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Buying American Cars What Does It Mean?



  • I just got tired of people going crazy on here for paces that refuse to hire you unless you have connections on the inside.
    And like I said, there prerogative to hire that way. they do the same at a drink/candy company , local company.
    Heard they had a job, through the grapevine. I went, asked if they needed a driver, and they said we aren't hiring"... I told them who sent me, and said, "yeah, we're hiring, but you got to know someone here who is a driver already for us" , and then they tried to smooth over their reply, etc.
    I just left. Small towns are notoriously bad about Nepotism/friends and family only. :mad:

    I went to school, Business degree, 2 years, emphasis on Commercial Arts. No jobs. Even had VA looking for 1 year.

    So, guess janitor job is good enough for this DAV. :confuse:

    It is bad when a small company does not hire due to Nepotism, but large companies, auto and truck companies, etc.... :confuse:

    Anyhow, GM owns Daewoo, along with Suzuki(owns 14.9%, and some Chinese company owns like 9%?). So an American and a Japanese company each sell S Korean cars now.

    That should tell the story about "what's American" these days.
  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011
    Nepotism, used to be the good ol' days. Now they try to hire dumb people who shouldn't be qualified to work at McDonalds, let alone GM. The reason why they used to hire people that had to know somebody was a mutual trust between current employee and company. The company assumed that if they hired Joes, relative they would get a good employee that really wanted to work their. Joes relative would have some insight on the job before he took the job.
    I can understand your frusteration if you don't have inside connections. I've been blessed to have this once happen to me. Both the company and I were obviously happy with the outcome. ;)

  • thanks 4 explaining that. I had just thought that maybe a guy with nearly 11 years of military service could get a job, other than at restaurants, or janitor jobs, or Wal-Mart.

    Here we go digressing again, off the subject.

    I will stop here.
  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011

    I'm sorry you can't get a good job after serving 11 yrs. in the military. That's ashame. How old are you ??? What branch of the military were you in ???? Would you be interested in a para-military job ???? I would like to know if you have a degree or skill in a certain discipline ????

    I might beable to help you because of your military service. ;) I got a possible job for you if your willing to move to Amarillo, Tx (West Texas) area or atleast a lead depending on your background. :)

    Lemme know if your interested
    If so I will list my e-mail address
  • I think the best way to get a college education is to work for a company that will sponsor one to go to school.

    Outsource it. Go to India, where you can get a very decent education for a lot less. And, those degrees are recognized in this country.
  • lemkolemko Posts: 15,071
    Hokey smoke, Rocky! You're right on! What the heck good is an education if you have no skills? Nobody gives a darn how many Shakespeare sonnets you know. I think I'd rather my kid go to trade school to learn to be a plumber or electrician. Heck, I know few people who are going to call some guy in China to fix their toilet.

    When I went to school, kids did far more partying than studying. I went to one college reunion and it was quite obvious I did better than any of them. One former classmate was living in a trailer park. Shoot, even when I first got out of school I found it tough to get a job. I was driving a taxicab for the first six months following school. I also worked a variety of jobs for 80+ hours a week that would've made a poultry plant worker's job seem prestigious. I was wondering, "I went to school for this?"
    Kids, a college degree isn't the magic bullet it once was!
  • fintailfintail Posts: 32,907
    Today's bachelor's degree is our grandparents high school diploma. Hell, sometimes I think I should have gone into plumbing or HVAC or something, I'd probably make more than in my office job.

    On another note, I saw someone saying they "bought American" when they bought an 8 year old Saturn. They didn't seem to understand that buying a USED American car doesn't help the market. This person is also a shrill pseudopatriot, FWIW.
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    "They didn't seem to understand that buying a USED American car doesn't help the market. This person is also a shrill pseudopatriot, FWIW."

    I went to a Nissan dealership to get parts for old Sentra. One of the guys there tried to get me in a 350z. His last attempt to convince me was "the economy needs it!"

    Sorry. I went to college and did study something useful (and hard... I regret partying so little), but the payoff isn't immediate.
  • gogogodzillagogogodzilla MarylandPosts: 698
    Sounds exactly like how American factories were back between 1880-1920's.

    And it only took child labor laws, unions, and actual enforcement of the law to fix it...

    Any bets on whether the 'worker's paradise' of Communist China will do the same for it's workers?
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 21,590
    I went to the Chevy dealer and paid $41.40 for a power window switch for my '85 Silverado. So I guess I helped the market, in a very small way! :shades:
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,159
    Hey, I swear by GM "synchromesh" in my gearbox on my S2000. It shifts like "butta"...
  • Hey rockylee, why is a union so important? Most of the unions seem to have as much corruption as some levels of government. Honda has been building products in this country for 30 years, and I would say that they are doing something right if your glorified UAW can't get voted in. Have you toured a Honda plant? everyone wears the same uniform and the floor workers are involved in the quality process for the cars. I know they are not union, but the wages and benefits are competitive with the union plants. Another point is your parts content on the window stickers. Your Accord was closer to your 85% number than you think. Members of congress have said that the language in the bill to determine the parts content is so flawed. it wouldn,t pass the truth in advertising laws. Ever notice that the content doesn't add up to 100%? Take the missing percentage and add back in to domestic content most of the time. Is the GTO a true domestic? Built in Australia with minimal domestic content. How about the V6 engine in the Saturn VUE, where does it come from? Who makes it, or would you rather not say? Since it is made by Honda for GM, should it count as a foreign part? Even if it completely made in the US. Let's take good old Harley Davidson. I live near York Pa where one of there plants are. You should see all the boxes of parts that come from overseas. Yes even some Honda parts find their way into Harley's. Showa is Honda's suspension company, and Kehein carbs are also part of the Honda family.
  • hey, thanks for the offer. Spouse won't move. Tried to get her to go to Va Beach, Virginia area(jobs a plenty, 3.8 % unemployment vs 6-7% for my area). Her family is here.

    I am trying to finish(one class left, 16 weeks this Spring) Commercial Arts classes( work for news papers developing advertisements, or magazines, but they tend to want under 25 years old age group).

    me? I am over 4 decades old. Too old to rock and roll(supposedly) and too young to die(isn't that a line in a 70's rock tune?) ;)

    I was a cook in the USCG, and a Boatswains Mate in the Navy.
    Also took some accounting classes( 2 of them) in USCG(like a quick accounting for dummies, sort of ;) )

    I had a chance for one job, but the lady refused to hire me because I live about 40 minutes away( could have been the head cook for an assisted living nursing home in an expensive part of the area)... could have made 26K(10 years ago)... per year.... lady called back 2 years alter, and wanted me to work for her, and when she found out we only moved maybe 12 miles closer..... never returned my call about the interview :mad:

    my spouse drives 130 miles a day for work, and father in law is almost paid off, and they can't get anything for same price closer to where he works, these days, so he gets used vehicles, and runs em into the ground in 3 years, and buys more used.

    Sorry to prattle....
    yes, i should have done like my 55 year old neighbor down the road(still may do it after i finish my 2 year degree this Spring).... try to get in JVS(Junior Vocational School) for 6 weeks for basic welding. He is making 11 per hour, works m-f, off all holidays and weekends, and is doing ok. Not as much money as when he worked at Corningware plant, but he is better off than doing the Wal-Mart shuffle. ;)
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "How about the V6 engine in the Saturn VUE, where does it come from? Who makes it, or would you rather not say? Since it is made by Honda for GM, should it count as a foreign part?"

    Interesting you bring up the Saturn VUE. Apparently, the 2004 Saturn VUE with the HONDA engine had a HIGHER domestic parts content than the 2003 Saturn VUE with the GM engine.

    The Honda engine is built in Ohio. The GM engine was built by GM of Europe. I wonder which is 'better' for America.
  • tmp888tmp888 Posts: 20
    I don't believe the foreign automakers keep their profit in US. In 2004, Toyota made about US$5 billions in US alone (Honda and Nissan were not far behind) and last year (2005) I guess they would made about the same or probably more. I wish that kind of money stay in US. Don't you?
  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011
    I told ya'll I don't do manual labor in my union job. My education and skills are taught on the job, and I have a certificate. ;)

  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011
    Well in my line of work you can't go to a ordinary yuppie university to learn my job. I work for the government and that's as far as I can go with it.

  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011
    Actually yeah it is......I don't resent a person going to school if it's going to be worthwhile. If you go to school for 4 years or more and come out making $20-25K a yr. How long is it going to take you to pay back those loans ?????
    Especially if you went to a big university, you could have $80K+ tied up into loans. If that's the case, then that person is the uneducated one with a collge degree. ;)

  • gogogodzillagogogodzilla MarylandPosts: 698
    Well, if you work at Ft. Meade, I may run into you someday.

  • AG11AG11 Posts: 31
    It's stuff like what you just stated that convince me that Buying American does not necessarily equal buying GM/Ford.

    Those with vested interests at GM/Ford or their stocks, as well as fans of domestics, will forever try to convince everyone that Ameican = GM/Ford, but I think this is no longer the mainstream belief, at least where I'm from.

    Jobs are jobs. If Toyota, Hyundai, etc are building cars here with ever increasing domestic content, we win.

    If GM/Ford close factories here due to boneheaded business decisions, or move production to Mexico, or decrease domestic content, we lose.

    Some profits may go back to Toyota, Hyundai, etc's respective countries, but strong economy for our allies help us too. Dont forget, it's not like Japan, SKorea, and Germany are our enemies!

    Also, Toyota, Hyundai, etc need us, the US consumers, to be prosperous for them to sell us cars. It's in their interest to make sure US stays strong.
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