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Toyota Tacoma Tires and Wheels

I recently had a blowout on the left rear of my '01 TRD double-cab, and was wondering the best on-line prices for a replacement tire (oem). I already checked a few tire places here in the SF Bay Area, and more than one said that that tire has been discontinued (but they'd be more than happy to sell me a full set of updated replacements...gee, who woulda' thought?). I currently am using my spare but don't want to place further unecessary mileage on it. Can someone point me in the right direction for a replacement tire that costs less than the $160 these guys are asking? Thanks!


  • iam wondering what the biggest tire and what the best fitting tire would be best for a 2001 2wd prerunner? thanks
  • sugarman1sugarman1 Posts: 92
    I am shopping around for a new set of tires and located and did some research and found raving reviews from owners about Destination ATs for perfomance looks and price. I would like to find some input from Tacoma owners whom have these tires on thier trucks and what they think about this tire. My personal criterias are #1 any loss of miles per gallon in using these as compared to the original equipment tires,on tireracks website the specs are 2 lbs.heavier for the Destinations than the stock wheels,does this extra weight noticably lower the mpg's? #2 How is the look of the tire mounted,A tougher looking off road stance other than the wimpy oem look,I want a thicker looking tread design, but not rock crawling mud-terrain tire I am sticking to the oem size P265-70r16 mounted on Aluminum alloy TRD rims.Most of my driving is on road highway and very light offroad.#3 By all accounts on tirerack website reviewers gave this tire raving reviews on handling in all terrains and exceptional quiteness on the highway for a AT tire and the price is right,I would just like feedback from some Tacoma owners about thier experience with these tires because I dont think I can go wrong if they meet the criteria above for my needs. If anyone could suggest another better tire they have used please post. Thanx :shades:
  • rigger1rigger1 Posts: 2
    My truck follows the rain grooves on the highway.
    I think Toyota has made a mistake and in some sort of cost cuting measure. I believe either larger tires of a better set of struts might solve this problem. So far Toyota has done a very poor job responding to my safety concerns.
    Am alone? Any advise would be nice.

  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    I'm not at all clear on what the problem is that you're talking about. Since nobody else responded, maybe we're all a little confused. Can you explain further?
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    The only thing that I have driven that didn't follow the grooves was a helicopter. I don't understand the tire size complaint. The 265/70 16 is the equivelent of a 31X10.50 16, which has always been considered oversize tires. I don't understand the strut issue either. If keeping the tires on the road, it would be a strut issue. Sounds like they are staying very well if the truck stays in the grooves. It is possible (likely) that you are in grooves created by semis which have a wider track and you are riding up one of the grooves. The only way to fix that is to widen the truck.
  • ata3001ata3001 Posts: 30
    I replaced my original Dunlop 265/70x16's with Bridgestone Dueler AT Revos. These tires are, to say the least, incredible. Best tires I've ever owned. Period.
  • tomrbuktomrbuk Posts: 4
    I researched the Firestone Destination AT last spring for my '95 Tacoma 4x4, and actually went in the store to buy them ... everything seem okay, but I waivered in the end, mainly because I wanted to mount the blackwall side out ( I can't stand raised white letters, period ). The blackwall side of the tire did not have a rugged enough look for my taste. Turns out, it was the best decision I ever made on tires, because I drove away with the Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo's. I can't begin to tell you folks how awesome this tire is !! It is worth the extra $220 ( for the set ) to me. I do 80% of my driving on city streets now, and the tire pressure can be lowered to the 32-34psi range for a super soft ( and unbelievably quiet ) ride. If you are carrying a load, just bump them up to 38-42, and tow away. Without a doubt the best tire I've ever driven.
  • tomrbuktomrbuk Posts: 4
    I totally agree with your assessment of this tire. I replaced the older model Bridgestone Dueler 31x10.5x15, with the computer-designed Bridgestone Dueler AT Revos.
    They are awesome tires for the highway, even though the tread pattern remains very aggressive.
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    "computer-designed Bridgestone Dueler AT Revos"

    Is anything mass-produced not computer designed these days? ;)
  • sba012sba012 Posts: 1
    i bought a tacoma 4 door prerunner TRD 4-24-06 and had a set of firestone destination ATs ( P265-70r16 )put on the very next day. they were strongly recommended by a good friend of mine who works at a auto shop. i've never in my life been more satisfied with a tire. it's aggressive enough to give my truck a little more flavor, but at the same time very quiet and smooth on the road. it was also inexpensive and kept me from going broke on tires. i havent tested the gas mileage yet but as soon as i do i'll let you know.
  • sugarman1sugarman1 Posts: 92
    Please post when you get the gas mileage stats because for me this will be the reason to buy or not to buy Firestone Destination ATs,I know everyone loves Desert Dueler Revos and am sure they great but I also know you'll lose 2MPG's with them and with gas prices soaring I dont want to lose any MPGS if I can. Stock tire weight is 37lbs.,Destination AT weigh 39lbs.,Revos are 41lbs. I think,this extra weight plays into gas mileage numbers. If any body has MPG stats for AT or other on/offroad tires please post your results will be definetly appreciated.
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    I find it hard to believe that 16 pound heavier tires will drop the mileage at all. They couldn't sell any if that was the case. Getting into the mud boggers might have an effect due to the style, but the revo is not a radical tread. I know for a fact that my Tundra did not lose any mileage with them installed after the stocks wore out.
  • tomrbuktomrbuk Posts: 4
    The Revo's did not decrease my gas mileage stats. In fact, I think they may have added 1 MPG to the highway numbers. The additional weight of the four tires (16 lb over the stock tire) is not a real factor to consider ... it is no different than carrying a bowling ball around in the back seat ! The more important factor in the mileage stats for a tire is the agressive tread design. The Revo overcomes the tread design issues with it's unique offset pattern. However, I'll bet that you won't see any mileage decrease with the Destination ATs; unless, that is, you are trying to achieve the same fuel economy rating as a pure highway radial suited for a passenger car.
  • sugarman1sugarman1 Posts: 92
    I am glad to hear that REVOS dont decrease gas mileage in your case but I have noted other Tacoma owners on other websites claiming the lose of 2MPGs on REVOS as compared with stock BFG. Thats the dilema I find myself stick with the stockers or go for a AT type tire same size and possibly lose MPGs,I want a better looking tire but hate to lose MPGs with these gas prices and it doesnt look to get better anytime soon. To go from 21mpg to 19mpg doesnt sound like a lot but I use the Truck as a daily driver and a commuter to work which can be 100 miles total a day. Thanks for your input.
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    Anyone claiming they lose over 10% mileage with these tires is full of, well, you know. Unless they went with a different size, it is not possible. Someone, somewhere is a REVOS HATER. I prefer BFG and Goodyear myself, but it is unfair to let the competition be beaten down with lies. Atleast they could have said that the traction is worse. That is possible and subjective.
  • sugarman1sugarman1 Posts: 92
    Its possible that they were talking about P265-75-r16 size which is taller I dont think they are Revo haters thier just talking about thier experience putting on Revos on Tacoma. Confucious say a wise man listens to advice while the fool screws up and gets bad gas mileage.
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    If they did go up to the 75s, it would show about a 4% drop in mileage as the odometer would be off by that much. Add in a tiny amount of extra power to turn a taller tire and they may come in near an indicated loss of mileage of 6 or 7% maybe.
  • sugarman1sugarman1 Posts: 92
    Yes that was probably the case I am going to give a hard look at the Destinations and try to visualize how they would look on my truck if I go with REVOS definetly blacks out. I am sticking with stock size hope can find happy medium with my choice I think both are probably excellent choices based on what owners have commented.
  • msatcmsatc Posts: 4
    I have OEM Michelins LTX M/S (265/70 R16) with 94,000 miles on them. Been a great tire with treadlife remaining, but time to replace them (other issues). Looking at Firestone Destination LE's, Dayton Timberline HT's or Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenzas. Would appreciate any feedback on any of these tires or others fellow Tacoma owners would recommend with a 60,000 (+) mile warranty. Usage is mostly highway or city driving.
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