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Horsepower to Weight Ratio



  • 1995 Corvette
    1999 Corvette
    2001 Corvette
    I am missing something here Subygt?????????

    You compare these cars to a 2007.

    It is 2006 and they are selling 2007 Corvettes!

    I agree that the weight to horsepower ratio does mean something but why are you talking about ancient history??? But your comparisons are meaningless. Why don't you compare a 2007 Porsche to a 1958 Corvette? That would be a real valid comparison wouldn't it!

    The 2007 Corvette coupes and convertibles and the 2007 ZO6 are all street legal cars that are great sports cars!

    It is pretty obvious that you don't own any of the 3!
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