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Lincoln MKS



  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 814
    I misspoke when I said that the passenger window/door lock switches on my MKS are illuminated. The passenger lock/unlock switch is illuminated but the window switch is not. The rear window switches are not either. I had never noticed that. Seeing both the driver and passenger power lock switches illuminated led me to assume the window switches were too.

    As for interior storage, the MKS works fine for me. I am not sure where you would add more - maybe in the console in that empty spot where it says LINCOLN. There is storage in the console and rear armrest, pockets behind the seats, and good sized front door pockets. Of course, I came from an LS and it was quite limited in storage space so I am pretty easy to please when it comes to interior storage space. I really never carry anything, anyway. The jukebox and/or the USB port eliminate the need for CDs. What do people carry in the passenger compartment - except passengers? I agree coin storage would be useful.

    Glad you are enjoying your car.
  • My '96 Contour had illuminated lock switches...there were little green lamps in each door. I think the light was supposed to also shine on the window switches, but I can't remember now.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,419
    Lighted switches on door panels is nothing at all new. My '93 Isuzu Trooper had them all around. VW Golfs and Rabbits and all the way up have had lighted switches on all doors/models since the 1990s. The Contour actually had lighted inside door handles. That Lincoln would cut this corner is odd at best.
  • After having one of the new Chrysler Town & Country minivans I guess I'm somewhat jaded when it comes to interior storage - i suppose I'm being less than realistic on that one. Regarding my iPod Touch. Either the minivan charged it while the engine was off (very possible because it connected thru the glovebox via a special cable which was part of the upgraded audio system) or the cable somehow turned the iPod off while the car was off and then turned it back on on the next startup. I'm better on the former - not the latter.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    It could have been hot while the ignition was off, but I doubt it as that might cause the battery to drain if not started for several days. If that was an iPod specific connection it's possible the iPod knew to shut down. With sync it's just a generic USB connection.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 814
    OK, regarding the window switches: All of the window switches, front and rear are definately illuminated. The reason I was confused about it earlier is because the passenger and rear window switches are not illuminated if you have the window lock on - preventing passengers from using the power windows. Flip the window-lockout button and all of your switches at every door will be illuminated. Also, the power sun-shade and moonroof controls are also lit up nicely.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm very glad to hear that - because the other scenerio was just absurd! Thanks for clearing that up.
  • Thanks brucelinc! I did have window lockout engaged. Disengaged and all switches illuminated. On some days even old dogs can learn new tricks!
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 814
    When this came up last week, I was positive they were all illuminated. To confirm, I went out to the garage and flipped on the lights and much to my shock, the passenger and rear switches were dark! I was dam* near ready to give my MKS away when I checked the wife's Taurus and found that they lit up like a Christmas tree!

    The next day, it dawned on me that I had a 3 year old nephew in the back seat a few days ago and I locked the power windows so he wouldn't play with them. He also played with the heated rear seats but that is another story.....Anyway, as soon as I unlocked the window controls, the switches became illuminated as they should.

    By the way, with the ambient lighting, you can have a very inviting "glow" in the interior. There are numerous colors available but I find the red to be comfortable and not at all distracting.
  • Just got a 2010 MKS and I am trying to pair my phone.

    Anyone of you have the Treo 650 and had any luck paring it?
  • I currently have a Treo 680 (previous phone was a 650) in my last two vehicles (both Chryslers) my 650 synced up easily but my 680 had problems that were insurmountable. In the MKS the 680 works like a charm - couldn't try out the 650 because after giving it to my son it lasted less than 3 weeks before he lost it while snowboarding. Oh, well. Have you used your 650 in other vehicles?
  • No I have never paired it with Sync before. This is the first vehicle I've had that had this feature.
    It seems the phone will recognize sync, but the car after I have entered the pass code, and a few min. and it says pairing failed.

    The dealer's phone paired right off, he tried mine a couple of times, but no luck.
    I use the bluetooth with a ear bluetooth device with no problem.

    Sure hate to get rid of my 650.

    Thanks for your reply.
  • It's possible that the 650, being an older model (3+ years old), is not supported by Sync. I'd check their website for confirmation one way or the other.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    There are problems with that model. Check for more details.
  • Yeah, I'm finding that out. I've read nearly everthing on Palm and syncmyride, trying to find out which phones will work, before buying a new one.

  • greggm2greggm2 Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    I just ordered a new MKS and surprised to hear there is no under the hood light on a vehicle with this price tag. What other interior lights are missing that you would expect to be there? Is there a glovebox and center console light? Also, are there courtesy lights in the front floormat area?
  • tlmacsontlmacson Posts: 11
    Yes to all. I guess LM figured they could skip the underhood light because they put 2 lights in the trunk. Seems petty to me.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    The map lights illuminate the glovebox just fine, and I can't remember the last time I needed to look under the hood after dark.

    You probably didn't realize that passenger doors no longer have locks either.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 814
    Yep, I was shocked when I realized that I couldn't change the spark plugs in my MKS after dark without a flashlight. ;)
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