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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Accessories and Modifications



  • mrualmrual Posts: 13
    Wow it gets that bad?? waiting to see how my gas mileage does since i still have the ome exhaust system its still really new not going to change that till its time
  • I bought the Husky Liner mud guards for my 2007 NBS Silverado thru the Premier Motoring web site. Cost was $31.90 for each set (front +rear) plus $16 shipping for $79.80 total.

    I installed the rears today, install was fairly easy. You need to drill four 1/8" holes on the inside lip of each fender per each guard. They also include some clear decal type mat'l. to install on the painted surface so that the plastic guards don't rub thru the paint where they touch the fenders. Good idea. The install of this decal stuff is also easy. You should remove the wheel for best access to the fender area. Install time was about 1 hour per guard. Instructions are clear and easy to follow.

    The guards look very good, they are molded to fit around the lip of the fender, just like Chevy should have done, at least as an option. The fit is very good.

    I held up the front guards to the fenders, they also look like they will fit very good. Install is similar, but you only have to drill one new hole for each of the front guards. The front guards use three existing holes in the fenders. I will do the install of the fronts soon.

    They are long enough that they look like they will be effective at keeping mud off the quarter panels. But, I still need to see if they hang up on brush off road. If they are too long, the guards look like they could be trimmed fairly easy. Time will tell, although my Toyota trucks and Trooper had guards at least as big as these with no problems.

    I would give these mud guards a thumbs up. Big thumbs DOWN to Chevy for not offering them.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    When I installed these on a previous Silverado I had them painted to match. Fairly easy since the truck was black. Made it a little easier to clean.

    Yes, GM should offer something equal to or better. One Chevy dealer offers free guards but it has the dealerships logo on them.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    By installing the K&N FIPK and a PV catback system one thing I gained was noise. Add to that a set of headers and the truck was dam loud. After awhile it got tiring and mileage increase was non existant. I would have gained a better mpg by not installing the mods and laying off the gas which made more noise that for awhile was enjoyable. I also had the Hypertech programmer, Granatelli MAF, Magnecor wires......none of which gave me more mpg....

    And yes, your throttle body will get trashed. Is it from the K&N oil? Don't know but since I dumped my K&N FIPK my throttle body doesn't get anywhere near as dirty.
    I guess as we get older the "noise" gets annoying. ;)
  • mrualmrual Posts: 13
    did you make a mistake buying a silverado (Truck) why dont you build a race car insted and race in the sprint cup this year :confuse:
  • mrualmrual Posts: 13
    your throttle body will get trashed if you over oil the filter all you need is vary little oil.. people seem to think more oil the better wash the filter let it air dry spray vary little oil on filter wait 1-2hrs dap off and your good to go .. been using K&N Filter since 1992 never had a problem .. :shades:
  • bigz04bigz04 Posts: 12
    I have Fab tech on my truck. And it was put on by Chevy in Las Vegas so they also warrantied it. But yes it will void the factory warranty other wise if not done by dealer, the best way around that is have the lift done at a place that will warranty the lift once on, to make up for what chevy will void because of it. CST is the best lift out according to a 4x4 test by 4wheel. Fab Tech was never tested in that test. By the way with a 6" lift my 33" tires barely clear the wheel well with out rubbing when you need to turn the wheel all the way. I lost no ride comfort with the lift except in the rear because of the add a leaf which you can get around if you just put a 6" block in. My lift came with a 4" block and required the add-a-leaf to get the full 6" in the rear. Lost gas mileage but returned with engine programmer.
  • Hi can you help me
    I have 2008 silverado HD 2500 LT and i install the GM original navigation system but i had some problem with the sound its not that loud what used to be ( my speaker is not BOSS ) , and how to install the real camera if there is no direct input for it .
  • I have 2008 silverado HD 2500 LT and i install the GM original navigation system but i had some problem with the sound its not that loud what used to be ( my speaker is not BOSS ) , and how to install the real camera if there is no direct input for it .
  • Alright here's the scoop. All chevy's with factory nav have the Bose System from the factory and that is factory amplified sound system. The reason the sound is not very loud is you are missing the amplifier that is normally amping up the outputs from the nav unit. To fix this problem them there is one easy way and that is an aftermarket 4-channel amp. And the back up camera is another easy one. Yes it can be done. Most reputable customs shops can do this. It requires a special interface that can be quite costly though. Also the truck will have to take a trip to the dealership afterwards to be reflashed and have the camera function turned on. Honestly in my opinion an aftermarket dual-din in-dash DVD player would have worked way better for what you are doing. It would fix the audio, have an input for the back up camera already, be upgradeable, sound better, look better, and cheaper. But that's my opinion. Anyways any other questions just post'em up.
  • Thanks bpari005 for your Replying, i got one more question im using the nav outside the united states where is the radio frequency is different foe example ( we used the channel 88.8 as music channel ) how to fix this problem.
  • I've searched all over this forum and a couple of others without any luck -- hope someone here can help me.

    I've a 2002 Sierra extended cab with the long overhead console in the roof. It currently has the slot to hold a single portable garage door opener, but I want to replace that with the GM 3 button homelink module. I picked up a used homelink module and have removed my console, however the homelink module has 3 wires (orange, black, and brown), while my old console only has the orange and black going into it. Can someone tell me what the brown wire is and if there is an easy way to connect this up?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Rough guess on those wires would typically be orange- 12V constant/ brown ACC+ / and black ground-
  • the lowest fequency that the radio will pick up is 87.9 I am not sure if that can be changed. Sorry
  • skipvskipv Posts: 7
    Have the FIPK kit on a 1999 Silverado with Gibson Headers and a Borla Cat Back with Hypertech PPGM. Nice quiet sound at 75MPH without being annoying.

    Truck runs well with 89 octane and gets 17 around town with enough kick to squeal 20 inchers.

    Did not see much difference in commuting miles by going synthetic so Castrol 5W-30 works for me.
  • skipvskipv Posts: 7
    Throttle body get trashed on the inside from the breather behind the plate. Some good TB cleaner and rags not only cleans it up but helps the TB seal better.

    "Noise" is relative to the cost of your catback. Older is also a relative term.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    I don't remember an 89 octane setting for the Hypertech. Was either regular or premium for the programming. So do you have it set to regular and use 89 or premium?
  • jimvzjimvz Posts: 3
    Mike, I have a 2004 Sierra with the long overhead console. Were you able to find a replacement overhead console with the built-in homelink? If so where? I have called my dealer to price one and they claim they were not available, but I know better than that. Any suggestions as to where to fine one, parts numbers, approx price etc would be greatly appreciated.

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