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Pontiac Sunfire Electrical Problems



  • I own a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire. When my previous car had to be hauled off my daughter gave this car to me. I live in constant rain country and I am not able to protect this car from the rain sufficiently. The car has a ghost!! the door locks lock and unlock at will, Ha ha. The trunk unlocks in chime on the third beat. The cruise control goes out when hitting certain potholes. The top isn't wanting to close completely without some juggling of the handle. The tension of the brakes under my feet seem to be harder at times. Any ideas!!!!
  • I have the same problem but I bought a new amp and installed but I own a 2002 Chevy Cavalier and sunfires r the same type of vehicle just different name. I was wondering if you solved your problem yet. If so hit me up at P.S. sometimes it will start but if I turn if off it will not start again.
  • jv1979jv1979 Posts: 2
    edited June 2013
    Recently purchased 05 pontiac sunfire. Everything was great untill I took it off the lot and then drove it at night when I discovered...... no dash lights, no button illumination on radio or a/c controls, no fog lights, nor does the fog light buttoned illuminate when pressed. No tail lights, no plate lights. Head lights work including daytime running lights and brights. All turn signal lights work except the 2 indicator lights on the sides of the rear bumper. All brake lights work.
    Reverse lights work. I replaced the turn signal/headlight switch to no benefit. Also checked all fuses with multimeter, they were good. Please help!
  • Sorry I have no idea what is wrong sorry
  • jv1979jv1979 Posts: 2
    So I decided to replace the radio based on a similar issue with a previous vehicle. Everything appears to be wired correctly, but while the head unit gets power (it will accept and eject cd's) there is no power to the display so the radio face does not illuminate. I'm not sure if I've compounded the problem or made it easier to diagnose but I thought I would throw it out there....
  • saby1saby1 Posts: 1
    Started my car on Sunday. Radio went out. Noticed later- no speedometer, RPM, temperature gauge or gas gauge. No inside light, no headlights. No Keyless entry. No tail lights or dashboard lights.
    Windshield wipers, temperature fan, signals and brake lights all work.
    Checked all fuses, all ok
  • sunsal1sunsal1 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem as you. Very hot and humid right now. 2001 Sunfire does not like. Car would turn over but not start. Waited 2 days and tried again. Started but said my anti-thief was on. Radio does not work. Car runs but dashboard indicators do not work. Windshield wipers work. Fan for heater/AC works. So does AC. Been reading on internet possible problems. Electrical most likely. Maybe computer. I left the driver's window down half way in thunderstorm 2 weeks ago. Stupid thing to do. Suggestions? I am going to check all the fuses first. Would resetting the computer help?
  • Hey! I am having a strange issue with my 98 Pontiac Sunfire... took it to my mechanic and they said it was an electrical issue. My brake light and abs light are on in my dashboard but nothing is physically wrong with my brakes... Mechanic said they cannot get a response from the abs brakes or the airbags electrically... My car was in an accident before I owned it. Anybody have any ideas?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974

    witergirlx22, it looks like other Sunfire owners have had this problem -- some of them said "that's just how Sunfires are", but the folks here seem to think it could be a loose ABS sensor or the jumper harnesses that run to them:

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