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Future Chevrolet Camaro



  • lostwrench1lostwrench1 Ct.Posts: 476
    Wow! The new Camaro's V-8 will take more than 8 quarts of motor oil. And its V-6 will take more than 7 quarts!
  • xcarxcar Posts: 6
    GM will begin production on the new 2010 Camaro on Feb. 16 2009.At the dealership where I work ,there is approx. 100 people on the waiting listand I am first,but the dealer will probably get the first one.Then I may get it at GMS price.
  • Got an email from

    Today's the day! The 2010 Camaro is now available to order (production starts early 2009). Starting at $22,995 (MSRP), the Camaro isn't just a sports car, but a bold emotion sculpted in sheet metal that drops jaws and inspires envy in those not behind the wheel. Simply put, with its creased, taut lines and unexpected array of standard features, this cutting-edge performance machine is passion — perfected.

    Links in the email among the images

    Other related link
  • If anyone would like to take a look at the true Production 2010 Camaro, I have a video of it on my blog. The owner of the dealership had the opportunity to film it at the Sate Fair of Texas this past weekend.

    Jupiter Chevrolet
  • dynodyno Posts: 2
    GM has about 36 months of cash left, and if it finds a way to survive it will not be due to the geniuses in the boardroom. Their strategy and execution is dismal. If they could walk away from the Camaro now, they would. So for everyone rushing to buy one, plan on keeping it for life. In 1967, the Camaro was the right car at the right time. In 2009, it's another of a long line of strategic failures.

    GM fans and workers deserve better. Throw GM's leadership out.
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