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Toyota Tundra Towing Questions



  • I have a Ford F350 and tow a 14K trailer.
    last time out a new Mighty Toyaoooata Trunda towing what i estamite to be around 7K trailer attempted to pass going up a hill.
    My firt thoght was you have got to be kidding me???
    I steped on my Powerstroke and the last time I look the Toy was looking at the rear of my rig......
    Plus I get 20 MPG empty and 13 MPG towing.
    Dont buy a trundraaaa for towing,
  • had one of those super duty`s ford stands for fix or repair daily,oh yea you should learn how to spell.
  • Just a little updated infom. for you. Lets compare apples to apples. A 350 ford diesel to a Tundra is not exactly a match. But let me tell you this. All and all the TUNDRA is one great truck and looks real good next to your 350 Just compare the specs. Put it up against the gas 250, 350 and see what you have. Don"t even try to compare the ford or other Half ton 150's There is no way they even come close.
    I own a Tundra 2007 And I tow a 5TH wheel weight of almost 11,000 lbs. Not to mention the heavy tongue weight. I did change the tires from the standard toyota provides to a michellin 10 ply. Other than that were on the road. Towed from flat Florida to the mountains of North Carolina. Averaged 65 mph and got 9.5 miles per Gal. I was very impressed as I believe you too will be. Towing was not a problem on the hills and I did pass the slower moving semi's with out a problem an with lots of power and torque. Braking was also very good.Don't let anyone tell you the Tundra is a light weight. It is far beyond its class. No telling what the next generation Tundra will do. LOOK OUT It well be a killer I'm Sure..
  • how goes the updated trans mission if you still own vehicle? did dealership replace
    trans or you had it done through third party tran shop??
  • haven`t had any problems with the tranny to date.. I pull a travel trailer also plow snow with the tundra..But I will keep my eye on the tranny
  • It's almost time to replace the marginal factory 275/65-18 (car) tires. There are many options out there but for not too much more money I can go with real truck tires( E load rated).
    I know they will provide better sway contol and I'm sure they are more puncture resistant. I'm my opinion, the tires on 3/4 ton trucks are one of the main reasons they handle towing better.
    I do expect a slightly stiffer ride and have no problems with that as long as it's reasonable and not bone jarring. Actually, I see no reason to run much over the door jamb recommended presures, even though the tires can go to 80 psi to take advantage of their full capacity but that's beyond what are trucks can safely handle anyway.
    Question is... Has anyone done this and how did it work out. Ride? Tire wear? What pressures work best, empty, loaded and towing?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    If you go to "truck" tires (LT with C/D/E load rating), you do not actually have to fill them to their max PSI (50 for C, 65 for D, 80 for E). Use a load chart to determine the proper PSI for how much weight will actually be on the axle. On my Dodge Ram 3500 dually, I have LT235/80R17E tires at all 6 positions, but the 4 rear tires are usually at just 37 psi when the bed is empty... the front tires are generally around 62 psi. This is acceptable use by design, and there is no unusual wear. In contrast, running full psi with light (or empty) loads will cause excess wear to the tire and suspension.

    Check over this chart:
    Bridgestone Load/Inflation Chart

    LT275/65R18 is on the last page.

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  • have had for three weeks and it is great. was between this, ford and Dodge. Dodge way too much money, and with a $10k discount, I never tested the others. Taking it out to San Diego next weekend, towing a starcraft tent trailer. I know that won't be much of a test, but bought the Tundra to pull a 5th wheel in future. I've pulled 30 ft. nomad with suburban, so I've had some experience towing before. Do I need to keep the speed down with this first tow, or will it matter with a tent trailer. I haven't even had a chance to see if the hitch I've used on my GMC will work, I know the Tundra sets higher off the ground. I'm just going to hook it up and go for it. Got the brake controller installed today. Ready to rock and roll
  • I`ve been towing a jayco 31 footer w/ a 14 foot slide (EAGLE) the trailer weighs in at 9200, tongue at 963lbs. you know it`s there but the tundra tows it alot better than my f-250 super krapp ever though of towing it....good luck and let me know what happens...... :shades:
  • dlazodlazo Posts: 1
    I have a Palimino 1251 sb slide in camper. It is on my 06 tundra. I have air bags and c rated 6 ply toyo tires. I am over the rear axle weight by 400 lbs. I have taken it on three or more trips; The longest being 300 miles. With only 20 lbs of air in the bags the rear end is 3 or more inches of the bump stops. The total camper weight loaded is about 1800 lbs. You know the camper is there when you are going down the highway but it handles well even in crosswinds. I have a 18 ft. Crestliner boat
    that weighs about 3000 lbs. Would like to take that with me on my next trip. The boat trailer has its own brakes. Any comments on this.
  • 912money912money Posts: 5
    I have a 07 tundra crewmax 5.7liter,my question is how do you install a 5th wheel in the bed { 5 ft. 8 in}.It's a reese 5th wheel with the rails.Next question is if I can get this installed correct,will the truck pull the camper.The camper weighs 9100lbs loaded with a tough weigh of 1665lbs.Reese did tell me I had to install a 10in extension on the camper to get the clearance I needed for the cab.Any help would be greatly appreciated since I've already purchased the camper.
  • 912money912money Posts: 5
    A friend of mine came up with the solution,he owns and operates a machine shop and he fabricated the four brackets that bolted to the frame to bolt the 5th wheel on.
    that solved it,I hooked up my camper to the 5th wheel,my bumper only dropped 2.5 in.the rubber stop had one inch clearance from the bracket,this is with 1665lbs tongue weigh.My question is do I need to install air bags or helper springs if so which one,and where do find them.
  • webgoodwebgood Posts: 95
    Just got my '08 Big-T with the factory 7-pin hitch setup and the "Trailer Brake Jumper Harness" in the glove box. My electric brake controller, a "Draw-Tite Activator II" has 4 wires: a line to the brake connection for the trailer in the 7-pin connector, one to the battery, one to ground, one to the tow-vehicle's stoplight switch. I've found the corresponding descriptions on the Toyota wire harness for these four, but the harness has one more wire coming from it labeled as "headlamp switch to vehicle trail lamps". Since when do the "trail lamps" go thru the controller? Anybody else come across this? Do I just coil-up and ignore the extra line? Thanks in advance! Regards, BGood
  • Hi,
    I'm thinking of buying a tundra to use for towing either 5th wheel or TT. Do you have advice for an old lady? I had a 99 ford 250 Lariat powerstroke for a 5th wheel. Traveling pal got sick so I sold them and got a 06 4Runner. The only truck for me now is a Tundra. Used but very well-kept. Until today, I thought they were too light but then I read that trailers have gotten lighter since my '94 Jayco. I value honest advice way above dealer blah, blah.
    Jody in Colorado
  • imapayneimapayne Posts: 1
    We just purchased an 08 Tundra and would like to transfer the electric brake (add on) from our 2000 Expedition. Are they compatible or do we need to purchase a new one? Thanks for any advice.
  • Just bought a new fifth wheel trailer. It weights 11,900lbs fully loaded is there a way to increase the towing capacity of the tundra. I know the engine can pull this weight it is the rear end and the suspension that would need upgraded. Can anyone help out or do I have to buy a dodge ford or gmc 3/4 ton.
  • webgoodwebgood Posts: 95
    I had a DrawTite controller wired into our '04 Highlander, the installer used a 4-prong plug between the controller and main wiring so that if we ever wanted to transfer it to another vehicle, we could just unplug it. Turned out he was our '08 Tundra last month, pulled the factory-supplied controller harness out of the glove box, followed the wiring diagrams between the harness and from the controller (just 4 wires) with another 4-prone plug, and Voulla! Works perfectly. And, if I ever need it back in the HL, I can just unplug and plug. Regards, BGood
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    3/4 ton is definitely the way to go. Your Tundra is not designed for such a heavy trailer.
  • rambler16rambler16 Posts: 6
    Does anyone know the max tongue weight limit on a 2008 Tundra. I'm pulling a toy Hauler which only weighs 7034 lbs. but the tongue weight is 1340 lbs. I am using a 14000 lb eqalizer weight distribution system and that does even it out. It seems to pull great but i am curious as to what Toyota claims the Max tongue weight to be. I can't find it in the owners manual.
  • webgoodwebgood Posts: 95
    For starters you've got a high percentage of trailer weight on the's usually 10-15% of the total trailer weight. Yours is near 19%. The max payload ranges from 1495 to 2065 depending on drivetrain, model, engine and bed-length which you didn't're just under the limit just with the trailer. "Assuming" your model's rated at the 10,800 tow rating, and "assuming" the hitch should handle the "normal" max tongue percentage of 15%, then the hitch would "theoretically" be expected to handle 1,500 lbs.
    Regards, BGood
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