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Honda Civic Hybrid Navigation System Questions



  • lafdbuflafdbuf Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid in February of 2008. Can anyone tell me what version of the Navteq map disc came with my Navi system in this car? Honda can't, and Navteq can only guess.

  • undhiyu24undhiyu24 Posts: 3
    I just got the same exact issue on my Honda Civic 2007 Navigation system. The Toggle button used to pan the map works only for going left but not anymore for up/down or right. The Honda dealership offered a deal to replace the panel for $800 with 50:50 split of cost between me & them. That is expensive & just irritating for a small button issue.

    If a lot of folks see the same issue, this could be a defect in the product and they should do a recall just like the recent defective sun visors.

    Those who see the same issue please post here.
  • 2drive12drive1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 civic hybrid. I have the same problem. The toggle only works to the left. I got the car new and the up direction was always a problem to move up, but it moved.
  • I would suggest those having the same issue to tweet @ HondaCustSvc as I have and hope to get them address this common concern.

  • Like carmencarp, my toggle button failed -- TWICE -- in my 2006 Honda Civic Si. The first time was a few weeks before the warranty expired. Now it has failed again. I always thought the part was weak, and difficult to activate. (You have to use far too much force to activate it. After it is activated it does not respond sensitively to pressure.) There is DEFINITELY a design defect involved.
  • Honda official called me after the twitter mesg and asked me to get a certified Honda dealer to run an assessment of the problem and submit an official diagnosis to him. Honda dealer says the charge for the assessment is $150 !!! There are again no promises by the Honda Customer rep or the dealer that this charge will be eventually covered by Honda. This just keeps getting ridiculous!!!
  • undhiyu24, Honda is not making it easy for us to ever buy another Honda. It's obvious what the problem is and they should be able say how much it costs to fix. When I have time I'll talk to my dealer and try to get more information. Such as, how much to fix ASSUMING it is the toggle (which we know).
  • I recently bought a civic 2006 with navi system. I wanted to put in a cd when I realized that there was a cd stuck in there. When I tried to take it out. The cd player made some noises. I felt it alone and tried to close the gps screen and now it wont close- I cant change the radio station and if I manually close it and gives me the screen with the cups and red sign!!!!!!!!!!Help
  • lmh814lmh814 Posts: 1
    I am looking into buying the 2012 Civic Hybrid... Curious what others think of the navigation system? Are there any big issues/bugs with it? How does it compare to systems in other comparable hybrid vehicles? Thanks!
  • I just sold my 2006 HCH with nav. Very disappointed in the factory-installed nav system and the total lack of support from Honda. Funtionality was very good WHILE IT WAS WORKING PROPERLY. After about 3 years, however, the toggle switch stopped working. This prevented me from being able to pan around a map and select destinations using this feature. I asked my service manager about repair and he said the only choice was to purchase a new unit for $4,000! Rediculous response from Honda. Instead, I bought a Garmin for $200 with much better features and lifetime upgrades for another $80. Honda wants $160 for an upgrade disk. The broken feature resulted in a devaluation of the sale price when I finally sold this car. In addition, the continually variable transmission has a well documented problem with "shutter" when starting from a dead stop and the dealer estimated $2000 minimum to correct this problem. Honda was also very dishonest about a well known rear wheel alignment problem due to parts being manufactured incorrectly that resulted in premature tire wear. Honda is no longer the quality company it once was. I recommend avoiding Honda altogether.
  • I too experienced the Toggle (Joystick) failure. I removed the Navigation unit and opened the display housing. On the inside bezel of the display I found 2 small circuit boards. I removed the small circuit board containing the joystick and found that all 6 solder connections were fractured due to the fact that the mounting bracket tabs that go through the circuit board were never soldered. The joystick is a surface mount device, and by not soldering the mounting tabs on the other side of the circuit board, will allow the solder joints to flex and eventually fail. Even though all 6 solder connections had fractured, I was still able to move left, down and select. Even though this is a surface mount device, the connections were easy to re-solder. After re-soldering the connections turn the board over and solder the mounting tabs. After the repair, the joystick worked great, more responsive than ever!

    Although this was not difficult to repair, it will require a great deal of care and a good mechanical aptitude, I can not stress this enough!

    Removing the bezel from the navigation display was not that difficult, however when replacing it DO NOT SNAP IT IN UNTIL YOU GET THE CLOSE BUTTON [non-permissible content removed] POSITIONED AGAINST THE FRONT OF THE CLOSE SWITCH, or you will shear the plastic close switch actuator off of the switch causing permanent damage!!! I know this first hand. Fortunately I found a replacement at Mouser, Part# 101-TS4722R2200-EV. The dimensions are exactly the same and it looks exactly like the original switch. The only difference is that the new switch doesn’t have the two alignment bosses on the bottom, so You will have to position it manually.

  • In my previous post I used a word that is used to describe a part of a woman's anatomy. Unfortunately it resulted with the following:


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  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,417

    Yea, those words with multiple meanings can be tricky :)

    More important, thanks for the info about the fix! Always great to hear about DIY fixes. Good job!


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  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,417

    Always nice to have a step by step with pictures! And THANKS for not making that into a loooooong post and tucking it into a pdf B)


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