drove it. I’m pickier about cars so maybe I’ll take it for a drive to see if the VCM bothers me. It’s his company car so he needs to be the one happy. I will say he does not like the Avalon at all and I hate it – I do everything in my power to not drive it. Too many things that we don’t like to get into here. I’m not trying to bash Avalon, this is my husband’s second – he really liked his first one. If he ends up not liking the Accord, the lease will be up in three years. He doesn’t drive excessively for work so I think he will be able to live with whichever car he chooses.

    These will be the first Hondas that we own/lease. I really liked the coupe. For us the current alternative to the Accord coupe is the Scion tc. I know they are in two different classes. Of course I like that the Accord is bigger and has extra safety features. This car is for use by my son who is a new driver. We already had long discussions about new or used car for our new driver’s use but I like all of the newer safety features in the new cars. We only have one family owned car, my car, and he’s not getting that one – It’s an Infiniti M35x – way too much power for him.
  • gotqgotq Posts: 8
    I just a new accord several weeks ago and would like to install car alarm in it. But some of my friends said if you take it to the dealership to install, they may install the alarm but mess up something else so you need to pay extra to fix those. Is this true? How much should I expect to pay for the alarm including installation? I am in Los Angeles area. Does anyone has any recommendations on a particular dealership for taking the car to install alarm and routine service? Thank you!!!
  • phantomvphantomv Posts: 101
    You definitely have to experience the VCM. If you are a sensitve driver you WILL feel its constant switching from one mode to the other - even at highway speeds with the cruise control on as the engine is called upon to maintain a steady speed despite coming to an incline, and I have to say conversely my experience with the "grade logic" in this car is also unsettling, with cruise on, downshifting the automatic transmission to maintain a steady speed on a down slope. I NEVER noticed this before in our most recent Honda products - 2000 EX V6 Sedan, 2004 EXL V-6 Coupe. Caused me to turn it off altogether on windy hilly 4 lane highway.

    Just advising prospective buyers to be careful out there - this is a VERY different Honda from what many Honda owners may have in mind from past experiences. It is HUGE, it is HEAVY, and with the automatic, there is a lot of computer input from the Engine Control Module (ECM) in how it drives, shifts, and runs over which you, as the DRIVER, have little or NO control - to the point of its being unpleasant.
    I would have liked to have kept our 1990 Acura Legend with 180K on it, but my wife insisted we get a new car. It drove and handled much better than our new Accord EXL V-6 sedan. Since we live in Manhattan and only drive about 5000 miles a year, I will have to learn to simply live with it. But if I had to drive this every day????? NO WAY!!!!! I COULD NEVER DRIVE THIS CAR EVERY DAY - IT WOULD DRIVE(NO PUN INTENDED) ME CRAZY! I would be angry with Honda for having ruined a previously very nice car - the 2007 model. :mad: AND for betraying the trust of its loyal customers to produce a car that is SO annoying to drive. :sick: This whole line of 2008 V-6 VCM Accords may end up with a very big black circle in Consumer Reports as a year to avoid( :lemon: ), and when Honda fully realizes the impact of its folly on its loyal coustomers and new sales, I believe it will reverse itself, and we'll see some sort of retrofitting (new ECMs) available to customers to eliminate the VCM in this engine.
    I am not kidding - it is THAT annoying. I will be figuring out mileage with our second tank of all around driving - city/highway, and this weekend report on a highway only trip of about 120 miles and how we did on that, keeping in mind the car has about 700 miles on it. My suspicions are that all the shifting, VCM, etc gong on will result in little savings in fuel - certainly not worth the aggravation, complicated engineering, and machinations needed to obtain it, if there is ANY. :confuse:
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    I've read more then a few people having the same experience as mine. in the 4cyl, 5 spd cars, 3rd gear requires a more "deliberate" movement, almost like there's and extra "catch" in there or something (best I can describe it). I've "ground" 3rd more times then I like to admit. :sick:

    It's far worse when cold, and overall doesn't effect my love of the car, but you can be sure I'll be mentioning it at my first oil change service.

    Anyone else?
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    I really liked the coupe. For us the current alternative to the Accord coupe is the Scion tc. I know they are in two different classes. Of course I like that the Accord is bigger and has extra safety features. This car is for use by my son who is a new driver. We already had long discussions about new cars.

    New young drivers are exactly the ones who should not be driving new young cars. You might want to consider a year or two old vehicle that has almost all of the extra safety features that are available on the 2008s. When your son has a couple of years of safe driving under his belt you could always splurge. We all know why insurance rates for the under-25 crowd are so much higher.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 14,174
    Well, I haven't driven an '08, but I wouldn't expect they changed it much from the 5 speed in my 2005 4 cyl. And that has no issues with 3rd gear. You can pretty much shift with 1 finger if you feel like it.

    2013 Acura RDX (wife's), 2007 Volvo S40 (when daughter lets me see it), 2000 Acura TL (formerly son's, now mine again), and new Jetta SE (son's first new car on his own dime!)

  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    I assume you are talking about the manual transmissions? I haven't identified any issues with my AT 3rd gear . . . . .
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 853

    Replying to: Sporin (Jan 25, 2008 12:26 pm)

    I assume you are talking about the manual transmissions? I haven't identified any issues with my AT 3rd gear . . . . .

    ...give us a break, bug - - - - you are too bright a guy to miss clues like 'grind' and 'catch'...........

    Still can't figure out why someone appearing as sharp as you can't get next to synchros, driven discs and throw out bearings,

    best, ez....
  • Your problem with crunching into 3rd gear is EXACTLY what I get in my 6-speed manual in my V6 coupe. I took it to the dealer when I had about 1500 miles on the car and they changed the tranny fluid to a lighter weight, but still I get the occasional "bump" going into 3rd before the shift lever gets all the way home. But most of the time is snicks into 3rd like the proverbial hot knife into butter. I'm still in love with the car, though, but I have to push the shifter more deliberately.
  • What's up with the Polish Metal Metallic with black leather? I've been in the market now for over 3 months looking for this color arrangement for a Honda Accord Sedan EX-L V6 with navigation.

    If you are a dealer would be kind to respond if you have this vehicle on your lot. If anyone else has seen this car can you provide dealership name and city?

    08' Honda Accord EX-L V6 with Nav., Polished Metal with black leather interior.

    I will purchase if negotiations are agreed upon. :shades:
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    Good to know on the trans fluid, that has been the hypothesized fix from what I've seen.

    Wonder if it might be worth it to flush and refill with Amsoil Trans fluid instead?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Why don't you ask your local dealers to find it for you?
    It doesn't make sense to post that here unless you are willing to fly cross country to pick up the car.
  • I just attended the St. Louis Auto Show yesterday and sat in a range of cars. The three things about the Honda Accord Sedan, V-6, leather was that it lacked headroom, was tighter in the wheel-well area for your legs, and the seats - front and back - were STIFF.

    The car's seat was as low as it would go - so sayeth the Honda guy on-site. He stated they did that to allow people of all sizes and shapes the best access to no doubt a popular stop. Well...I'm 6'1" as well but carry more of my height from my behind to my head than I do in my legs. I was brushing the top of the car badly.

    I noticed this in several new makes of vehicles from many mfrs. Do they think that people are somehow getting shorter or want to drive with the seat quasi-reclined?

    I thought the seats of the Honda Coupe, leather/V-6, was softer than that of the sedan. No more headroom, though. In fact, a tad less.
  • amiramir Posts: 93
    hi.i have an 08 accord ex coupe 4cyl. i noticed that head rests can not be adjusted.they are fixed.but in sedan they can be adjusted.and side mirrors are not folding but in sedan they do.are these normal in the coupe?
  • Hello jaxs1,

    I have exhausted all the major Honda dealerships in the southeast region looking for this color combination through email blast and follow-up phone calls :cry: . If the Edmund community has Honda dealers online I wanted to send a message to state my interest. At the moment, it appears the only way to get this color combination is to submit an order and wait until March possibly for delivery. The wife wants this car ASAP and I want peace :cry: . By issuing this request I was hoping someone in the Edmund community has seen this car and provide a positive lead for follow-up. Any suggestions? :shades:
  • The side mirrors on my 08 coupe do indeed fold - as I fold them every time I park in my garage for extra space... perhaps you didn't push them hard enough- my coupe is an EX model - not sure if the LX-S base version has the folding mirrors, but I wouldn't expect Honda to cheap out that way like GM or Chyrsler
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