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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Accessories and Modifications



  • Thanks for the input Shady. That sounds a lot better than messing around with the lift kits. I wasn't aware they could make those kinds of adjustments.
  • Just so you all know if the dealer installs a lift kit before you buy the new vehicle, it voids the warranty through GM. This is just something that the dealer forgets to tell you if you have trouble with it. The dealer is making approximately $6500.00 profit by putting it on and then they don't want to fix anything on it. They shouldn't be able to put them on vehicles without having them re-inspected for safety.
  • adjustments to raise front is fairly simple. look for long rods with octagon shape ends under bottom inside of tires(lower a arms i think). tighten bolts , paying attention to ammount of turns. keep turns equal to each side. headlights will be higher and piss me off if we crisscross at night so please dial them down after adjusting front up, thanks
  • I'm looking for a little more power for pulling my 5th wheel camper. I have an '04 silverado 2500HD gasser with 410 gears. I've added a K & N cold air intake and two flowmaster 40 series mufflers with no tailpipes. Mufflers are 2 1/2 in & out with narrowings at each end cut closer to match 3 inch pipes. Is a flowmaster 2 1/2 mufflers insides differant than that of 3 inch mufflers? Will tailpipes gain me more torque? Should I have purchased the HD muffler? Will an almost $300 chip help that much? If so what brand?
    Truck does pull fairly well in 55 zones. Pulling in 70 zones is quite a bit tougher, especially in windy conditions with hills. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated ! thanks.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Forget the K&N and the flowmasters. Other than intake and exhaust sounds you will lose low end torque. A westerns tune may help. Do a google on it. Other than that most bolt ons are not worth the price in return on $ per HP.
  • Thanks for the info and the reminder on the lights. Hadn't thought about those yet. Those dealers charging 6,500. on the lift kits are making way too much money on them. You can get a 12" lift installed at a off road shop around here for about 3,500., inlcuding everything else that needs to be changed out to work with it.
  • Alright truth is that the dealership you talked to is correct. There is an external antenna that needs to be installed as with any gps product. Also you do have to have the radio programmed in order to unlock it. The new radios built by denso have a data recognition of the VIN number stored in the radio and it will have to be programmed to work with the vehicle also the steering wheel controls have to programmed in order to function. The antenna for the gps is on the roof of the vehicle either painted to match or rough plastic. Vehicles with gps will have two of these on the new body style. One is the on-star/gps ant. the other is the xm ant. if so equipped. Now the only question here is, are the part numbers different between a vehicle with nav and without nav since on-star and nav are in the same ant. This I do not know. Where is the connection for the gps to hook in? I think you will have to pull the headliner most of the way down and replace the ant. for one with on-star and navigation.
    Never really looked into this too much but I know alot about the new radio from the fact that I work at a customs shop and deal with hooking alot of things up to those new radios.
  • I work at a customs shop and have installed a lift kit on just such a truck. It was a 6" fabtech lift. The truck looked absolutely awesome afterwards. I saw a few other posts on here about cranking the tortion bars and this is a solution to level the truck out it will not lift the rear. Also cranking the tortion bars up can also cause a rough riding truck. A lift kit replaces crossmembers and drops the lower control arms. Also the rear end will get blocks that space between the rear end and the leaf springs. This raises the whole truck and levels it out. A six inch lift on this truck with the right rims and tires becomes a monster. I literally have to jump to get into the truck. hope this helps.
  • Does anyone make a set of nice looking molded splash guards for the '07 NBS Silverado? And not those flat, el cheapo swapmeet one-size-fits-all junk neither. That's one of the few gripes I have about my truck.

    Part # and source appreciated.


  • The best thing I have found is made by a company called husyliners. They make molded floor mats and molded mud flaps specific to the vehicle. They even make different ones that fit wether it be a dualie, have fender flares or whatever. Very tough and always easy to install. They typically use the factory hardware when possible and add a few extra screws for support. They run about 50-60 dollars per set and are available at most customs shops.
  • Am considering putting a small lift kit on my 07 4x4 Silverado NBS. 2"-3" lift, enough to clear some 33s, not enough to screw up on-road handling and destroy u-joints. Anybody done that? What kits are out there? Why is one better than another? It's been a few years since I did a lift.

    Also, have heard different stories about lift kits voiding the factory warranty. What's the real deal with that? If that's true, why do dealers offer the kits installed on some trucks?

    Finally, does the lift mess with the ABS/Traction Control?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi all, new member, but i was hoping someone had some ideas for performance upgrades besides what i have done already ? I have a 4.8/292 C.I. motor with 2wd.
    I have changed to a K&N FIPK, HYPERTECH power programmer, a Flowmaster cat back dual exaust w/3" pipes, MSD 8.5mm wires and AC Delco Platinum +4 plugs. Here is what i'm thinking?????Rocker arms,Headders(want to stay emissions legal) BBk or Comp Cams FAST manifold,Throttle body?,Maybe go to an electrick fan and maybe a throttle body spacer.with this setup I have now I get about 17mpg I would like to stay above 12mpg and still haul A%$. Thanks for any help. And I forgot about a SUPERCHARGER!!!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    If you decide on a supercharger you will have to dump the K&N FIPK and the Hypertech as the guys who make superchargers don't like either. Also forget the Granatelli MAF or throttle body spacer as the same guys don't like those either.

    If you really want to haul a$$, sell those mods you have on ebay and go the supercharger route. It will save you a lot of time and money, not affect gas mileage much, and if you do blow your motor it will be a good excuse to get the 5.3 or 6.0.

    Last but not least dump those Flowmasters, they have been dyno'd and have shown 7-12 HP loss due to not having enough back pressure which causes loss of lowend torque. A catback from Borla or Corsa will do a lot better. Course you will pay twice what you paid for the Flows.

    Good luck!!
  • Okay my 1992 C/K pickup didn't come with power locks, but I'm wanting to put a key-less entry system in it. I'm already aware of prices and such but I've been trying to find out if there is anyone out there that knows if a non mechanically inclined person could install such a system? Including the power locks part? And I'm more interested in if its easy to do or not, like I said, a mehcanically disinclined person basically?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    apart the door and the window assembly would create stress, then I suggest you take whatever kit you buy to an installer. If in your opinion you think that it's not worth the bucks then I suggest you forget the idea completely. Installing power door locks and windows is not for the average diy.
  • what kind of stuff would even go into it, i mean the only mechanical thing i even really see is the accuators, the rest is finding out where to place all that wiring and where your gonna place the box too.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    If you want to take the chance I suggest you pick up the keyless system from a place such as Crutchfield which doesn't have the best price but has excellent installation instructions and phone support. That is for someone who is not mechanically inclined but able to read and follow directions. ;)
  • mrualmrual Posts: 13
    I have a 2006 silverado 5.3 as everyone else allways looking for better gas mileage just changed the OME Cold Air Intake System with a K&N Cold Air Intake and What a difference way better performance its like the engine can finally breath. both performance and gas mileage shot up :surprise: .. has anyone else tried the cold air intakes??
    Next need to change over to mobil 1 oil see if that does anything for my mileage.. :shades:
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    After 6 months of use, remove your intake tube and inspect your throttle body. Buy a couple of cans of throttle body cleaner from Checkers, couple of old rags and have a go at cleaning all that gunk that's going to be in there. If it is really bad you may have to remove the throttle body to clean it.
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