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Ford Bronco Problems



  • I have owned my 1988 Ford Bronco II XL for a few months now and have had quite a few problems with it recently. The interior is beyond excellent condition and the exterior is in good condition aside from a few scratches. It has the original 2.9 6cyl engine in it, which has been rebuilt. But there are quite a few issues which I do not know how to resolve or deal with. I'll weed out a few possibilities by pointing out whats been done to it.

    Brand new radiator
    New spark plugs
    New pickup in the distributor
    New coil
    New spark wires
    New fuel pump regulator
    New fuel filter
    Oil and oil filter changed
    Heads have been shaved and gasket replaced (SUPPOSEDLY)
    Transmission is fairly new

    But heres the problems i'm having...

    Coolant reservoir empties out frequently
    Radiator empties out.
    Starts immediately when cold, but when its been running for a little while it can sometimes take up to 10 or so seconds to start.
    Looks like water in oil. There is a white gunk on the very tip of the oil dipstick, and on the engine oil cap; and when hot steam can sometimes come out of the oil cap.
    Idles very low sometimes.
    Picks up speed very slowly sometimes. (1mph a second)
    Shifts at dangerously high RPMs sometimes, unless I step off the gas and step back on.

    It needs a new computer, and eventually a new fuel pump. That I know from what i've been told. Everything else works great. All the electrics, AC, power steering, and brakes work fine. This truck was gifted to me and is absolutely beautiful, so I don't want to have to get rid of it. If someone can help me resolve these issues it would be greatly appreciated. I would like to have the truck 100% as soon as possible, i'm a 20 yr old college kid and I have to have this vehicle running to get to my classes. Also, someone told me its possible to drop a Ford 289 engine in the Bronco without having to really change anything, is it true? And how much would that cost?

    Thank you very much!!
  • mfour4mfour4 Posts: 1
    My 92 Bronco was involved in a front end collision enough to minorly bend the frame. The engine stopped run almost immediately after the impact. Problem is the motor still turns over and will fire up if gas is injected directly into the intake but will not continue to run. Is there an automatic fuel shut off that needs resetting by any chance? All damage was to front end.
  • krys5krys5 Posts: 1
    I have a 92 Bronco and it was doing perfectly fine, after a few days of not starting it up i went to start it and it didnt start, i thought it wasnt getting enough power and my battery cables werent in the best of shape so i put in some new ones, it still didnt start. its getting fuel, the fuel pump is good, the spark plugs are good as well as the wires, im not sure the problem. any help would be appreciated
  • well my 88 bronco got messed up and my transmission fluid dumped out from somewhere, but its probably the transmission being mine does exactly that.
  • i tried getting out of a rut with my bronco, and my transmission fluid was drained entirely out of my vehicle, but it still turns over, and reves, but idk if its part of the transmission or just cause all the fluid dumped, but idk where to begin with looking. i looked under it and found some traces of trany fluid on the front axle. its a 2x4, so if anyone could tell me i need a new transmission or something less problematic. please reply.
  • I had a problem like this and it was the TPS sensor. The only difference is when I parked the Bronco it was bucking and would not idle without foot on gas.
  • V8 5.8 It was running just fine, i stopped to let a friend out of the bronco, put on reverse to back up and leave and when i shifted to drive again, rpm needle went to 0. fuel needle went from being half full to FULL..... then i noticed the acceleration was of, and if i hit throttle the rpms of the car would drop like if it was getting fuel congestion in the motor!! I HAVE NO CLUE WHATS WRONG... is it sensors. is it transmission. is it cables. or motor? :cry: :sick: :lemon: ???? Can anyone help?
  • Hey yall,

    I've got an 85 Bronco 2.8L 6cyl 5 Speed. Engine runs like a champ. Got a starting problem.

    It all started 2 days ago when my husband was driving it and said as he got to work, the radio stopped working, his gauges would not work, and neither would his blinkers. Went to his work, jump started him, drove to O'rielys and replaced the battery after 9 years (lol). Started right up then and there. We looked at the copper connections on the back of the alternator, saw they didn't have a great connection, so we put a bolt on the screw to ensure the connectors would stay on. The next day, my husband drove it again: started up right in the morning, he got off work, made 3 close range stops, made a 4th stop and needed a jump again. Again, he would try to start, but it only made a repetitive clicking noise. Jumped him, drove it home, and again, only clicking when trying to start. So we replaced the alternator and the voltage regulator, and still a clicking noise. We jumped it once again, but after about 10 minutes of just idling, I smelled burning plastic. Come to find out, the voltage regulator had a crack in the black plastic on the back and it was EXTREMELY hot to touch, only after 10 minutes. I'm not sure as where we need to look for a problem. It has 950k on it currently and the odometer has rolled over once already. It's definitely been worth the money spent so I'm trying to figure a solution before I get too frustrated and just trash it. My husband is a diesel mechanic so he can understand all the lingo. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you and have a great day!
  • this truck started idling @ 1500 rpm. my scanner wont connect with the ecm, i removed the idle air control and blocked the port, but still idling @ 1500 rpm. any help?
  • i disconnected the air charge temp sensor it changed the idle, but it went back to 1500 rpm. i replaced it but made no difference.
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