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Pontiac Sunfire Electrical Problems



  • My 2005 Pontiac Sunfire has had several problems over the past couple of months.
    When I was driving all my gages went to zero when I would start to break. After I started moving again they would go up. Also my lights started to dim. When I had the air on all my gages went to zero; when I turned the air off the gages went back up, when I had the lights on. The theft system and service light was on. The mechanic put three different computers in the car. Put in a recall part. Also put in a new part were all wiring connects. They fixed a short near the gages. They did more stuff that I am not sure of. I know they worked on the ground wire. After he told me he could not fix it. I put a new battery in it. Then it worked for a couple of days. I am getting a new belt in tensor put in on Wednesday since that has been something that has needed to be replaced. Now it works most of the time. But the lights still dim. But the theft system lights come on and service so it locks up cruise control. But now the gages do not go to zero. My dad says I do not need new head lamps. But my turn single lights do need to be replaced. Every test that has been run on my car shows that everything is fine. What else can I do?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,240

    I apologize for the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. Are you working with a GM dealership or an independent shop?

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • I am working with independent shop. Who has called GM several times. Also called GM Dealerships. He has most of the problems fixed now. Since the first people he had worked on were wrong. He found things wrong were they did not look. I will still buy GM made vehicles. I still love the car.

  • Hi. I recently had an oil change & a new battery put on @ wal mart on my 2004 sunfire. As soon as I left I noticed all my warning lights on, check engine, brakes, anti theft. I was still in the wal mart parking lot so I took it right back around & told them something was wrong. They did something under the hood, I don't know what. I was in a hurry to make a 4.5 hour drive to see my granddaughter be born. So I started driving home & noticedall my gauges fluctuating like crazy! The car was driving fine though so I went ahead with my trip. There were times it said I was going zero & it said my full tank was empty. So I get home & I call a friend from high school who is a mechanic & he tells me to check my battery connections & the fluid in my battery. I told him it was a brand new no maintenance battery. He said check it anyway. So I check & notice the negative connector is not on very well & I'll be, my battery was only half, if that full of acid. I take it back to wal mart & encounter the rudest person alive, also the one who originally put my battery in. I told him what the problem was & he fixed the connection & then went & got water from the drinking fountain & put in my battery. I called my dad & told him & he said take it back & make them give you a new battery. He should have never put water in that one & it won't last as long as it's supposed to. So the next morning I went back & they were appalled by what he had done, said he should have automatically given me a new battery. So they decided the one he put in was the wrong size, not enough amps & gave me the right size battery. I thought ok, that was my problem. No. So I went back today & met jackass #2. He said it was probably my altanator, which he checked & it wasn't. I told him I thought when the first guy hooked up my battery the first time he did it backwards & messed up my computer system. He said if my computer system was messed up my car wouldn't start. Maybe I should have said electrical system. My town is small & there are only private mechanics. I'm supposed to go sometime tomorrow for a diagnostic check. It's just that I didn't have one single problem other than needing a new battery before they put in a battery & 2 new terminals. I've checked all my fuses. My problem is I have brain cancer, I'm on disability & now I have to go pay for a diagnostic? Of course if it comes back battery related wal mart will reimburse, they say, but I have a feeling it's going to be a fight. Has anyone else had this experience after getting a new battery put in?
  • Hi, I have a problem on my 2000 Sunfire 2.2. First, i change the steering column because the other ingition key broken and i can get out of OFF. So the less expensive was to by a other complete steering column at a scrap yard. I change it but the car does'nt want to run. The Starter run and the engine crank up but nothing. I ive chek my fuse my fuel pump relais and every thing is fine. By the way my air bag light and car lock is on so....

    If anyone have an idea what is it ?
  • sounds like you messed with the anti theft program
  • annajoannajo Posts: 2
    Ok, after fighting with wal mart and taking down names & dates "my log", I finally go back yesterday bound & determined for them to pay to get my car checked. I'm not unreasonable, I take responsibility for my vehicle. However, I know everything worked fine, they put in a new battery & it then it didn't. I also didn't like being talked down to like I was dumb. "Oh, if your battery was hooked up backwards to begin with & fried your electrical system, your car wouldn't even.start". This is not true! So I went in & asked to speak to the manager & here comes the guy who initially put the battery on! Also the same guy who put drinking fountain water in my brand new battery. I said, no way. I don't want to talk to him, please get me the store manager. So it was the same lady who was there when I got my second battery. I think they are just tired of me because she said, we are going to fix your car. Take it to a certified GM mechanic for an estimate & if it's over $250 we have to get coperate to approve it. I asked her how long that takes & she said, it depends on your adjuster. Well, they won't fart around about because I'll call everyday. So, it turns out there is a certified GM mechanic only about 22 miles away. I take the car there & explain everything. He tells me he still has to run some diagnostics on it & they cost 95.99. I almost start crying. Then he said, if I go ahead & sign for them to do the repairs & not take the car with me, but leave it there, they will just add it to my final bill. Which I did. Diagnostic & driving tests led him to believe that improper installation of the battery fried my electrical panel. So, scott from wal mart, I'm not so dumb after all!
  • usually in the steering wheel
  • I have a 2000 pontiac sunfire and it's obviously giving me problems. first and most threatening is the fact that it stopped shifting. Around 20 mph it revs at around 1800 rpm and 30 at 2500 rpm. it started after hitting a pot hole in my works parking lot. i took it to a shop and they replaced a fuse and it was good again. hit another pot hole going down a hill and it went out again. took it in again and they said it was a wiring problem, fixed again.. they i didn't hit a pot hole but a little ditch thing in the road that i go over everyday after work, it locked up and i had to pull over and turn the car off. turned it right back on and everything was fine but wouldn't shift again. took it in again and they said transmission. but there's to many electrical problems that persist to just ignore. left head light keeps going out, my right blinker light keeps going out, when i put my car in drive my head lights and dashboard lights flash fast about 4-5 times, then service light comes on. i was told to check my ground wire but im not sure where that is. checked the battery for corrosion and none. fuses look like they might be all burnt but yet the lights and such still work, so i'm not to entirely sure. i was also told to check all wires to make sure they are sending the electrical current where it needs to be. another told me that i should do a transmission flush. if that didn't work then change 4 of my (not sure what they are called, i presumed cylinoids but i know that's not it, it's in the engine though). i would like to just check every wire before spending any money cause it seems like the electrical problem might be the cause and nonetheless still a problem. any information on this would be greatly appreciated.
  • sunfriedsunfried Posts: 1
    Hi, Im having the exact same problem w/ my 98 Sunfire. Im glad you were able to prove that Walmart was at fault afterall. However, I purchased my Sunfire used w/ this same issue already in place. It acts up intermittently and didnt act up until I had the car for a couple days. I purchased it from a private owner and have no recourse.
    Was the dealer able to determine what was wrong or causing the problem. If so, what was the issue and did it resolve the problem? I was told I need to replace the instrument (dash) cluster. However before I start changing random things, Id like to see what resolved your issue first. Thank you for your time.
  • I own a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire. When my previous car had to be hauled off my daughter gave this car to me. I live in constant rain country and I am not able to protect this car from the rain sufficiently. The car has a ghost!! the door locks lock and unlock at will, Ha ha. The trunk unlocks in chime on the third beat. The cruise control goes out when hitting certain potholes. The top isn't wanting to close completely without some juggling of the handle. The tension of the brakes under my feet seem to be harder at times. Any ideas!!!!
  • I have the same problem but I bought a new amp and installed but I own a 2002 Chevy Cavalier and sunfires r the same type of vehicle just different name. I was wondering if you solved your problem yet. If so hit me up at P.S. sometimes it will start but if I turn if off it will not start again.
  • jv1979jv1979 Posts: 2
    edited June 2013
    Recently purchased 05 pontiac sunfire. Everything was great untill I took it off the lot and then drove it at night when I discovered...... no dash lights, no button illumination on radio or a/c controls, no fog lights, nor does the fog light buttoned illuminate when pressed. No tail lights, no plate lights. Head lights work including daytime running lights and brights. All turn signal lights work except the 2 indicator lights on the sides of the rear bumper. All brake lights work.
    Reverse lights work. I replaced the turn signal/headlight switch to no benefit. Also checked all fuses with multimeter, they were good. Please help!
  • Sorry I have no idea what is wrong sorry
  • jv1979jv1979 Posts: 2
    So I decided to replace the radio based on a similar issue with a previous vehicle. Everything appears to be wired correctly, but while the head unit gets power (it will accept and eject cd's) there is no power to the display so the radio face does not illuminate. I'm not sure if I've compounded the problem or made it easier to diagnose but I thought I would throw it out there....
  • saby1saby1 Posts: 1
    Started my car on Sunday. Radio went out. Noticed later- no speedometer, RPM, temperature gauge or gas gauge. No inside light, no headlights. No Keyless entry. No tail lights or dashboard lights.
    Windshield wipers, temperature fan, signals and brake lights all work.
    Checked all fuses, all ok
  • sunsal1sunsal1 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem as you. Very hot and humid right now. 2001 Sunfire does not like. Car would turn over but not start. Waited 2 days and tried again. Started but said my anti-thief was on. Radio does not work. Car runs but dashboard indicators do not work. Windshield wipers work. Fan for heater/AC works. So does AC. Been reading on internet possible problems. Electrical most likely. Maybe computer. I left the driver's window down half way in thunderstorm 2 weeks ago. Stupid thing to do. Suggestions? I am going to check all the fuses first. Would resetting the computer help?
  • Hey! I am having a strange issue with my 98 Pontiac Sunfire... took it to my mechanic and they said it was an electrical issue. My brake light and abs light are on in my dashboard but nothing is physically wrong with my brakes... Mechanic said they cannot get a response from the abs brakes or the airbags electrically... My car was in an accident before I owned it. Anybody have any ideas?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,190

    witergirlx22, it looks like other Sunfire owners have had this problem -- some of them said "that's just how Sunfires are", but the folks here seem to think it could be a loose ABS sensor or the jumper harnesses that run to them:


    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • fasterfirefasterfire Bakersfield, ca.Posts: 3
    Does anyone know why my brand new after market tach. Reads low , like when it should read 6 grand,it reads 2 grand. And its shaky at idle
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