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Ford Bronco Problems



  • pecpec Posts: 3
    When starting forward it sometimes clunks but if you start gently it doesn't. It drives fine and shifts okay but sometimes slow depending on how you accelerate.What causes the clunk. Is it the differentials catching up or sliding of the driveshaft splines?
  • :sick: I have a 93 Bronco the front tires sit out wide from bottom to top, like a whop sort of. What is the cause of this and how can I fix it.
  • Hello,

    I have a 95 Bronco that has a bad transmission. Does anyone have any ideas for the cheapest way to fix it? Rebuild? Used tranny? Also, if I go to a junk yard, are there other Ford vehicles that use the same transmission? Would an F150 tranny work too? Any help would be great. Also, any suggestions for how much a used tranny should cost for this truck?

  • I was driving along just fine when all of a sudden it ran real rough (it would cut out and then roar back to life only to die again)and then died and came back on two seconds later and then died for good. Let it sit for a few days and then it would start again but backfired REALLY bad and died shortly after. After that it wouldn't start at all no matter what. Power to the coil primary but no spark out. Replaced the coil, stator, ignition module, and brain (from junkyard), then timed it. After all this, car started and ran for a few mins, but died again the instant it was revved up after about 5 mins of running fine. Once again no spark from coil. Five speed Manual trans, 2.9L, 140K miles. NO CLUE WHAT TO DO!!! HELP PLEASE!!!
  • I've noticed whenever I'm out about 1/2 mile I start losing power. She starts great and seems to truck along, but cannot seem to pick up speed. A reputable person suggested that the fuel pump wasn't getting enough pressure. Soooo we replaced it. When that didn't resolve anything, we went ahead and replaced the other one, too. Yeah, there's one in the gas tank, also. Now we're still back where we started. Finally we had someone put it on a computer that's supposed to tell all. It's pointed to the ignition module. We're going to try that. Someone also tried to say it was the catalytic converter. If anyone could shed some light on their opinions, we'd truly appreciate it. Thanks
  • I have a 1993 Eddie Bauer Bronco and needed to replace the water pump. As you are looking at it the 7" bolt on the left side that holds the pump to the block, the head broke off. The pump has been removed, but the rest of the bolt is still in the block with 2" protruding from the block. The bolt seems to be siezed and I have already tried vice grips. This bolt is very tough, does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove it?
  • There is a tool for this (many types of tool actually) that's way better than a vice grip:

    You may want to soak the bolt in solvent if you can by squirting stuff in there and also hit it sharply with a hammer a few times.

    You're only going to get once good chance to get this out, and if you break it off in the block it's going to have to be drilled out--which is a royal PITA.

    So, the right tool, solvent, and if safe, even some heat.

    Here are some ideas for you:
  • Joe, I replaced all applicable sensors and the transmission with a rebuilt Jasper. On occasions it kicks into 2nd and out of gear completely. I have had two different trans shops look at it and neither can find the problem as it will not repeat when they drive it. I can drive it for days and it runs like a champ and then it will act up. I am at my wits end on what is the problem. One guy told me to have the Ford dealer re-flash the computer with default specs. The dealer said my year (1992)can not be re-flashed. Have you received any feedback to your problem? And have you thought about having the computer reset with your model?
  • Thanks it worked like a champ, I did have to get a torch and heat it a little. unfortunately the new bolt I put into the block, I assume had either a stress fracture or not enough tensil strength, because before I even had the new bolt snugged it also broke off flush with the block. My neighbor came by to assist and ended up breaking the tip of an easy out off in the bolt. I know I need to drill this out and put in a "helicoil" but how can I drill through the broken easy out piece. I deperately need some help on this one. Any suggestions?
  • Arghhh....easy outs are not "easy" to drill---they are very hard steel....a diamond bit and a lot of patience I'm afraid....and you have to be sure not to drill a hole bigger than the bolt size of course. Take your time with this, don't rush.
  • Do you think that a cobalt drill bit would work? I have also heard that a carbide bit may do it.
  • Not being a metallurgist, I can only guess. Hopefully the easy-out you used was a cheap one and isn't the hardest steel--if it's tooling bit grade steel, you're going to be drilling for a long time I'm afraid.
  • Well good luck and just take your time and keep your sense of humor and you'll be fine with it. Don't rush or get frustrated.
  • I went to Lowes and got a blackgold drill bit as well as a diamond grit drill bit. Figured I would give the blackgold a try since they say they are "stronger and sharper". They were the only place I could find the diamond grit drill bit. Here's to hoping.....
  • Do you have a stout metal punch to punch out a starter hole before you drill?
  • oldblue3oldblue3 Posts: 4
    I have had a few dozen of these broncos the motor is probably the problem 4 the wipers your wiring problem is probably at the front of the bronco by the battery the wires always get pinched right there there is also a wire there that will effect the running condition of the truck and radio shack sells a nice wire cleaner 4 about 6.00 bucks a can
  • oldblue3oldblue3 Posts: 4
    yes spring loaded impact center punch available at any local car parts chain
  • oldblue3oldblue3 Posts: 4
    check your lower ball joints
  • oldblue3oldblue3 Posts: 4
    about 3.00 to4.00 hundred you can save some if you choose to pull it yourself yes a 4wd truck trans will work providing its close to your year and make sure to put in an extra trans cooler with an electric fan it will cost a little extra but well worth it these trannys are known for overheating and the cooler and fan will increase the life of the new one a lot hope i helped you and good luck
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