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Ford Bronco Problems



  • My parking lights will not shut off, they came on today without turning the lights on.... HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
  • My daughters Bronco, the gauge doesnt work and am thinking that the sensor has gone south...

    Where in gods green earth is it located!!! I have no probem finding the one on my Big Block Chevy!!! But can't seem to locate the fords
    sensor.. Please help me insted of going to the dealer and bending over!!! :confuse:
  • Hey there96 eddie..looks like a new switch is in order...

    That is a fairly easy replacement :)
  • Daughters 86 Bronco Fuel injected has just started having a high idel

    Any one out there have a clues as to what I should do
    John ;)
  • I have a 1992 EB 5.0 and the rpm gauge stopped working,now it will idle fine but if I give it gas it seems like it want to die,but doesnt. Any clues?
  • Have you checked the distributor cap for a crack???
    try and replace the cap and rotor first that is the least expensive
    route. Then we can go on from there. John :)
  • When the rpm gauge starts working the truck runs fine, could this still be related to the cap and rotor?
  • In your msg you stated that when the rpms increased the engine would run bad,
    and I suggested to change the cap and rotor. I myself have done this and found a very small crack in the cap.if there is a crack in the cap the electricity will find it's way out of the cap caussing a disturbance in the flow to the other spark plug wires. If this doesn't workI am sorry But it didn't cost you $20.00 :)
  • Only when the gauge doesn't work does the engine not perform properly, when my gauge is working I can drive it no problem. when the gauge is out if I try and exellerate it shudders and seems like it is going to die(but doesn't) I will try the cap and rotor tomorrow if you think it will help. Like you said 20 bucks no harm no foul.
  • Hi guys!!!!
    I know that someone out theree in Bronco Land has had this problem....

    My daughters Bronco cuts out after it has been running for ten minuets

    on aceleration... We have replaced the coil thinking it was on the way out
    a fuel sensor thinking the same thing... and a host of other parts..

    Does anyone have that magic answer before I go BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks John E. in Anaheim Ca :( :D :mad: :cry: :confuse:
  • So, I've got a 78 Bronco Custom, and can't find a gas cap to fit? Have tried both the regular cap as called for, and the California emission luck with either. Have also tried caps for the 1975- 1980 F-150's....they don't fit either. Have also tried many generic locking caps.....


  • My daughter had the same problem with her 86 Bronco, left it at the gas station. We went to Auto Zone and stayed there till they found one that would fit......26 minuets!!!!! she is now having problems with the back window.. New motor for the window and it still doesnt work. I finally checked the wires and have found " No power To the motor" I have new fues s so that is not the problem got a clue
    Strange, I have been answering the questions for a lot of guys out there and no body can answer any of mine
  • Where in god Green earth, do I find the vacume sensors--

    Ford No Longer makes them and I was thinking that someone
    out there still makes them........... But who and where

    Does anyone have the answer?????

    John in Anaheim
  • Turns out it was a faulty wire from the tach to the fuze box causing the computer to miss read the rpms..
  • water temp gauge doesn't work----

    We replaced the temp sending unit

    and still nothing..... Got an idea......Help

  • My tailgate window on my 1990 XLT Bronco is stuck up. I've tried pushing in on the gate then lowering, no luck. Any ideas how I can lower the glass to drop the gate and make some of the necessary repairs, ie motor change of test the safety latch. Thanks
  • What happens when my gears dont "catch" anymore. I cant put the truck in reverse. What is the fix for this problem. Please help
  • Same thing happened with my 78 Bronco. If it's the same set up as mine, the glass is raised and lowered with an x-beam (arm) inside the tailgate. I can get to this x-beam by removing the 12 or so screws that hold the covering panel on the inside of the tail gate. Not certain if the later model Bronco's have this option?
  • Not much info from you here. Is your Bronco a standard or auto transmission? Your shifter may be done. I'd also check the transmission and then the differentials. Sounds like some gear issues somewhere? Perhaps even a drive-shaft issue?
  • i have a 94 bronco and i am getting a code for the airbag the code is 32 i have checked everything that i can think of what could be the problem does anybody know
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