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Mercedes Benz CL550



  • benztunerbenztuner Posts: 76
    well like ive said its all in what you like. i happen to like the Aston Martin's, I like the Bentley. I like what the company's represent and the products they produce, but thats just me. the lexus is okay, but me im not a lexus guy. good luck with your search.
  • ms09ms09 Posts: 112
    Is this true,

    CL 63 AMG boasts the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine in the world.???

    I dont know much in details about car engine, can any1 tell me whats the difference between the naturally aspired and the twin turbo??? i know the twin turbo engines are fast but what else is the difference, i wan to know in detail.
  • Does anyone have any idea:
    - what percentage discount from the list price I can get for paying cash for the new Mercedes CL or Porsche Carrera?
    - is there any state I can buy it where the discount offered will be higher?

    I am new to the site!
  • Depends on the state you buy in. I got my car (2008 CL550) from NJ, and got it at invoice price. The car is stocked with the following packages (black and black interiors):
    - AMG Package
    - Premium II
    - Distronic Plus
    - Heated stearing
    - Ipod integration

    The MSRP for this package was $120,080; I got the car for $112,000. Had to pay NJ taxes on top of that price though :(.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    "People who buy premium cars with six-figure price tags tend to fall into two camps. One group wants models that are rolling temples to opulence, dripping with prestige you can spot from miles away. The other prefers cars that offer a more low-key, but no less accomplished, interpretation of luxury. For this latter group, there's the 2011 Mercedes-Benz CL550.

    Mercedes-Benz handles luxury with relentless competence, and as one of the costlier models in its lineup, the CL550 is a poster child for luxury done right."
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