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2008 Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan



  • rrbhokiesrrbhokies Posts: 108
    Reporting in for the first time with my 2008 EX-L 4 Cylinder Accord:

    MPG - Avg. 23MPG in mostly city around town driving. Mixing in some highway miles, I've reached 26MPG once on a tank of gas. Sure wish it had the trip computer like my 2007 CRV does. Seems silly that the CRV would have it, but the Accord doesn't.

    Flickering Headlights - Yep, got it. Annoying, but getting used to it. I wonder how the people driving in the other direction think. Do they think I'm flashing my lights? Seems to me that Honda will have a TSB on this in the future. Can't believe it isn't something that can be fixed.

    Firm Ride - Tires sure aren't forgiving. My 98 Accord rode better than my 08. In fact, it's really bad when you first start out when the tires are cold. I get a lot of jittery ride from the tires almost like I'm going over little bumps. I can feel the car vibrating. Once the tires warm up, the vibration goes away.

    Acceleration - Not bad. Not great either. But about what you'd expect for a 4 cylinder. There is noticeable hesitation when you start from a dead stop. Also seems to shift at odd points sometimes. Not as refined as I would have thought.

    Front Seat - I'm 5' 11'' and fit comfortably in the front seat. No real complaints.

    Radio - Very good sound. Just wish that with XM and MP3 ID tags, they could have found a way to display both the song title and the artist on the screen at the same time. That's just poor design in my book.

    Overall, I'd give my Accord a B+ after the first 2,000 miles. I wanted to give it an A, but the headlights and tires/suspension are annoying enough to lower the grade. I'd also like to see the gas mileage improve to around 25 MPG on average instead of the 23 MPG I'm currently getting. Hopefully after it breaks in a little more. Still haven't taken it on a good highway run, so still waiting to see the mileage crack the 30 MPG barrier.

    Oh, has anyone got the Cilajet on their Accord? I got suckered into it for $300, but can't really tell a difference. Was wondering if I can and should still wax the car on a regular basis, or is just washing it enough? I never did get a straight answer out of them about whether it was recommended to wax the car with the Cilajet coating, and if it would hurt the coating? Any thoughts?
  • Yep, I forgot to mention the headlight flicker - got it as well but it's barely noticeable and certainly not dangerous.

    I think the ride is fine but I'm moving up from a VW New Beetle and our other car is a Jeep Liberty so just about anything would seem to be an improvement to us. I am looking forward to replacing the tires hoping for an even smoother and quieter ride in the future, but as things stand now it is very nice. The Malibu had the quietest ride of the cars we drove.

    Last tank dropped down to 24MPG which is the worst I've gotten so far. More in-town driving, I guess.

    As far as acceleration is concerned, it's on par with the Altima (without the CVT whine) and far superior to the Malibu 4-banger. Best of the lot that I test drove was the Passat - that 2.0 Turbo is one sweet engine - but the Honda's 2.4 is almost as sweet without the added complexity of a turbo and without the premium fuel requirement.
  • tbm4530tbm4530 Posts: 7
    Just bought an 08 Accord EX-L I-4 Sedan, the inside deck has a 1/4 inch hole in it. Went back to the dealer, the floor model V-6 had the same hole. dealer didn't know what is was for. Anybody have a real reason for this hole?

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    what do you mean by a 'deck' ? Trunklid? The area underneath the rear window, inside the car, between the rear seat and the rear window?
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 490
    I sold my '08 EXL-4cyl w/12k miles yesterday at a dealer only car auction. Fetched a pretty good price for it.

    My opinion of the car after owning for 10 months:

    1. Road noise is absolutely unnacceptable for a $26.5k MSRP car. My dealer friend who drove the car to the auction immediatley noticed it + whining noise. A 2000 maxima with 145k had less road/tire noise.
    Barely could hear people on my Bluetooth when driving on highways.
    2. The radio/climate control dash layout is poorly designed. The '03-07 generation was excellent.
    3. Gas MPG was marginal. The car was getting better at 12k miles - around 26mpg highway. Was getting 22-24MPG when it was new.
    4. No homelink, trunk liner, or fog lights on EXL model. Front fascia should be the same as the V6 on EXL-4 cyl models.
    5. Front tires were wearing quickly (not an agressive driver).

    1. Thankfully didn't buy the VCM V6 model - not worth 1-2mpg savings.
    2. Excellent Honda resale value.
    3. Interior & Exterior styling looks expensive (almost on par with Acura).
    4. Road shock was dramatically improved from the previous gen.
    5. Subwoofer.

    Now what? Probably a used 05'/06' Lexus ES330. I love Honda but until they fix the road noise problems I will look to Lexus/Toyota for my next car.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,704
    Well, even my 06 Accord has a bit of road noise. That is what Honda has always had. Owners always mention this. Though couple this with the leather, and the interior is a bit more noisier, but it really is what your used to. Some like to be inside the car and not hear a thing, but some like to be a little of aware of a little noise. It really doesn't bother me, it makes it more sporty that way, tuned for the driver. But, not ment for everyone. Lexus/Toyota, you'll get a quiet interior, some almost say too much. But Honda, has always had this type of feel for the car.

    I agree that they should put the V6 facia on the 4cyl models, some thing that they do to make a trim line, does not make sense, or really impede any costly options any way, so just include it.

    Having a trunk lid liner makes a car look of quality, and honestly cannot cost that much to include this option. It makes a car look complete and more upscale. Its like the get to that, and they cut that option.

    I find that most of noise comes from the Michelin tires, mine have worn extremely well, look very new, so I am not sure why they are wearing more on your car, people often forget though to rotate their tires.
  • rrbhokiesrrbhokies Posts: 108
    "4. No homelink, trunk liner, or fog lights on EXL model. Front fascia should be the same as the V6 on EXL-4 cyl models"

    When I bought my 07 CR-V as a first year model, I was very upset that their top of the line EX-L w/Nav didn't have simple features like a power driver's seat, homelink, or dual automatic climate control. To think a 28K vehicle with leather seats weren't power operated was ridiculous.

    Then, as soon as the 08 CR-V's rolled out, all three options became standard on the top of the line model.

    I suspect that Honda will add back at least one of the goodies for '09, maybe even all three. Other than the fog lights, the other two items are extremely inexpensive options to add to the vehicle.
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    I think I learned my lesson on even first year Japanese cars.. I won't consider first year Hondas/Toyotas fearing they miss things like trunk liner, outside temp, smooth running power seat track, and other items I have not discovered yet. I think the EX-4 auto transmission on hilly interstate roads has heck of time figuring out which gear is most suitable, it constantly shifts up and down. The RPM reading is all over the place. It has nothing to do with engine power as I feel it is plenty. It has to be the transmission programming.

    Japanese cars are no different than American/European cars, every car maker has its first year issues. Always wait for the second model

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
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  • ginskeeginskee Posts: 12
    Is anyone having any issues with their door handles on the 2008 Accord Coupe? Mine sometimes stick and it seems like the door is locked when it is not. I have to pull really hard on it to get it to unlatch. This has been happening on both doors but not consistently.
  • dpmeersmandpmeersman Posts: 273
    I own the 08 Sedan and this has been an ongoing issue with my drivers door. I was going to have the dealer look at it when I brought it in for it's first oil change. But I thought about and figured why risk someone tearing apart a door that was otherwise experiencing no problems and possibly end up with more issues than just an occasionally stubborn door handle. I've not seen the problem with the passenger door but I've only used that a couple of time myself, but no one else has complained so I'm going under the assumption that it is OK. The down side of not having anyone look at it is that it seems to be getting worse and I see myself having to straddle the center console as I gain access from the passenger side and throwing my back out in the process. Maybe next oil change I'll deal with it.
  • ljgbjgljgbjg Posts: 374
    My suggestion to anyone with that kind of problem - you are not a tenant and the dealer the landlord. Get yourself some silicone spray and luubricate it. Better than WD 40 because the silicone spray is clear. Should alleviate the problem.
  • cstilescstiles Posts: 465
    5,000 miles into my 2008 coupe and I have not had any problems with my door handles. Are you talking about the outside or inside door handles? Getting into the car, or getting out of it?

    Reminds me of a funny story from 20-odd years ago when the Yugo was introduced in the U.S. I was at the Chicago Auto Show and was sitting in the driver's seat of the Yugo when the inside handle snapped right off in my hand when I was trying to get out of the car. No one noticed and I was trapped in this awful Yugo for about 5 minutes while I signaled to someone to get me out. Longest 5 minutes of my life. I was actually starting to panic. What a dreadful car that was.
  • miltiadesmiltiades Posts: 16
    Although I taught English for years, I can't understand the manual's instructions re: having the sedan's back and passenger doors have a default to stay unlocked when the driver's door is unlocked. Help correcting this hassle is appreciated. Thanks.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    There's a McDonald's near my home where I stop off for a $1 drink a couple of times a week; one of the people that works there in the mornings drives a Yu(don't)go! It remains the only one I've ever seen.
  • ginskeeginskee Posts: 12
    Outside door handle. Although one day I put the car in park to get out & get the mail. The car was still running and I went to open the door, The driver's side lock is supposed to automatically open. But when I pulled the handle, it seemed like the lock didn't fully open. The door did not open and I pulled again and the lock "clicked" further into place and then it opened. I wonder if there's a problem with the lock itself. I don't think WD40 would help with the issue though. It's not a constant problem but it is getting worse. I too am afraid to ask the dealer to mess with it becuase I read in another string on this board that someone took their older model in for a door handle issue and when they got the car back, it was then having problems with the window.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,407
    Funny I have an issue with the drivers door handle as well. All the other doors open easily and smoothly with just a pinky. The drivers door still opens fine but takes several times the effort and is not as smooth. Mentioned to the dealer and they did nothing.

    What worries me is the drivers door handle did eventually break on my Integra - little plastic piece that connects the handle to the rod that pulls the pin.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    How many miles are you up to now, dud?
  • dpmeersmandpmeersman Posts: 273
    I'm going to try some silicon spray (or a dry teflon spray that we use where I work), as was suggested, I don't see how it could hurt anything. Like you, I feel as if the problem is more than a lubrication one though. At times it works like the other handles and other times it requires 3-4 times the effort, like parts aren't meshing as they were meant to.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,407
    I am already over 37,000 miles - in 16 months.

    The scarey thing is that if I drove a Durango or Yukon like a lot of people around here (SD) I would have spent an additional $4,000 in gas alone (and higher car payments) . That is about $270 every month EXTRA. I don't know how those people do it.
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