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Lexus GX 470 Maintenance and Repair



  • guestguest Posts: 774
    The service isn't bad, the customer care stynx. I got my 2nd Infiniti from the dealer across the street and their attention to detail makes our Lexus dealer look like he's serving Yugo owners. Bart :mad:
  • Dear cwilbs! I am surprised that your dealer is not communicating with you to your satisfaction. My suggestions:
    -look for a lawfirm that has handled automotive complaints in the past, possibly from your State (of residence);
    -provide them with information, and
    -with a Customer Service history printout from the dealership that has been servicing your Lexus (it is free of charge - you have the right to get it while you wait!)
    -tell the lawfirm you intend to hire, that you need to initiate a legal process by sending a "Letter of Demand" about your complains (cost: $800 or less);
    I wish you good luck! Andrew
  • I bought my wife a 2007 GX470 with navigation. During the December to remember sale. I cannot get the voice command to operate the Air condition either. It doesn't make sense that the older generation models, 2006 and older have that function and the newest models do not. Please let me know if you find a solution to this problem.
  • cw5jbcw5jb Posts: 6
    If you look within your owners manual it does show that the voice NAV should work in with the A/C. However, after running this problem through my dealership, East coast manger, Lexus in Cal and allot of others it turns out the manual incorrect. I surprise the entire Lexus team because no other buyer of a 2007 noticed or caught this. For 2007 Lexus opt not to have the NAV work with the A/C. Instead the GEN 5 NAV allows one to place a telephone call with voice where Gen 4 could not. Bottom line: You have to control the A/C with your hands. :mad:
  • Thanks for the reply, I asked the dealer during a demo why that function doesn't work. They were stumped because they assumed that it had the same features as the previous generation in addition to the voice command for phone calls.
  • the only part in the vehicle that concerns the ac control and the navigation is the gateway ecu. so there is a wiring glitch of the gateway ecu most probably. its part of the avc lan system that stops you from hooking up non lexus accesories to the wiring harness and at times even stops lexus accesories from working.
  • I've been researching the "clunk" and saw a msg dating back to Jan 2006 that stated many of the related messages were no longer appearng on the site, but host indicated they would be available elsewhere. Could someone point me in the right direction as we are continuing to experience problems with our 2004 GX. Thanks -
  • Can you give us an update on how your GX issue was resolved? We have a 2005 GX that has had a similar track record. Thanks
  • I have a 2004 GX470 and have recently (in the past 3 months) noticed a clunking sound when I put on the brakes. I noticed some postings about that. Has anyone had it looked at and what did it cost to repair it? Also have had the problem with the AC compressor going out - started before the warranty was out and the dealer could not find a problem. Has anyone had this repaired? If so, how much? I am considering purchasing a new car and thought about a 2007 GX470 - any thoughts? Also, does the 2007 have Bluetooth capability?
  • jasp615jasp615 Posts: 10
    Ok as for the clunk that is not warranty that is a TSB and I had mine fixed and it works like a dream now. Have the dealership look this up it's a well know problem with the Gx 470 but once fixed there isn't ever a problem again. I beleive it's an upper and lower control arm and drive shaft.

    As for the AC compressor I haven't had that problem but I guess if you have that written down as a problem prior to the warranty running out and it's still doing it I would question that also.

    My 2006 has bluetooth and love it.

    I went from having a 2003 and a 2005 Escalade to a Gx 470 (always had large trucks) and I will never drive anything else. We are thrilled with our choice.

  • Thanks for the info. For the record, I made a mistake, I have a 2003 GX470. By the way, what is TSB? I just looked at a 2007 GX470 & I think that's what I will buy. I really love my GX - hard to imagine driving anything else.
  • jasp615jasp615 Posts: 10
    TSB stands for Tecnical Service Bulletin which has nothing to do with warranty. This is something that the company puts out letting you know that there is something wrong that needs to be fix but it doesn't need to have a recall due to not posing a safty hazzard. Under your Vin number I believe they can tell if this was ever addressed. If not you are entitled to have this done. One thing I'm not sure of if this has to be done while sill under the original 4 yrs or 50,000 mile. Out of 20 new trucks that we have owned this has to be one of the best choices that we have made. This is also the first foreign trucks that we have owned also. Can't compare.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    "A technical service bulletin is actually an advisory issued by a manufacturer for use by dealership service departments.

    And, of course, the best thing about finding a TSB that seems to cover a persistent problem in your vehicle is that dealerships will make the repair for free, provided that

    * Your vehicle is under warranty;

    * Your service advisor and/or technicians are able to confirm that the problem exists. "

    You, Your Vehicle and the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB)

    Edmunds has summary TSB info in the Edmunds Maintenance Guide.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • Never had a clunking sound until some rear brake work was done on our 04 model. Lexus is aware of problem it should not be an issue getting it fixed. it actually feels like someone tapping your rear bumper with a clunking noise.
  • Have been hearing clanking noises from front passenger seat when someone is riding in vehicle. Almost sounds like a loose soda can hitting the side of the car. Of course Lexus did not do as I requested in having a person sit in the passenger seat when test driving, had to waste another day to return and have manager ride in vehicle. Funny heard the noise going right out the drive-way at Lexus. End result is they changed the entire passenger seat. Anyone encounter this I have a new passenger seat that does not match the drivers seat in terms of the wear on the leather. Lexus is replacing a part on the drivers side but not sure what that is. Things usually get resolved with Lexus but this one has me wondering. It looks funny with new gray leather and the others are smooth.
  • mitchussonmitchusson Posts: 1
    From Don in Denver
    Did you ever get your garage door opener on the GX to work? I just bought a GX and cannot get the rolling code garage door opener to work as instructed in the owner's manual.
    I'm using a Chamberlain Series 1200 rolling code garage door opener.
  • kendall8kendall8 Posts: 28
    I have the same brake problem. At 12,000 miles Lexus said I need new breaks. I took it to my local shop. They said no way. Now they pluse (18k miles). How did it work out for you? MILBYDAVE@AOL.COM
  • rcetinarcetina Posts: 1
    After getting an oil change at a quick lube they were unable to turn off my maitenancde required light. Has anyone figured out how to reset the maintenance light on a 2005 GX 470?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I'm sure it is in your manual. I know it is in my 2003 4Runner...
  • 2005gx4702005gx470 Posts: 1
    hey mitchusson,

    hope you were able to program your garage door opener. I too just got a new Chamberlain garage door opener. To program it into your GX470, you must first follow steps 1-4 under the "Programming the HomeLink" instructions in your manual. Then follow the "Programming a rolling code system". Hope this helps.
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