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Nissan Sentra 2007



  • v_dv_d Posts: 89
    "THe CVT works well and shifts pretty smoothe"

    Say a word... did it have a manual mode? From what I know, the Sentra doesn`t have one, so basically the CVT couldn`t shift because it`s a Continuous Variable Tranny.

    "the CVT tranny in the Caliber works a bit better than in the Sentra"

    What Caliber did you drive? I had one with the 2.0 engine 2WD of course with CVT and it really needed the gas pedal down to get going. As the Sentra is much lighter and the CVT is more "high-tech" (2.0 Caliber has CVT I, while the 2.4 Caliber has CVT II - if I recall) so basically, you get no shifting points, awesome(!) fuel consumption and little rpms.
  • I saw the 2007 Sentra at an auto show and thought it looked nice - but it didn't have cruise control. I think you had to purchase an option package (either about $750 or $900) to get cruise control. I'm disappointed. :( :(
  • kwk1kwk1 Posts: 39

    Here's another Canadian Review of the '07 Sentra.
    I went to the dealer last night and they had one that was getting PDI'd. Had a chance to see it and sit in it.
    Looks much nicer in/out than the previous model.
    Wanted to check front head/leg room as I am 6'1'.
    Headroom and legroom were the best of any that I've been in.
    Including Civic, Corolla and Elantra. It'd be a tough choice between Civic and Sentra for me. I actually felt more comfy sitting in the Sentra than the Civic. But given Honda's great engine/trans record plus better resale value, I'm leaning toward the Civic. Will Have to wait to see some reviews and tests for the Sentra.
  • Nissan To Debut Sentra SE-R at L.A. Auto Show

    I'm hoping the SE-R is more like the '93 SE-R rather than the dumbed-down versions they've offered lately.
  • I'm also cross-shopping Sentra & Civic. The trunk seesm to be much larger on the Sentra. FWIW.

    Also, I'm disappointed that HOnda didn't give the USA Civic the "Magic Seats" that the Euro-spec Civic has. At least the Sentra has a rear-seat cushion that folds, and then the backrest fold. You get a perfectly flat loading area that way.
  • kwk1kwk1 Posts: 39
    I'm not sure what "magic seats" are, but I guess is doesn't much matter if N. America isn't getting them. Was funny, I sat in the Honda and my head was near touching the roof. Then I realized how to move the seat-height down, much better. The Sentra had a bit more leg room in front as well.

    On the trunk, it's very large, and you're right, the seats fold down nice and flat. I guess the Civic's trunk is smaller, but I do like the very wide opening to it, say for golf clubs.
  • Does Traction Control on a FWD car like this, make much of a difference to you all Up North?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,624
    It's a nice feature to have on the Frozen Tundra, yes.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Does Traction Control on a FWD car like this, make much of a difference to you all Up North?

    I do not care for it. The only traction control I need is my right foot.
  • Where Up North are you, moparbad?
  • beantownbeantown Posts: 227
    Does Traction Control on a FWD car like this, make much of a difference to you all Up North?

    Unnecessary for me (and most of Mass I would think). The roads are plowed down to pavement so quickly it's hardly needed....especially with a fwd sedan. I've personally only lost control in the snow around here once, and it was because I tried taking a turn without slowing down . And traction control would've made no difference in that instance.

    As long as you don't drive like a moron and have even somewhat decent tires on your car, traction control really isn't necessary on compact FWD sedans in 90% of the country IMO....even here in NE.
  • So, how did the Ride and Drive go?
  • I just purchased a 2007 Nissan Sentra SL about 2 weeks ago, and I'd have to say that i'm really satisfied. I love the interior and the drive is so smooth. I also love the intelligent key system. I didn't get the audio package, but the premium stereo sounds pretty good. I just wish I had the in-dash CD changer. Overall, I am happy with my sentra. Hopefully this info helps everyone. :)
  • Sorry for my slow reply. We did the "Ride and Drive" comparing the three cars. The acceleration felt comparable on all of them on a relatively short straight. The CVT is not the greatest off the line. The straight was only about 150 yards long.

    In the cornering, the Sentra really did feel better. Very flat with no under/over steer. The Corolla went through 3 sets of tires one day I understand. They were really worn on their edges. I have to admit that the Sentra's were scalloped, but the Toyota's were trashed. The course had the surface of 10,000 grit sandpaper, that didn't help.

    Regarding the torsion beam suspension, Nissan tuned it beatifully. I defy you to find an appreciable difference between the handling quality of the Civic and the Sentra. One great thing this suspension affords is more useable trunk room. Combine the low profile of the suspension, with the innovative trunk hinge mechanism, and you have more wall-to-wall capacity.

    I found the solidness of the door closing better on the Sentra than the Civic. The Civic's door felt pretty light. Overall room felt much better in the Sentra than the other cars.

    The CVT is a fine transmission. No maintenance required. Light and efficient. Hard to beat. I tend to like it more in our more powerful vehicles (the Maxima, the new Altima 3.5 (just scorchingly amazing I must say)). What is amazing is that it gets better mileage than the 6 spd manual. I don't know why we make the 4 spd auto. The Altima is CVT or 6M. That works for me.

    We are receiving more Sentras than Versas now. Do test drive the new 3.5 Altima. You will be wanting one immediately.


  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,624
    Overall room felt much better in the Sentra than the other cars.

    That's not surprising since the Sentra is much bigger inside than the Civic or Corolla, and is in fact the roomiest car in its class except (by a very small margin) for the Elantra.

    The gas struts on the trunk are a nice feature to maximize usable trunk room--very unusual in this class.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Is the Sentra classified Midsize for interior room as the Elantra is?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,624
    By the EPA "size classes", it is--as is the Versa!

    By the EPA's "market classes", which supposedly groups cars from the "buyer's perspective", the Sentra and Versa are in the "small car" class while the Elantra is in the "family sedan" class. And the top-ranked "family sedan" in EPA fuel economy is... a hatchback (Prius). Go figure. :confuse:
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    It looks like the leather seats don't have heaters. I don't see that function listed anywhere and I didn't even know they still made unheated leather seats in modern cars.
  • And the seats are manual!
    I test drove a loaded Sentra SL yesterday and was really surprised about that.

    I was going to go with an SL, but living in MN I can't have leather seats with no warmers! I'll freeze my butt off!

    I haven't read all messages, but did anyone else think the engine was really noisey??
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,624
    Power seats are very rare in this class. The only cars that have them are I think the Jetta/Rabbit.

    I have a car with leather seats and no warmers. I didn't want leather in the car because I thought it would be too cold in winter and too hot in summer. But they came standard on the car. I've found that it's not as bad, winter or summer, as I thought. In winter, body heat warms them up quickly. Maybe you can go for a test drive in a SL on a cold day and see what you think.

    I thought the engine was pretty quiet when cruising on the MT Sentra 2.0S I drove. There was some noise when moving up through the gears, but it sounded kind of sporty so I didn't mind. Remember it's a 4-cylinder economy car.
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