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Toyota Tundra Towing Questions



  • rambler16rambler16 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the response. The tongue weight does go down when we have equipment in the back. The max tow weight of my Tundra is 10,600 standard bed 5.7. I new i would be close to the max, but the Tundra seems to pull it with no problems.
    Have a great day.
  • Okay, I confess, I am a pick up truck newbie .... as well as somewhat new to towing a travel trailer. Bought a used 07 Tundra V-8, 4.7 longbed. Salesman told me I could tow 7500#, but when I read the label inside the door at home it says 6800#. My TTrailer is an R-Vison Max lite which weights 4800 lbs dry.... So I'm good w/ that.
    My question is this: I was told by the NC Toyota dealer to always tow in S-4 due to the 1:1 ratio (???). My gas milage going across country in S-4 all the way was between 5 - 7 mpg. When I arrived in Durango, I spoke w/ the a dealer here about the mph who said I should have driven it in D all the way except for mountains. I've read the manual that came w/ the truck, but it is not clear to me when I should be using the S-gears. Please advise.

    Other than that... it towed like a dream... much better than my Pathfinder.
  • morin2morin2 Posts: 399
    You did the right thing. Yes, your fuel economy will suffer because you are operating at higher rpms in 4th gear than in OD, but it will be better than risking the trans or the torque converter to tow in OD. Towing in overdrive is always a bad idea - unless the load is very light, say a small aluminum boat for example. Some people are not convinced of it until they need a new transmission. The best tow vehicles are diesels and they do not suffer from such a great loss of fuel economy while towing.
  • apptunapptun Posts: 18
    I have an 02 which of course does not have a 5 speed tranny.We tow our 5000 pound horse trailer in OD if the conditions are right. Basically you need to be on fairly flat roads and not use the cruise control. As soon as the tranny starts to jump in and out of OD, I push the lock out and stay in the lower gear until conditions improve. I get as high as 14 mpg using this tactic.It may come back to bite me in the future, but my truck has over100,000 on the odometer and everything is good so far.
  • Can I flat tow a tundra with auto-trans with my RV ?
  • Our situations are almost identical but reversed, if that makes any sense. I have an 04 Tundra 4 door 4X4. Fantastic truck with now 150,000 flawless miles. I pull a 17 Foot Crestliner aluminum boat with 80 HP 4 Stroke Yamaha. Think it weighs in just under 3000#. Found a Palamino 1250 slide in camper used in good shape and would like to put in on back and tow the boat. Is this a good idea? Sounds like you were considering doing this a few months back. How is it working? My big concern is overall load on the truck. The camper is 1450 dry weight. Add fuel, water, propane, 370 pounds worth of people and another couple hundred gear and it may tax the Tundra too far.

    Any thoughts on whether I should add the camper or not?
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    You're going to be well over the rated capacity of the truck (~1,635#). I was originally gonna say you could probably make it work with higher rated tires and perhaps airbags/helper springs. But adding up the weight it's getting up there a bit high for my comfort level. What's the tongue weight of the boat? If it's 300#, you're well over 2,300# of payload which is a lot for ANY 1/2 ton. My real concern would be with braking which isn't a Tundra forte. I've been way over loaded for short trips to/from town and it wasn't a big deal but I don't think I'd want to jam the brakes at highway speeds with that setup.
  • I have a 07 Tundra with towing package and a 5.7 V8. I am currently towing a 28 ft Travel trailer that weighs in at 6500 lbs dry. Figure it weighs 8000 lbs fully loaded. It seems to handle real well and I haven't had any issues with the mountains in Alaska. Anyone see any long term issues? Was considering purchasing a Chevy diesel with allisen transmission. Pros/ Cons? Keep the Tundra or buy the Chevy?
  • coach47coach47 Posts: 1
    Richard B; Just read your post dated Feb. of '09. We are hours away from either buying our first 5th or canceling the whole thing. Worried about the tongue weight on the Tundra '07. Can't tell the weight till the hitch is actually installed in bed(super glide) then if we can't do it, we have a hitch w won't use. 5th is 9380# dry, truck is weighted to pull 10,300, because of our altitude in Colorado. We have a TT now(8200). Planning on taking to warmer weather for the winter, over some passes. How have you fared in the last year? Would you still recommend this? Love our truck.
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