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Toyota Camry Hybrid



  • cal_calcal_cal Posts: 39
    I bought mine in July 05 and got it at $600 below invoice way back then and was happy with the deal. The lowest I have seen is someone who posted a purchase two months ago at close to $2000 below invoice.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Thanks guys!

    I wasn't sure if the TCH had a screen like the Prius. It must be mesmerizing looking at the screen instead of driving!

  • In the speedometer area there is a mini (as someone put it) display that shows the energy to and from the ICE, electric motor and battery.

    That sounds about right. I think it's called the ECO drive monitor (I like "mini energy flow display") and pressing the Display button on the steering wheel cycles through all 8 or 9 possible displays. From what I've read elsewhere, I don't think it has everything that the Nav display does.

    I dialed up the "mini energy display" under the speedo during my road trip. In general it is useful, but I was surprised that it did not display the mode where ICE is driving the car and recharging the battery simultaneously. In that scenario, you do not see an arrow showing energy flow to the battery on the mini-display, but the Energy flow screen on the main LCD does show it.

  • I do not have a rattle in my TCH, and I consider myself sensitive to these things. Maybe I lucked out.

    While I do hear some weird electrical noises I dont hear in other cars, the manual explains this is normal. I don't mind at all. I would describe these as whirs, hums, and clicks. Some occur after you park for a bit. We are talking quiet subtle noises here. And I can hear GMC's whining from 1/2 block away, SERIOUSLY.

    With the windows closed even 80mph is smooth and quiet.

    Ears are happy with this choice.

    I agree that the noises the car makes (including the vent "rattle" that I heard once or twice) are subtle, quiet, and generally non-obtrusive. Nothing (including the brief 70 mph lurching) made me think "This will drive me crazy". Not even close!

    The ride is very smooth, a combination of good suspension and tall tire sidewalls. I still think a major component of TCH freeway noise is the A/C fan. I manually turned it down a few times, and was surprised just how much quieter it was that way. With the stereo cranked, all extraneous noise is a moot point, anyway. :)
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    No as much so, as the aquarium screen saver option!
  • hueristixhueristix Posts: 30
    Well looks like I will go with AAA. (that is stay with AAA)
    They want $847 a year for full coverage with $500 deductibles.

    Allstate wanted $750/ 2 months

    Everywhere else, farmers, progressive, etc, wanted about $980.

    I also get 10% off by having a renter's insurance through them.

    Only one thing gives me pause- doesnt Allstate do a "New Car Replacement"? :confuse: (couldn't find it on the site)
  • bmgoodmanbmgoodman Posts: 102
    I just found crash test ratings for the 2007 Camry at (apparently NHTSA). The new Camry gets 5 stars for front impact for both driver and passenger. It also gets 5 stars for side impact for both front seat and rear seat. Awesome! Rollover rating is 4 stars.

    I cannot provide a direct link. It looks like you have to step through the drop-down menus.
  • gc77584gc77584 Posts: 65
    I just found crash test ratings for the 2007 Camry at (apparently NHTSA). The new Camry gets 5 stars for front impact for both driver and passenger. It also gets 5 stars for side impact for both front seat and rear seat. Awesome! Rollover rating is 4 stars.

    I cannot provide a direct link. It looks like you have to step through the drop-down menus.

    Try this - it's not the list, but takes you directly (I hope) to the 2007 Camry:
  • lungdoc63lungdoc63 Posts: 55
    As anybody looked at putting fog lights found on the other Camrys? If so, what was the cost. My dealer wanted $650 I said no thanks.
  • lungdoc63lungdoc63 Posts: 55
    I tried to get a spoiler added to my Camry - was told the part is not available yet for dealer. Is this true? I was told the cars with spoiler I have seen (non-hybrid) came that way from the factory.
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    They are selling them at Toyota dealers and on EBAY. Bought mine (Toyota) and installed it 2 weeks ago.
  • I just filled up my second tank - averaging 38.25 over two tanks - with a cruising distance remaining of only 6 miles, filling it up only required 13.1 gallons. The first top off was similar at 13.2 gallons. The specs say this is a 17 gallon tank, so is there really ~4 gallons sitting in the tank/fuel lines? That seems a bit high.

    For the first fillup, when I opened the gas cap, there was no hiss and the cap didn't require much unscrewing, so I was left wondering if the dealer hadn't closed it up properly when they topped it off--of course there were no fuel system warnings or other "check engine" type lights on the dash. I made sure to put the cap back on good and tight after that first fillup, but basically it would only take 13 gallons!

    Is it really a 17 gallon tank or something less?? Maybe Jimmy Hoffa's in there taking up space....
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    It seems to be true.. I've had a client waiting 4 weeks now for his. It has to do with the installation kit, the layout of where to drill etc.
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    The installation kit is 4 nuts and 2 bolts.

    The installation kit is two paper templates and a few pages of printed sheets.

    The templates are not correct but I modified for my installation w/o any problems.
  • john312john312 Posts: 24
    I received my TCH today, parked it next to a XLE, and did some initial measurements in the armrest area.
    The distance across the front (7 1/8") and just before the hinges (7 5/8") are the same on both. As are the distance from the hinges to the latch (12") and the distance across the hinges (6 3/8").
    The curvature on the base looks the same.
    The main difference is on the top where on the TCH there is an indentation to allow taller items to be stored and on the XLE there is a cover that probably contains the rolling mechanism.
    The person in parts was talking about color and trim codes from the VIN so I still have more research to do. The XLE I checked had the Bisque Leather interior so that didn't help. We were wondering if the 4c XLE has the same surface as the TCH while the 6c XLE has the leather top. If it is this way I'll need to decide if I want a regular or leather armrest and then track down the VIN of a XLE with that type of top. (If anyone has sample VINs for a 4c and 6c XLE with an Ash interior I would appreciate someone letting me know.)
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    The central warehouses have put a 'hold' on all shipments until the templates are ready. The spoilers are there they just wont ship them to the local parts depts.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 409
    Any one know if Camry Hybrid with nav is available in California yet? I tried to build a Camry Hybrid using Toyota site's build feature and apparently none is available in California at this time.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    All over CA. Just go in and put in your order. I'd expect that you have a wait of 4-6 weeks.

    Forget the 'build my vehicle' function. They are coming only 3 ways;
    Basic with a SunRoof
    Loaded with everything

    If you want any other combo you will likely have to wait until all the other orders have been filled and the Georgetown plant gets up to full steam maybe early in 2007.
  • willybillwillybill Posts: 83
    I have had my MagGrey/Ash TCH, NAV, Lthr for four days now. I am loving it!.. I have given so many 'demo' rides, that I ought to be charging 'admission'. I put 215 miles on it and had a $1.00 off gas coupon for Meijer so I filled up and managed to 'sqeeze' 6 gallons of gas into it. That works out to 35.83 mpg avg. I can't complain about that!. The demo rides have caused me to be, lets say, less than economical at times.
    I showed a couple last night when you stop at a stoplight and shut off the AC, how acutely quiet the car is. It's like sitting in a parking lot!.
    I really enjoy the JBL sound system. If there are audiophiles out there who think it is sub-standard, then I must disagree. I have Bach-Prelude in Fugue in D minor on a pipe organ on my MP3 player and love to blast that as I drive down the road.
    This morning three guys in a Buick wrenched their necks trying to figure out just what it was I was driving and who made it. I have had many people exclaim that it is a real head turner!. I love showing people how I can unlock the doors with my hands in the air and start the car with no key. Then I dazzle them with the blue tooth phone and for the coup de gras, the NAV system.
    I could be a car salesman!. BTW I did write the salesman/dealership a nice email yesterday because of their committment to honor the waiting list sequence, provide me with exactly what I wanted and still hold the line on MSRP.
    Overall my first week impression is a solid 10.
    Hope this helps some of you who are waiting and as anxious as I was. It is definately worth the wait!
    WillyBill :)
  • anniemfuseanniemfuse Posts: 66
    re: potential to install XLE sliding armrest in TCH...

    Thanks for your research and keep us posted!
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