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Lincoln MKS



  • Leasing 2011 MKS in white/ beige with 20" rims. Car looks great.

    My observations having not owned an American car in 12 years (owned Lexus's, Infiniti's and 1 Acura) on this car are:

    Its quiet and big.
    Trunk opening is very small for such a big trunk.
    Not enough leg room to stretch your left leg.
    Very good MPG
    If I did not know it was a Lincoln I would think it was Asian; thats good.
    High door sills.
    SYNC is fantastic and I might get another FOMOCO because of it. Did have 1 glitch and fixed itself.
    Exhaust noise not as sporty or mellow as 2008 M35, 2007 Maxima, 2004 RL or 2000 GS 400 I had in past.
    So far quality is equal but have only driven 1200 miles in 3 months.

    I would reccommend this car and mine is the base with plenty of power as I did not want AWD.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Have you seen or tried MyLincoln Touch on the 2011 MKX? It will be available on the MKS at some point. Despite some early glitches that were recently fixed with a software update it makes sync look like a 10 year old cellphone.

    I've also heard the new MKS is stunning along with all of the new Lincoln designs. Lincoln has just started their turnaround and the best is yet to come (provided you don't want a RWD sports sedan).
  • I have not tried it but my summer (Ford retired) neighbor got the MKX so I will see it then.

    We did have a glitch on SYNC. We recd. a call and hung after correctly. Now only next track or prev. track works and get a Speech Control not Recognized when asking to Play Artist or Song.
    Called dealer and they had no idea what happened. Uh huh; reading boards others have had same problem.
    A week later we made a call in the car, the music stopped as it should but the phone never switched to SYNC and when we hung up via the phone the music did not come back on.

    AHA, I hung up again using the steering wheel button and ALL is now working great!

    SYNC is great and I hope it stays working.

    RWD- Yes I really miss it. It was most noticeable when I got the MKS after driving the M35 for 2 years. Are other car is a 2005 Thunderbird RWD. They just drive so much better in non snowy climes.

    AWD- don't want it in FL and the car has plenty of power for what I need which says a lot since I do like HP.

    I do get a little vibration at 80+ MPH which may be from the 20" tires. Not sure.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Do you have aftermarket or stock wheels? Aftermarkets are often not fully round, and vibration can't be fixed with those. OTOH, the stock, factory wheels are excellent, and if you have those, + a vibration, it's one of the tires, or a balancing issue on one of them.
  • datagendatagen Posts: 107
    I have had that kind of problem yet. I have discovered that I get better service from a Ford dealer than a Lincoln one. They will honor your warranty and the one I take my mks to seems to do a better job.
  • datagendatagen Posts: 107
    Agreed, I still have my 2009 and I have my reasons for keeping it even though it is not the perfect vehicle. Besides (looking at my watch), it is still a free country. Adding a hood light is not much of an effort or cost. Mine is red and I had it professionally tinted. It really sets the red off. I have received many comments on this move.

    I plan on getting the lincoln spoiler with the chrome accent, then that will be it for me.
  • kargkarg Posts: 20
    Great to see a lot of familier names from the Lincoln LS forum now commenting here. I still have my 2000 V6 w/125,000 miles and never a REAL problem of any kind to date. I have never driven the winters - so that may have helped mine stay so nice inside/out.

    I also have a 2003 Town Car Cartier L - with lots of extra room, but I got stuck this past winter - did a LOT of damage and am thinking AWD will serve me better, but don't really like SUV's. Enter the MKS...

    I've been looking at used MKZ's and Taurus/Sables, but I am really tempted to buy a used MKS.

    I found one that has 78,000 miles. It is a 2009 AWD with the 3.7L engine and has Ultimate package - so loaded up. They are asking just over $20K (which is ridiculously low...)? That IS the original set price - as it just went up for sale. Carfax looks okay. Corporate owened by the look. My problem is that the car is over 3 hours drive away and I'm not able to travel that far with recent lower back trouble.

    I'm really torn. I've been reading stories about the brakes being the most prevelant problem. Any other things I should be worried about. I really trust the Lincoln V6's - since my experience with my LS - it has been a Warrior! I still get 27 mpg highway and 22 mixed driving. I'm a little disappointed with the 23 MPG on the MKS AWD - especially when my '03 Town Car with V8 gets better mileage. I know - drive the LS in the summer and MKS in the winter. That is the plan...

    Any suggestions/feedback would be appreciated.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    edited July 2011
    Like the car, concerned about the price with so many miles, also< the LS V-6 was an adapted Jaguar engine, the MKS V-6 has no relationship, but it so far has a very good reputation as well. I think you can do better on the price though.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    The V8 was from Jag. The V6 was a Ford duratec.

    That AJ V8 was a sweet engine. Too bad Jag wouldn't let Ford use the 4.2L na and sc versions.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 814
    The 2009 MKSs had a few issues but TSBs have been issued for the gremlins and the fixes are straightforward. The 2009 would still be under warranty.

    Other than the brakes, there were reports of doors that would lock and then unintentionally unlock - fixed by a revised rod to the lock mechanism - not a big deal. The other thing that comes to mind was vibration in the rear deck shelf when playing songs with heavy bass. That is fixed with additional padding and revised fasteners for the subwoofer. These issues were addressed in the 2010s although there still been a few reports of grinding brakes. That issue took 2 or maybe 3 TSBs but the latest one solves the problem.

    The 3.7 is a fine engine. It has more power than your TC's V8 and the MKS is a heavy car - much heavier than your LS. The AWD system reduces mileage somewhat. Most owners report better cruising highway mileage than the EPA estimates.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    The V8 was from Jag. The V6 was a Ford duratec.

    Ah, no kidding? Didn't know that (obviously). Well, it was a good engine, and performed really well in the LS. Still no relation to the 3.7 in the MKS though, correct?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    No, the 3.7L is a new engine. The Ford version of the AJ V8 was 3.9L while Jag started with a 4.0 (longer stroke). Jag eventually went to a 4.2 plus a supercharger.

    The 3.0L V6 in the LS was the first one with variable cam timing. The new 3.5L and 3.7L engines are all new AFAIK.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I had an 02 Thunderbird with that 3.9L engine, which later got a HP bump, I understand, but mine wasn't bad at all. Very smooth, good power. I thought it was the perfect engine for the bird. Had no trouble, but only drove the car to 17,000 miles and sold it last year. I miss it. Desperate times.....
  • kargkarg Posts: 20
    Thanks for the feedback. All good points and the brakes seems to be the biggest issue...

    I've had my share of "Lockouts" with the LS and that set-up. I learned very early in the game with it to take the keys and hit the unlock prior to leaving the car - if you were just pumping gas or whatever. Another reason I wished the 2000 had the keypad on the door, but make do. I'm sure the MKS lock/unlock issue isn't too big of a deal, either.

    Someone else mentioned that the price should be even lower and I'm surprised. They have one of the 'compare' websites that compares comparable models and this particular car is the lowest in price of all similar models for sale in the area - by several thousand, actually.

    I also would think at 78K miles - most of the warranty items would be done. Probably just drivetrain and exhaust are still covered, maybe?

    Thanks again.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 814
    I was suffering from brain fade when I said it was still under warranty. I was thinking age and not mileage. Bumper to bumper is 50,000 and powertrain is 70,000 if I recall correctly.

    In any case, you make a good point that any of the known issues should have been fixed by now. The brakes, door locks and rear shelf rattle were typically reported by owners within 15,000 miles or so. I don't know anything about the pricing but I certainly would not be concerned about the car as long as it has not been abused and has been maintained properly.
  • rsblaskirsblaski Posts: 68
    :confuse: I have a 2011 MKS fwd. Could someone let me know if the transmission is supposed to downshift when going down a steep grade while the cc is engaged?
    My previous 2009 MKS (which had standard cc) did this, but the 2011 only uses the brakes to maintain the speed the cc is set at.
    I am concerned that only using the brakes to control speed will cause overheating and possible rotor warp.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 814
    Below is what the owner's manual says - doesn't sound it downshifts automatically. I was not aware that CC or ACC would ever initiate a downshift unless the speed drops to where the transmission would downshift anyway. With mine, it will automatically downshift from 6th to 5th if I drop under 50MPH - about 1000 RPM. It does that whether the CC is on or not.

    Hilly condition usage
    It is recommended that the driver select a lower gear position when ACC
    is active in situations such as prolonged downhill driving on steep grades
    (i.e., driving in mountainous areas). In these situations, additional engine
    braking is needed to reduce the load on the vehicle&#146;s regular brake
    system to prevent them from overheating. For more information,
    reference Automatic transmission operation in the Driving chapter.
    Note: If ACC is applying brakes for an extended period of time, an
    audible alarm will sound, the head&#146;s up display will flash and ACC will
    shut down. This is to allow the brakes to cool down. When the brakes
    have cooled down, the ACC will again function normally.
  • rsblaskirsblaski Posts: 68
    Thanks a lot!
    The reason I asked the question in the first place was because the 2009 MKS I traded for the 2011 DID, in fact, downshift when the (conventional) cc was engaged. I thought that this feature, which I was really impressed with, would have carried over to newer models. Perhaps it's something that may still be a part of conventional cc but not acc?
  • Asking price through dealer is 26k, it has 43k miles on it. The pull for me is the AWD (I am a daily skiier, and want to get to the mountain) and really do not want another SUV! I love the bling of the Lincoln, and became a Ford lover with my '07 Edge. That said, the '07 Edge, as much as I loved it, is a gas hog. I traded it for a Camry, and the Camry has got to be the nmost uncomfortable vehicle I have EVER driven! I guess I am a luxury car girl at heart, LOL.

    Anyway, can anyone tell me what to look out for. The vehicle available to me is that gorgeous black, I don't think I have seen paint like this before (I know, where the heck have I been, right???) .....

    My last luxury wheels were Cadillac, and CTS IS a consideration. Someone point me in the right direction. I have the weekend to make this decision, the dealer has let me use the car!
  • datagendatagen Posts: 107
    I had a 2009 MKS (brand new) and it was a lemon. From the paint to the transmission, worst car I ever had. I would not recommend the 2009's maybe the 10's 11's, but not the 09's. I understand your AWD requirements and for that it was great. If you are still bent on it, I recommend for a few bucks more, an independent inspection of the vehicle.

    I understand your desire for luxury so I took a little bit of the middle road. I have a 2010 MKZ AWD and it has just about all the luxury as the MKS, but it is a little smaller and way more agile. I also have a 2011 Sonata and even though both vehicles have about the same features, the Z rides smoother. I will say with that turbo, the Sonata can haul with great gas mileage.
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