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Pontiac Sunfire Electrical Problems



  • kenzie4kenzie4 Posts: 4
    ok, well i still have not gotten it tested, but now, i hit a puddle and the speedometer works. so i believe its a bad ground somewhere on the tranny, if anyone knows where abouts it would be before i put it on ramps and start looking, it would help. thanks
  • kenzie4kenzie4 Posts: 4
    ok, nevermind agai, i looked and it was easy to see, but difficult to get to, the ground on the clip is off, so i am going to have to do some splice work
  • I bought a used 98 Sunfire, the previous owner hit a deer with it and after that the High beams didn't work. My husband messed around with the wiring and managed to get one working, but I've been having all kinds of electrical issues. If I tilt my wheel too much , my taillights go out. My Odometer doesn't work, I took the instrument cluster out and there doesn't seem to be and connection for the Odometer on it. Do I have to redo the wiring? If so how much Is a wiring harness and Instrument cluster?
  • hello. my 2005 sunfire started having this same problem a few days ago. my service light is on and the odometer reads error after the car has been started. did you find a solution to this ever? did you take your car in? can you provide me with any details.
  • swiff97swiff97 Posts: 1
    i have a 97 coupe.. and today i had to replace a few fuses because my cigarette lighter and horn stopped working.. but anyways, i noticed now that my radio doesn't work, nor my cassette player. the lights behind the buttons all work, but when i push any of them nothing happens. so where exactly is the radio fuse located? on the fuse chart i cant find anything that looks like it could be the radio fuse, since everything is abbreviated (to tell you the truth, i know nothing about cars or what any of the words mean) any help would be very appreciated.
  • A few years ago I was putting in a car stereo for my wife, while hooking up one of the wires to the harness, they arc'd off. every since then, everytime her car cuts off her radio resets itself, time and all. I have tryed 3 different radios in it since then and theyve all done the same thing...I checked all the fuses and all the connections to all three stereos. Am I missing something? :confuse:
  • can anyone tell me how to get at the license plate bulbs to change them. Its a 99 sunfire gt Thank you in advance
  • quastquast Posts: 1
    i have a 1999 sunfire gt and when i bought it the gas gauge would just stay at full, convenient but not helpfull, so i changed out the gauge just thinking it might be it but it wasn't. when i turn it on it will move around a little then go back to where it was. ive heard a lot of different possible problems like the pick up, a fuse, faulty wiring has anyone else had this problem and if so can i get some feedback would be greatly appreciated
  • This is for anyone interested on how to change the license plate bulb, you have to remove the whole lens cover which will come off easy after removing the 9 nuts. The manuals only show 6 that should be removed but in fact there are 3 more.
  • windfall3windfall3 Posts: 1
    I have the Same issue the speedometer and odometer are not working when i went though a Car Wash it started to work again but now it is not working how to i fix this? I have had it tested for free everything was ok and he showed me a wire clip right under the car on the tranny it clipped in but one of the wires was old and showing the Raw wire without the plastic coating on it... How do i fix this????????
    Please E-Mail me at
  • vito3vito3 Posts: 1
    Hey Quast.....I have the same problem on my 99 but didnt really worry about it. Now that I want to sell it i thought I should get it fixed. Anyone have idea? My gas gauge will only leave the full mark briefly when starting then then taking off or the odd time when stopping....but 90% it stays at the full mark like Quast. ANyone see this before and is there a solution a guy can do from home? THanks for any replies.
  • heyo1heyo1 Posts: 1
    Hey i am looking for a diagram for a 98 sunfire can anyone direct me to a link for the schematics
  • Is there anything special I need to know before changing the stereo in my 05 sunfire?
  • whitney12whitney12 Posts: 2
    I changed the stereo in my 05 pontiac. All the chimes are in your stock stereo. When you change it, just know that you wont get a warning if your key is still in the ignition or if your lights are still on. You can have the stereo guys put in some kind of adapter though. I think it's like 80 bucks.
  • Let me toss this one at digital odometer doesn't work at all. I was told I could replace the instrument cluster, but how in the world would I get to it? Does anyone know how to remove the cluster?? :confuse: :shades:
  • rousearousea Posts: 4
    I have a 2002 Sunfire and until a few days ago, the radio always shut off when I opened my door. Now, it doesn't shut off immediately. It's almost like clockwork. After I open my door, it waits almost exactly 5 seconds before shutting off.

    Not that it's a problem but I've had the car for 2 years now and until a couple of days ago, the radio always shut off as I opened the door and now it doesn't.

    Anyone experienced this or know what the issue may be?
  • 30 Amp Fuse in Engine Compartment blows as soon as power is turned on.

    Fuse in passenger compartment ok!

    Disconnected blower motor, resister and same happened.

    Replaced with a new relay...same problem.

    Replaced switches in Dash with one from scrap yard same problem.

    Tried new resister...same problem.

    Anyone know of where the short might be?

    Pontiac 2000 Sunfire Automatic
  • Short in wiring harness inside dash has been found and repaired....
  • i have a 2000 sunfire it runs pretty good and plan to keep it for a few more years the only problem i am having with it is the odometer kicked out at about 100k does anybody know how to fix this i took it to a machanic and they said they would have to send it away to be fixed and it would take 2 weeks to get it back, i cant go that long without a car! does this sound right? or is it just a loose wire or something does anybody know of an on going problem in this perticular year or something i know there has been a lot of problems with blown fuses in the sunfires could this be it i dont think so tho cuz everything else works just no odometer :(
  • I had the same problem with my horn on my 95, i thought it just didnt work (like everything else) but i accidently found it, I just pressed on the steering wheel near the top, not where the horn symbols are, and it worked.

    I have a problem with my reverse lights, I changed the bulbs, and the sockets seem ok, does this car jus have bad wiring or sauder joints? can anyone shed some light on this?
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